Highlights from the 5th Democratic presidential debate

Democrats take the debate stage in Atlanta as they discuss 2020 issues and the impeachment inquiry.
2:25 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Highlights from the 5th Democratic presidential debate
Lindsey Davis your frowned for GMA tomorrow highlights the opera is a debate Tom. If you don't we have one more debates before the end of the year and things will get very different. Headed into the new year impeachment trial perhaps shadowing his image over generate some of these. These early primaries. And then there are these dark horse candidates that weren't discussed tonight at all at what I mean and order actor Michael Bloomberg. I think that they had to be watching very closely and as they've probably where they have in past debates thinking I could do better this is why they. They don't have the energy or they don't have. You know enough of them the support ended. You know the current candidates or on the stage and that's why I need to get into the race so I think there's still the number of like big question marks out there. And and hopefully we're gonna start to get like. You know as as this stage at least wiggles down you might have two more three more people thrown into the fray. But I just didn't feel it when a lot of energy out there tonight I don't know if there is like impeachment fatigue. But I it I didn't think that we got the debate at least I was expert isn't that want. Some of these candidates getting in at this stage could be problematic for the current field release it speaks to the fact that this did democratic primary voters are excited. About any particular candidate at this point. I don't know how you view these late entries in another context and yeah there's a yearning for that was the other room where there how they are respond it's elect Deval Patrick had about two people show up. At an event that he is supposed to be at right here in town in Atlanta they end up canceling the event. Under kind of questionable circumstances tonight Michael Oliver isn't running at. We expect an announcement at some point maybe maybe early part of next week but he's not going to be doing a lot of reach elements it's not clear to me that there is this zone there. And I think when he's exactly right about the tone I think so much of it was that today was a monumental day around impeachment and it. It put up a kind of harsh over the tallest talking to campaigns today. It was a little less eagerness to engage in the typical news of day volleys round policy. Knowing that these be weighty issues are being debated in Washington and that the folks on stage for all the they disagree on is that did they agree on that larger issue of Donald from. Part recliner political director sticking around Lindsey Davis thanks so much for joining us out of this top thank you for stay with us your special coverage from the fifth. Democratic presidential primary debate in Atlanta Tyler Perry studios the candidates coming into the spin room we will have them for you. Right here on ABC news live coming up sue us.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Democrats take the debate stage in Atlanta as they discuss 2020 issues and the impeachment inquiry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67188273","title":"Highlights from the 5th Democratic presidential debate","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-5th-democratic-presidential-debate-67188273"}