Highlights and Analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson break down the debate with fact checks and expert analysis.
6:30 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Highlights and Analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate
We're gonna do some fact checking because we've had a team here at ABC news in real time. Going through some of those statements and digging as deeply as they can to stay with us they're gonna try to make sure you walk away with all the right information anecdotally I'll point out. That's among the FaceBook audience at least whenever this is worth a lot of people weighing in and saying pence pence ticket and had it Andrea Johnson Bernie. It's me. My publisher perfect witness today. But. I mean that's at least for the audience watching. You know at home as we were watching the screen here that seemed to be the thickly and that's something Christine king. That if he were one gene we this handoff. They seemed to be right yet but that the body language from pence is just much more. You can't rattle me I got this at the beginning painted telling his daily round that he had a bunch of lines that had been prepared to serve ready to fire. You're Donald Trump's apprentice. We've got that you're hired plant you've got your fired plants hired worldly key may have a budget these things just like ready to unload. And I I don't think that that read it's well meanwhile parents. Much more moment or collect it actually was sort of the pastor of the art of the candy coated razor blade just like the subtlety. And well you know. Senator Cain when your back in the sent all look forward to working on a flight. We think a little bit you know what. I you're loyal soldier I get it asserts thing like you don't really believe the key thing you're disloyal to Hillary Clinton or few other moments like that where. A Netherlands his hero lifelong public servant not luck yet. You know certainly can fly it in public office for ever and yet it change agent that hadn't just been consistent wave. It doesn't imports and is goes beyond the stylistic and negated that the problem that trump has a one of the problems he has people think he doesn't have the temperament to be president. This guy's projecting. An attractive. Temperament and then saying and dropped by the way he's cool. Exact I'm wet and added the heat heat trust me he's cool trust me he's cool and I thought that was as you mention I was beholding Twitter pretty closely during the debate seeing what. They're acting like watching what Amylin seen what the reaction was from a lot of he's patched had never trump Republicans Republicans who just loads out. And they were sort of watching pence with this wistful. If only because again Penn is kind of your generic Republican I don't think that it that bad thing I just mean he sort of stands in work. Typical traditional Republican and it is interesting to watch came try to drive that wedge between places where patents as a traditional Republican. Trump is anything but. Pencils sort of always eager to just get back to you this since this is my position on that argued that even in moments when he stands on something like Russia. It's completely different from gobbled him instead you. No mean feat to make it through ninety minutes where you've got a guy came yours are aggressively saying. Defend that defend that defend that he never never took the bait. What and sadly he never defended. And I think that is going to be a problem downloadable as well because while it is true parents never losses cool and it's also never gave us an answer. It's their art should never be definitive thing I think Cain strongest moments into ropes and if you ago. Wenzel Barbara taxes. And and parents inability to actually say I can either defended but he does say it's a good thing. I'm just going to try and turn it and he did it so many times that became glaring in and to sort of movement to sit well. If you didn't beat her was inspected in overcoming or UB Hurst and he used to wasn't satisfied were quick to breed apart when you're gonna say it could you knew this what was coming. You're not an army. Very well at all that leads us nicely to our first fact check think it got some information we can put up on the screen for you. On the issue of taxes we knew it was gonna come up there's no way to ignore the news cycle. Cain claimed during the debate quote Donald Trump started this campaign when he fourteen he said I run for president Al absolutely released my taxes. Our fact checkers he gave that he read it true. With the explanation that in 2014 mr. trump told I reached TV he would release his tax returns if he were to run for president of course you don't know. He has not yet been leaked and saying we think he's under on. Race. And in the two months that's that the stock you. From these terms and of course other people say it's also these returns that are not currently being audited. So these. Be there is no great answer right. And pencils and a difficult situation and I think he did the best city but. From my perspective on ports and the best he could do still made it with his don't talk of hiding something. But because consistent defender on parents still with himself if he doesn't go well this not be a video of me depending Donna from doing something really egregious. But sit to cookies point earlier that he may have been she was here that if you are someone who's not sure and you're sort of looking for a reason to believe. Then if if you know pens doesn't rock the boat by a you know going against his candidate trying to explain something that isn't necessarily there doesn't line up with what he is that in the past. He probably gave here point probably gave those people a reason to say okay I I can get onboard with this. Yes everything that when Mike and when Mike Pence was chose. There were a lot of congressional Republicans who did just how a lot of heartburn about Donald Trump in the eagle that go to that convention thing. I feel better with olive branch saying look I'm one of you. Of course that I'm one abuse thing only goes so far before he's off tweeting about whatever it. You pink pencils in the difficult position again because he had defends so many things that are not Republican orthodoxy are not. In line with pence is temperament and Mike Pence at the same moment he's saying. The trumps not running in sculptured and can't in Donald Trump is literally at that moment. Meeting insults about Tim Kaine saying he looks like the villain in a back in with these things are happening simultaneously. In the reality that we live it. Submit Billy what's what's Mike Pence Kennedys say. Well you know Donald Trump does insult people but he can do that innocent I think again the really tough situation. He did the best possible job because it possibly himself up well for ants 22 when he and as you pointed out there's no video I had nothing to create any moments that would look at an aunt thinks they're acquitted himself well under. Really really tough sentencing well.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson break down the debate with fact checks and expert analysis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575239","title":"Highlights and Analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-analysis-vice-presidential-debate-42575239"}