Highlights and lowlights of the 1st public impeachment hearing

Democrats and Republicans questioned two witnesses in the first public impeachment proceeding against President Donald Trump.
6:23 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Highlights and lowlights of the 1st public impeachment hearing
Be that. Barbara was so he vet highlights and low lights for the Democrats today we don't wanna start with what we just heard from Castro there you thought. Admirable words not maybe a swing and a miss there. You know those are the highlights but yeah there were some good points I think that chairmanship did a great job of trying to block out some procedural issues. But the Republicans tried to raise early on. I think that that testimony that was provide it was clear I think there was some really important fact. That were brought out I think the challenges. The Democrats are still allowing the Republicans the message this thing. Attempted this attempted that we want the whistle blower these are all things that are not relevant right as a warning to make shall we focus on the fact that Taylor gave some compelling evidence. That we believe it's gonna be corroborated with another witness is Stafford with hopefully gonna come forward next week. Think it's a testimony focused on those points and don't allow the Republicans to make this about whether or not the money was actually transferred or not. Don't allow them to make this about a procedural issue. None of that is relevant. And in the low lights using does not doesn't that you know lautner I think gaga Barbara Comstock street Republicans. Won't what do you think some of their highlights reward they were successful in accomplishing and and what they need to work on going forward. It's her first of all I would like to say is having represented federal employees before. The two witnesses were the highlight overall for the American people want to hear from them you know the good people like that are still working. In this administration blossomed the government. Highlights for the Democrats are pricing their Democrat counsel is good at having a lengthy questioning and telling the story. And Republican side it was a low light because their. Council did not have good things scale and didn't do a good job of whatever their plane was. Highlights for Republicans I thought I'm not attacking the witnesses was a Smart move and highlighting that. I'm the trumpet ministers and policy on Ukraine is actually much stronger than Obama's let's and we provided more aid. No actually what congress intended since 2014. And that's actually gone through will hurt highlighted that as well as at least a sonic. This low light on the democratic side I'm a little bit trying to get the witnesses to be a bit partisan. And I do think that chairmanship because of problem on the whistle blower issue nothing is I think I think it was a blur at this point isn't that necessary. But he opened the door in early on and in late September. So the whistle blower would come forward he wanted to hear from and so he set that up and now he's retreating and that it looks like he's got something to hide after he said he wanted to mount. And now he's retreating so the Republicans certainly are going to continue to target and not whether it's a necessary. Witness or not. It depressed the problem for him because what shift tends to do is he over since the mark. He raises expectations that he can under delivers a just why it was that it wasn't too much of a hearing about him today. Outlets say that a lot has changed since then I mean Trump's insistence republicans' insistence that this guy come forward to this. Woman come forward has probably causes whistle blower become even more afraid right now and I don't I wait to hear the marketing mania back in September that something like that idea this person's probably very wearing for the life and safety and they have the right to change them and I and I do agree that. Whistle blowers should be able to determine for themselves that they come forward. We all voted for that legislation how I guess maybe a deferred in congress but we also did some things while I was there and that's something that Republicans only supported when I was eight. To counter we have. Whistle blower witnesses of the dot come forward but help do you investigate the case and lead you to evidence. And that's the purpose of whistle blowers and we should protect them I'm just making a political point. Citizen who provided an opportunity for Republicans acoustic kind. But as we look forward to the next testimony which is Friday with the former ambassador of Ukraine the republicans' argument that a lot of this is hearsay. How long can they hold that because there are so when he witnesses they wanna call that the White House's ability allowing to testify that would have first hand knowledge so so how long can the Republicans hold on to that argument. I don't think that's a good point to be making because. It just highlights what then let's hear from the first and people actually think congressman Welch I think it was that I would love to hear from the president. I thought I was gonna say well why don't we talked to Rudy the guy who started a lot of this. And certainly he can write an op Ed in the Wall Street Journal today. He's never testified that move anyone have been press conference at John Dalton's lawyer argued in the filing in May be that he's already waived his privilege. But I do thin and Bolton is another witness again events and earlier I was surprised. That the Democrats didn't focus on this first hand witnesses and I don't understand. Why they're trying to rush this. And pass over the first and witnesses that's. You know from an investigative standpoint. I would think that's where you'd want. He I think it's really insisting that the Republicans even after this first day of public hearing still don't have a real defense here. And I think the fact that they're arguing procedure even opening up the hearings with a parliamentary question point of order showed that they didn't come in prepared to actually fight against. The actual allegations that are being presented and so I'm curious about whether they intend to do that what we know is that if your arguing procedure you're probably losing. And so they are gonna have to find a real defense you're not. Don't think they have one well I think their defense is the money went through so no harm no foul of the money was done now that's why how did the money actually get. At least through you know when it was stopped got the story we don't know and the Democrats didn't focus on a much because it seems like they just want to rush this through because there are uncertain timetable. And I think that's a mistake. There are tied to what they also this for the public I want to make sure the public knows exactly what's going on they can understand it. And make their case in the. John Bolton Rudy Giuliani Arabic movie that is going to be must see TV I don't know after today McVeigh I think you heard a lot of both sides. You're observing today said didn't seem like they moved the ball mostly from the public and if everyone just going to corners and it's still a partisan thing. Then that's not going to change the dynamic and it says. Especially in the senate where we're that's the that's the most important dynamic all right an agreement apparently not talk about the fact that I think that chairmanship can be stronger and compelling testimony and compelling actual evidence and move forward thanks not just saying the fact that they're not releasing records are allowing witnesses to testify shows obstruction but actually forcing people to come forward. And actually comply with those orders Campbell and on consensus here at ABC news live all right. Appoint both sides can agree on guys thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Democrats and Republicans questioned two witnesses in the first public impeachment proceeding against President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66990916","title":"Highlights and lowlights of the 1st public impeachment hearing","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-lowlights-1st-public-impeachment-hearing-66990916"}