Highlights of social media trends from debate night

ABC correspondent Kenneth Moton tracks the most searched candidates and moments that fired up social media.
3:42 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Highlights of social media trends from debate night
An appearance by Kool Aid. And response to this debate is on I get to that they get away. Oh yeah I'll get that in just from home in DeVon but yes first of all night to just many people commenting. And that talking about these candidates. And I won't say that they didn't have five to contend with about threats of the democratic debate will on top on towards tonight let's get to the board right now and show you the Google Trends because. We do show you in that first hour. These are the candidates who were at the top percentage wise when it comes to. I candidates who changed in search since the debate started so about a hour and Cory Booker at the top of that big presents number Michael Bennett Kirsten Gillibrand DN's legal blogger casts are Gabbard. Yang Harris and Joseph Biden also our friend that Google showing thousands well who is winning the debate tonight the question that was asked within the first hour. That was the top trending question being asked about this debate. That trade percent spike in searches for who is winning the debate tonight we're gonna move on and I can also show you. The most search democratic candidates both for this debate Joseph Biden the top getting most of the country here told the guy Robert. She got a couple of states including Iowa and South Carolina comma Harris with three state Cory Booker with Wyoming. But let me show you this is just incredible most asserts democratic candidate during this the bay of the end of this debate. Told C Gabbert the congresswoman from Hawaii. Who's also a veteran could that be and that she was the most searched look at the some of the things she was sane about. Dean a military veteran or could it be this right here this comment I'm concerned about those record of senator. Parents she put over 15100 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. We obviously know that tack. Not closing gavel went after senator Tom Harris for hurt tenure as the attorney general in the state of California so. Here are some of the comments that you heard saying. Randy says. She didn't write the law shoes are upholding the law or went that I hope that Deborah beat out the other candidates she's a true patriot. There you have some comments there for some folks here on our ABC news FaceBook page also we got some new video just then from those is through general did. And the debate home this woman right here being sent out we know that I'm there were at least a couple of and eruptions during the immigration debate. And also against Mir build applause the New York City mayor because the air garner Cho cold case people inside the City Hall were pretty upset about that. And they started to protest in chant during I wanna move along here to show you right quick and other comments you were talking about. Is. When when we see right here I don't believe that is the responsibility Kirsten Gillibrand senator Kristen Gillibrand who said. That Tom obviously when it comes to race there are other people both size. Quarry in com a lot the two African American those states who could talk about this issue saying there needs to be white allies. And I want to move to an end Devin you mentioned just a little bit here a big moment when court brokers said Biden is. They then the Kool Aid and doesn't even know the flavor. You're talking about this also Kool Aid talking about it. Same. We're gonna top that mark right there. Oh yeah had fact we know the flavor so apparently devil we know that. Clorox in Kuwait apparently sponsors of the dam of this democratic debate. Okay the things people glom onto Kenneth in the wake cities today and guess you can score one for senator Gillibrand with the at Clorox reference there thank you so much out for that read out.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC correspondent Kenneth Moton tracks the most searched candidates and moments that fired up social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719009","title":"Highlights of social media trends from debate night","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-social-media-trends-debate-night-64719009"}