Hillary Clinton on giving Trump 'a chance to lead,' North Korea, Bernie Sanders' role in election

Clinton said she still believes in continuing to give the president "a chance to lead," as she said in her concession speech, but that didn't stop her from criticizing his performance so far.
8:54 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton on giving Trump 'a chance to lead,' North Korea, Bernie Sanders' role in election
Hillary Rodham Clinton comment Hillary. In your concession speech you aptly said you know we need to give trump a chance to lead. I enough from the peanut gallery cash do you have a do you still think he deserves that chance look I I said it then I meant it because we have one president at a time. And it's important for the country it's important for the world. I'm not gonna have you don't get denied that I'm very disappointed in what I've seen so far and lots of the actions that have been taken and you know that. I'm fortunate to attitude toward things like what happened in Charlottesville on the life I'm very disappointed. But I also hope you know hope springs eternal I hold that. No there can be a greater understanding of what it means to be president for the entire country. People who voted for you people who did not vote for you people who are different from you people who have different religious beliefs sort. Sexual orientation nor ethnicity or race what ever it is. I think part of the great joy of being an American is how dumb first we are. And. If you break up with him is climate change. That affects the whole world so I do not want him to lead and they will act on that particular point or the Saber rattling with North Korea those are things that affect everybody. So when you say. Given the chance I I say well that doesn't mean. You don't express strongly your opinions would you just dead but I added which are out of not I will continue to put you know joy you don't know. You don't know because let's look at those two things very quickly. I think. Understanding of what's happening with these storms is giving a lot of people pause who or denying the science of climate change. And I think that's all the good because it and again to should not be a partisan issue but the intensity and the frequency of these storms. The rising sea levels everything that's going on. We've got to take as seriously as possible and I. Want to keep speaking out and standing up against those who are trying to prevent us from continuing to lead move toward clean energy in the like. North Korea this is a very serious. Issue and what I am most critical is that you cannot deal with North Korea unless you work. With our allies South Korea and Japan and you move China as much as possible right. So it doesn't help for the president on Twitter to insult South Korea is getting kind of loose ball and are trying to bring people together right to deal with what is a very serious threat yeah I'll. I read your book cover to cover the I was really interested in your perspective om and still out. And one thing that bothered me is that I think if I'm being honest with you life I felt there was some tone deafness as to why when you say you were unsure as to why the race was so close to begin went. I was talking to people throughout the country I have Tron supporters and my family my friends who were saying. We're frustrated with rising Obama care costs where frustrated with government overreached with frustrated that we had a president that couldn't otter. Radical Islamic extremists and with the ease that we wanted him to some of those people were voting for trauma based on the we'll issues do you acknowledge that that that was happening you know. I do I do acknowledge that for some people those were real issues I've course take issue with them because. I was secretary of state and there was a very good reason why the president and everybody around him was careful about how you talk because you want to. Zero we end and defeat the terrorists you don't want to inflame. Eight religion of a billion people so I really understood what I. And so. There there's a decent debate about this and I I think that's what I wanted in this campaign. I don't think we got it I think we got a reality TV show campaign asked. It was really hard I mean when when you have a presidential campaign. And the total number of minutes on TV news which is still on most people get their information. Covering all of our policies climate change anything else was 32 minutes. I don't blame voters you know I mean it voters are going to hear what they hear because somebody is telling them. And if they only hear one side it's understandable that they're Alina believed one side and if they don't get. A broad base of information to make judgments on so. I think it's important that we not only look at what candidates and campaigns have to do and frankly what the government has due to deal with this Russian threat. I think the press has to say how are we gonna cover. Candidates going forward. Who may take a page out of you know Trump's book and the more outrageous you are. The more inflammatory diet harding's gap hired him radiance apple and at some point. You know it isn't a reality TV show it's reality I ask you. You've got a lot of criticism and you have. When people say well she won't take responsibility for for the loss I've read your book you clearly took responsibility for the loss. You always taken responsibility for the loss but you claim others share responsibility as well. You talk about Bernie Sanders and you say he shares responsibility. To what do you mean by that well in the book I talk about how. A lot of his attacks on me became increasingly personal. And I was surprised by that because the very beginning of the campaign he came to me and he sat I read about this in the book. Let's not have personal attacks and and families are off limits I sat absolutely look let's let vigorous debate. You read march or April I had an insurmountable lead I ended up winning by four million votes. I know what it's like to lose because I lost in 20082. President Obama. As soon as I lost I turned around I endorsed him in. I worked hard for him I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2000 an aide. About why they had to quit complaining that I didn't win and get out and support Barack Obama. Yeah. About that kind scanners and potentially has supporters felt compromise that would leaks came out that showed that the DNC. Had been involved in in both staying up your campaign and and at times trying to to hinder his campaign be attended to discuss his religion in areas where potentially valid be problematic or. A lawyer yours potentially advising them that Nancy and how to deal with Sanders is it possible that that lay it. Through maybe not not so at fault of your own personally but led to an animosity they and his supporters spelled. I don't want I don't want to get behind her I feel that that that these people where we're out to get us and maybe potentially Bernie Sanders himself felt compromised. Well let's remember he's not a Democrat and that's not a slam he says himself I'm not a Democrat and I think they hold DNC issue was blown way out of proportion. And the other thing to remember we now know that Russian. Propaganda. Was aimed at Bernie's supporters telling them horrible things naked if things building up these cases against. You know me and my supporters so again we've got to recognize what is. The actual factual basis. Did the DNC. Try to do the job they could Yasser they put out a really good convention I think they did this it was excellent and it was. You know aimed at uniting everybody. Debt I have a lot of democratic support. Well yeah cop I've been a Democrat my entire adult life and I knew literally tens of thousands of people who are Democrats and I Ben and you know I've been in their businesses and I'd been in their schools and I'd been campaigning for them. So I don't think it should surprise anybody that a lot of Democrats supported me and then voted for me in these very large numbers. But what did surprise me is that. There was this concerted effort by the Russians. To turn not just Sanders supporters but a lot of voters. Using propaganda. Against me. That has never happened before and I and so you know we've got to sort all this out because at the end of the day to plan what matters most is what happens next and that's what I'm trying to.

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{"id":49823379,"title":"Hillary Clinton on giving Trump 'a chance to lead,' North Korea, Bernie Sanders' role in election","duration":"8:54","description":"Clinton said she still believes in continuing to give the president \"a chance to lead,\" as she said in her concession speech, but that didn't stop her from criticizing his performance so far.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-giving-trump-chance-lead-north-korea-49823379","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}