Hillary Clinton Says She Hopes to 'Enlist' Rival Bernie Sanders

Clinton said she hoped her rival would join her to reach out to his supporters.
4:01 | 03/07/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Says She Hopes to 'Enlist' Rival Bernie Sanders
I'm very hopeful that I will be the democratic nominee and ax at this publicly. To work with him. To work with him to make sure. That we are number one keeping those issues front and center on the top of the nation's priorities and number two to work with him the way that. I supported President Obama when I dropped out back in 2008. We ran a really. Top primary. And at the end of it he won I lost. I had a lot of passionate supporters who did not feel like they want it to support then Senator Obama. And so from the time I dropped out until that day before that election. In November I worked as hard as I could I'd nominated him at the convention. I've made the case because he and I shared a lot of the same views about what needed to be done. And I worked as hard as I could to get him elected and was thrilled angrily. When he was elected. And I would hope to be able to endless birdie. In helping me reach out to his supporters if I am so fortunate enough to be the nominee. I also think you know we can look on the Republican side as at last night in the debate. Whatever disagreements we happen you have some you know I raise one. Last night that I think is an important difference. You know what that chips were down the boat was called I voted for the auto bailout vote against it. Because it also helped some other groups like the banks but you know sometimes you don't get perfect choices in life for politics. And so I voted to get that money flowing to save those auto jobs to restructure the auto industry. And if everybody voted that way he did we would have lost millions of jobs and the Great Recession would have been much deeper and longer lasting. So we have differences but those differences. Pale in comparison to what we see going on among the Republicans right now. You know I'm interested in results their interest in insults and they are becoming quite masterful. At delivering them. Which I think is bad for the country the kind of luster and bigotry and bullying that we're seeing. It's a terrible. Example fort leadership. It's a bad example for kids. Who we. Don't want to be bullied or bullying. And so I built this is going to be a fairy. Tough election. In if I am the nominee. I'm gonna want birdies help and very supporters Hauptmann. I think some of them you know because we we obviously see a lot of research around the country. You know some of them like us both but they feel very motivated by his message. And so I think. They will be. Persuade apple others may be really disappointed for a long time at the convention in August for. Senator Obama then. I had to meet with hundreds of my supporters that an elected as delegates and tell them. Do not vote for me I want you vote for president it was an incredibly emotional. Kind of meeting because. They set I was elected to vote few I'm going to vote for you. Tied it go to the convention floor. About halfway through that nomination. And move for unanimous. Support. Because it's important to be united because. We have two very different views between us and the Republicans. About how to move our country forward how to continue making progress. And I think that anybody who voted for birdie. We'll see. How at odds everything that whoever they end up nominating. Says is with anything we care. So it'll be. You know it'll take some time but I'm hoping we'll be able to really forge ahead in make the case.

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{"id":37471029,"title":"Hillary Clinton Says She Hopes to 'Enlist' Rival Bernie Sanders","duration":"4:01","description":"Clinton said she hoped her rival would join her to reach out to his supporters.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-hopes-enlist-rival-bernie-sanders-37471029","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}