Hillary Clinton Open to Appointing Obama to the Supreme Court

Clinton responds to question about appointing President Obama to Supreme Court at Iowa Rally.
2:42 | 01/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Open to Appointing Obama to the Supreme Court
The next president well probably out appoint several members of the Supreme Court. Would you consider plaguing. I'll appoint an Obama. Wow what a great idea. Nobody is ever suggested that to me. Wow. But that. Wow. He may have a few other things to do but. At giants agreed idea. And. It out it is true at the next president may get anywhere from one to three Supreme Court appointments. I think the Supreme Court has really unfortunately been heading in the wrong direction and we need. We name until justices. Who actually understands. Now that challenges we face you know. I can't tell whether it's just night at the Tay or it's just ideological. Fear radical views but. Oh after we passed the voting right act reauthorization 98 to nothing in the senate George W. Bush signed it. Then of course it was that you know challenge taken to the Supreme Court the court wiped out section side and said we don't need it's no problem. Well that was like a big. Welcome sign to states to try to suppress the vote which they've been doing as quickly as they could figure out new strategies to do it. At Citizens United which I sell fundamentally disagree. The idea of equating. Money with speech. And so favoring corporations and billionaires is just beyond. Any understanding of the where democracies those two were so leaning Supreme Court justices ruled that cannot now. I gotta tell you this is having this this is sort of timely because. You've got three sets of billionaires now running ads against me. Which of course I'd take as perversely flattering because. They know they understand they don't want to run against me and they short out want me to be their president because they know. I mean what I say I do what I say and I know how to get it done so they are running ads. Weak. Home. I I would certainly take that under advisement. I mean he's he's brilliant and needy and you can set forth that argument and he was a law professors though. Got all the credentials now we do have to get a democratic senate to get him confirmed so eager to have to help me out that okay. Baghdad as.

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{"id":36535197,"title":"Hillary Clinton Open to Appointing Obama to the Supreme Court","duration":"2:42","description":"Clinton responds to question about appointing President Obama to Supreme Court at Iowa Rally.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-open-appointing-obama-supreme-court-36535197","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}