Hillary Clinton Projected to Win South Carolina Primary

The Democratic candidate is expected to take 84 percent of the vote.
1:47 | 02/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Projected to Win South Carolina Primary
This is an ABC news special group. Could South Carolina primary. Now reporting. George Stefano. And we are coming on the air with breaking news in the race for the White House Democrats voting in South Carolina today an ABC news can reject. That Hillary Clinton will win the primary in that key state. She is riding a wave of overwhelming support in the African American community about six in ten South Carolina voters. Scoring the decisive victory in the state where Barack Obama dashed her hopes he years ago. So you think he's been covering that campaign from the start and the Clinton team really counting and this victory today being a sign of things to come in those seven southern states voting on Tuesday super teased. Yet that's exactly right they were just hoping for a big win in South Carolina they were hoping to crush Bernie Sanders and that looks like exactly what's happened on her head to Super Tuesday with some serious momentum it looks like she is on her way there right now as we said with the support. Of black voters from that state and that is exactly that shouldn't be targeting heading into the southern cent Super Tuesday states British you know Bernie Sanders says he's not going away. Springsteen and Jon Karl here with us as well and John the way the Democrats have -- their rules once you get a delegate lead. Very hard for the challenger to catch up so obsolete in a big win here months in South Carolina likely means a big win in the southern states on Super Tuesday. She would begin to get that needed because every single state for the democrats' proportional. Bernie Sanders can continue to win some states. But if he doesn't win decisively it's going to be nearly impossible for him to catch up mathematically that's happening year's ago when Saddam. Re Clinton fell behind Barack Obama that is all for us right now you the latest election results on abcnews.com. I'll see you tomorrow on this week where our special guest we Chris Christie coming up that surprise endorsement of Donald Trump. And tune in Tuesday night tore primetime Super Tuesday special that's at ten Easter have a good night.

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{"id":37250580,"title":"Hillary Clinton Projected to Win South Carolina Primary","duration":"1:47","description":"The Democratic candidate is expected to take 84 percent of the vote.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-projected-win-south-carolina-primary-37250580","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}