Hillary Clinton says sexism may have influenced women's votes

"The View" co-hosts discuss Clinton's comment that white women may have voted against her because of the men in their lives.
6:38 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton says sexism may have influenced women's votes
How Hillary talked about the election on NPR and she would count of how FaceBook shows member wants and that. Women would feel pressured to vote against. And we because that's from the Vietnam and in their lot yes I think that there is a point to that and it's not just that women hate at the women it's you the misogyny theory it's also I think that women. Vote in the interest economic interest just like the men to assault the men have jobs and they say that watts is just one example would and it get a tax break from the Republicans. And that make the family had more money that wife will go along with I mean that's probably one of the factors that goes into listening to Bob man. I think there's a deeper convert a minute making more money than the women unfortunately. And so not although it. Know that so that I've financial interest trumps. Trumps the not on this panel but a lot of that's the topic later about small women which is interesting also about how Smart women aren't intimidating to men. But in this case I think that the economic interests trumps should pot the pot. Ethical and moral issues so he says he's gonna want grab a woman by genital. The woman has to theoretically overcomes her own. Like repulsion for that to say look my family needs what my husband says we need but if that's what I think goes on if there isn't sexism. There's an interim more ice into deeper conversation have that it's not as simple as the man in their lives affecting them. I think the blue or raised in the seems society with the same gender limitations and even though you are woman. It doesn't remove every ice you have against other women. And I think the president when you think after we had why they say Nixon and got Kennedy. This wedding during campaigning visually how FDR went to become a president possibly. He was in a wheelchair. There's so much psychology in what we see how we portray strength. That I think even as women without knowing I'm conscious level we judge women differently and it's not just women eating women. I think to end Billy dot net optics. There was she hadn't Hillary also had another quote this week that said quote. In this is I think I'll some women are gonna say that this is sexist and in general I'm she know this is not in the book this is a quote that she gave me right but is that all of a sudden husband turns to the white. I told you she's gonna be in jail you don't want to waste your port or the boyfriend turns the girlfriend she's gonna get locked up. It basically insinuating that I can't think independently at my husband or my point for not playing what right now my husband and I don't. Vote like mine where we don't know they say. And I think that is going to be offensive for a lot of people to hear that is to insinuate that I'm not independent. And I can't think on my count Ayman Al my boyfriend told me to vote this way my husband tell me about this why haven't I didn't feel I could have enough that I believe that actually I don't believe that that women's vote the way their husbands or their boyfriends albums have voted with British than you and that she -- since then and I think so at what what what is it just. What I still can't understand is why 53%. Of white women vote effort for truck. I I don't know I can't I have no reason what want me and well I don't I don't know. Why women vote against their own self interest and. Doesn't everybody voted against a same itself into some people saying millions balance my religious believes this is what they believe. I nothing you know I don't happen to me also remember that. He grew up during a time where the man had the information and he would tell but what what to do it. That's you know that actually existed in our life time out yet that's how people. Did start with you but you valid today that she would have bet that can't Agnew. A step that we've had conversations about. How women and men. You know all I'm gonna do to keep that that the peace in the house I'm not to say. No to him because I want I don't want to fight I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of reasons it may have happened but I'm simply saying that. She also comes from a time. Yeah that no backed. Where you listen to what your husband and when you have her here and you said should you have spoken up. And is that while the you know excellent to this when this was at you know maybe I shouldn't yeah and so I mean that may be possible. So it spells it out when he was when he behind it are not behind parents should she have said teaching people you don't get off hot and said so that what she what does it. If someone had set out. You know you don't wanna come want to Blatche you don't want to come want to angry don't be angry woman right. You know what there's all kinds of Iran and sent him get away from me you quarry. More people would have turned I have not. What shall meet friends but I don't but what is sent and I just thought and I remember a member George Bush. Yet when he was out with I guess against Al Gore and Al Gore did something came into his space. That was a similar thing and George W just spotlight this. Yeah like you know and that he won the election that night based on. Yeah. She could have just done yet what. And a kind of I'm what I put in a tough but she outsourcing and relax and really what she was up against with him because. Not a bus we set it on the panel button I didn't hear anybody say. That's an intimidating. Saying that we wouldn't put up what if some guy came over halt all over us like this and down wildwood time have contact. But it but nobody I've seen out and don't happen because we didn't do anything about it. Yeah and say hey hey do you know why do that because if she hadn't done that to him why he was adapt. They hit an all our hot my point simply don't think I was involved yet I was that she had more of the sense of humor that we are now are. She's a lot of fun all of camera we would adding the other day Diana laughing about this and that. And I think that if she had just displayed that sense of humor with it wouldn't. An animated and has come you know it's psychics who would cause him out it looked at under wraps but laps. Solemn thing but I. That's what are. That's I'm and I that's also what Jeb Bush had a job yes get it out there. Asked about CP didn't sign it doesn't he looks like he's what's the not doing what's right channel looked like a bitch for doing that that's the yeah I haven't gotten. The proper yeah you know these are conversations that about it keep happening.

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{"id":49876361,"title":"Hillary Clinton says sexism may have influenced women's votes","duration":"6:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Clinton's comment that white women may have voted against her because of the men in their lives.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-sexism-influenced-womens-votes-49876361","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}