Can Hillary Clinton Shake It off?

The Associated Press sues State Department for Clinton emails.
5:49 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Can Hillary Clinton Shake It off?
I thought using one device would be simpler. And obviously it hasn't worked out that way. Hillary Clinton hoping to put the email controversy behind her but. Isn't going away or is it gaining traction in new move to get those emails from the State Department. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York Clinton. I probably email issue but by many accounts she may have only fueled it ABC's political director Rick Klein watching the story for us in Washington and Rick thanks for joining us time. And let's start with the latest development the Associated Press suing king yet those emails. That's right Hillary Clinton said just a couple of days ago and again yesterday reiterating she wants those emails released. News organizations though including ABC news have been trying to get them for some time. And if filed freedom of information requests and they have not received them so. This is the Associated Press going on record saying we don't just take your word for we want to start the legal proceedings to be sure they see the public light of day. The State Department saying they're gonna put them out in S server after they do the review this or this is gonna take a long time months I think. Conservatively speaking because of the volume 55000 pages more than 30000 emails they have to be scrubbed for it's a sensitive personal information alike. But news organizations clamoring to get their hands on them and not ready to just take the State Department or Hillary Clinton at their word that they'll be out. So it's been nearly 24 hours and she faced reporters there the United Nations or we're looking at that picture. Doesn't know and hack has the response. Act. The middle lane and hit it. Like somebody isn't Hillary Clinton if you like to report you like her now as well if you hate the report have more reason to think. That she's up to devious things. I think that there's been a rallying to her side of many of her core supporters I think you hear more angst among some Democrats were nervous about the lack of choice on their side. And you have Republicans very predictably pouncing and making the point that fully half more than half of the emails that she rotor receive this as secretary of state. We'll never be seen because Hillary Clinton is essentially set up an honor system for herself where they won't even be reviewed by the State Department she ruling that out yesterday. Questions a lot of their point to an interview that she gave a couple weeks ago which he talked about how she like having two devices of course she said for simplicity sake. She'd be convenient state she only had one device or if I'm the State Department so a lot of on packing around that. Questions for the White House now around what they knew about the legal arrangements around this her remaining maintaining that she was in legal compliance. It's undermined by some key details including the fact that. She felt it necessary when told that she needed to provide the Eagles to send them all over again if she had been compliance with the record keeping policies every step of the way. Why did she then have to send 55000 pages all over again so. Is that the particular and and predictable partisan slightly that's gone on. In the aftermath no other word from camp Clinton they've decided to to to send out as much information as they could yesterday make that today. And their answer to most queries today is that that was already asked and answered. I'll keep it took about a week to get this response I don't like to carry two phones around a desist some Democrats worry that that. Famous powerful Clinton political machine may be getting a little rusty. Rusty and also maybe sat in some old ways that he can't immediately going to defensive posture. And start firing back at the messenger at rather than trying to engage in the details. Look she came invasion and both clintons candidate during a much different time in terms of media and politics. The state faced enormous scrutiny but it wasn't as scattered as it is these days with. With media organizations with the way news cycles work so the fact that she was flat on her feet coming out of this. It also told will bunch of Democrats I've talked to. It does is it what you learn the lessons of 2008 it said over and over and it'll be different this time will be more nimble will listen to more outside voices. Well they just went into the bunker on this story and it felt to a lot of folks just like it was the 1990s or 20072008. It's the kind of political story that did it we it seems familiar. In its up broad brush even if it is it is details but one critical difference between 20072008. And now is there's no real Democrats take advantage of it. 20072008. And the Obama campaign would be firing off mrs. on this Barack Obama himself as the candidate would be out there pressing her along and should be forced to respond again. We've been trying to it to track down some of the democratic candidates that governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland included Elizabeth Warren. And we have been successful in getting anything useful they all our are holding their fire waiting to see all this plays out. Even whether or not a run for president most of the folks and the democratic side. Don't plan to run its anti Hillary Clinton candidates. So this could in fact be good timing for all of this to come out that might have been. Better to get ahead of this issue months ago around the time when you know Democrats last midterm elections might it have been. Overshadow then where it seems to heal you know all the focus right now. Yet at the big question that you hear from Democrats right now that they've known since at least last summer that she had this private email account some liberate presumably would have known this. Going back to 2009 when she first became secretary of state. So why you when you know that that story is going to get out. Why you choose not to address it on your own terms instead a wait for to get on earth on other people's terms weighing in its heat of the main Ghazi investigation on Capitol Hill. When other folks out to get Hillary Clinton in some way if he didn't have a better communications response time. And plan in place for when they knew would whip it out all of those are very valid questions again being asked not just by Republicans but I don't. Let's. ABC's Rick Klein thank you so much for thank US missile. In keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates. Ago anti Hernandez anymore.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"The Associated Press sues State Department for Clinton emails. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"29561938","title":"Can Hillary Clinton Shake It off? ","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-shake-off-29561938"}