Hillary Clinton Sides With Nancy Pelosi on TPP

The Democratic presidential candidate spoke about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement during her a campaign rally in Iowa.
4:15 | 06/14/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Sides With Nancy Pelosi on TPP
There's a lot of discussion right now about the potential trans Pacific partnership trade deal and I want to tell you what I think. Needs to be in that agreement. First let me start by saying. No president. Would be a tougher negotiator. On behalf of American workers. Either with our trading partners or Republicans on Capitol Hill then I would be. Okay. And my time. Eight years in the senate I voted for some trade agreements and I've voted against others. I think I have a pretty good idea. Of what we can do to meet the Tass. That I believe any trade agreement especially TPP must meet a decent number one protect American workers and number two no. It pays to raise wages and create good jobs at home. Number three it needs to be in our national security interest I've been saying that for months. Now here's what I think should happen now. In order to get. A deal that meets these high standards. The president should listen too and work with his allies in congress starting. With Nancy Pelosi. Who have expressed their concerns. About the impact that a week agreement would have on our workers. To make sure we gas. That best strongest deal possible and if weed out get X. There should be no deal. Okay. How in fact. I think. This is the opportunity to speak out you know there the voices you've heard them that are for the deal no matter what's in it. And there the voices that are against the deal no matter what's. I kind of fall in the group that says let's find out what's and it and let's make it as good as it can be and then let's make a decision. And from my purse back at. The president actually has this amazing opportunity now some of you know how to negotiate. So you go to the trading partners the people that have been involved in this negotiation go. Wish you give anymore. I wish you meet the niece that have been laid out. That my party and congress. Have gone and spoken out about and made clear have to be in the deal. We're not gonna have a deal but we could have a deal. If we make sure that we did everything possible to protect American workers to raids the wages of American workers. To make sure that it is in our national security interest and there are some specifics in there. That could and should be changed. So I am hoping that's what happens now. Let's take. The lemons and turning and lemonade. Let's say if there is a way to get to an agreement. That does do what I expected to do. It passed do include. Trade adjustment authority. To provide the kind of protections for American workers that I am looking for. But I am willing. To try now to see whether you can push to get rid of the objectionable parts. To drive a harder bargain on some of the other parts and to provide more transparency. So that the American people. Can actually see what will be and a proposed final deal. And so. I are in the White House that what that's what I'd be doing right now. I would be trying to figure out. Whether there is a way to get a deal that does what it should do the American workers. That people starting with leader Pelosi. And say you know what we made some real changes here this might work or not it. But let's try and see whether there is this opportunity now.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate spoke about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement during her a campaign rally in Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31760830","title":"Hillary Clinton Sides With Nancy Pelosi on TPP","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-sides-nancy-pelosi-tpp-31760830"}