Hillary Clinton Supporters Talk to ABC Following Harlem Rally

New York supporters explain why they are voting for their former Senator.
6:03 | 04/03/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Supporters Talk to ABC Following Harlem Rally
We want to get back to politics there's a lot happening today. We have our own Josh Haskell who is made his away from an event earlier. We checked in with an act in Harlem where Hillary Clinton was taking the stage at the historic Apollo Theater. He admittedly to another location there in Harlem Josh tell us where you are. Yeah I walked two blocks guys really are at the Apollo feared to still be is sold it. Restaurant a landmark here Harlem. And I you know wasn't the only one there's the number of people from the rally will speak to gentleman who came here. For pretty heavy lunch MacKey she's fried chicken and Collard greens all that good stuff but very Sanders was actually here. Less than a month ago for a meeting night and told he ordered TE. And that's about it so. But. A good scene here and I gotta tell you between sixteen race has definitely come to New York is definitely come to Harlem. Hillary Clinton talking about her time as a senator and why New Yorkers should support her and want to bring into. Clinton supporters who had a little little lunch after the rally Jerry day and you guys just met each other you came over for launch and now here. Long time friends we owe us the authors and business cards. I'll be on death. So although we weren't there Borger launch their conversation what did you guys talk about following that Hillary Clinton rallied the Apollo we talked about me. Because that's what burdensome and we actually talked about why we believe in Hillary Clinton knows he can expense and what we've been doing specifically in the. And what have you guys been doing specifically to help her win. I'd just about sixteen days in Florida right I can kiss my union the American federation teaches violence yet. And we think we helped them and Florida and we went live willing electric. Victory rally I'm so proud to share were less than three weeks away from New York primary what he did you hear in your state. Velshi has campaign hits list and Brooklyn tonight live. And Harlem born Harlem the but I. And I was volunteered the US fuel so. And it might he calls on the tribal violence drinking and right with the gently. Sure you struck me someone very familiar with Hillary Clinton what did you hear from her today specifically about your state that you believe. It would make her such a great president. She so inclusive she believes and all of us she's huge apple all of us she has everyone's back. She has the back of the teachers who has the back of every worker in in everything I'm diversity on ethnicity. She believes an animal all of us. Cats and that's why we have heard that he was she has that was. And Sherri before I move on to Dan what did you have for lunch at Sylvia's. All I had the combos like to take out home I had my cheek and they're pretty good traffic. And what about you Dan. Did you. I had the project and of course this and I had the the orange things what are they can't eat. And I think that she told me that the candidate is and I have to Collard greens. Dan what brought you out here to Harlem today to see Hillary and world to support her and hopefully. And this is what we're told for us we were talking about how we both got pictures. So that we got a picture we got an exchange where terror. You know I wanna support her campaign united like it but I saw the opportunity to overcome it and I'm like I'm gonna get that picture and say hello. I told her what I. I told. And she was lovely and an interest in Maine that I got out of its. I already know like Paula her policies and I might note really watched as the best candidate. But what I always one of the and I did I briefly saw her you know lights when she lose them. It is. Does she seem sincere close and in person which is on the stage because we're seeing her all the time on camera. We're hearing her voice and I'm just really trying to take period as it just as the humidity. And I was very impressed. We've heard war. But richest church energy and person is very sincere because the cutting old policies and delicious and I have talked about all those things. Purchasing as a human unique. It really you know I was for her before but now I feel really. I can but I feel even better outings when I was on the stage when she first came out she looked at my T shirt and she's so if the exiting the thumbs up like I know he went Florida thank you can't make you sit next weekend when she pulled pants she's a warm and engage. Actually listen she is dictating policies we're still speeches. I just so you know are doing a lot for her as well. Firstly I'd support her financially I'm I'm phone banking arm and talking to people on organizing events and unconnected to the. And just give our viewers a little bit of contacts Sherry and Dan. They attended Hillary Clinton's rally this morning in new York at the policy of course the clintons have a long history. I here in New York living here for sixteen years and Hillary serving as a former senator. And Sherry I knew that I recognize you because you were one of the lucky supporters who was standing on stage at. Behind Hillary can't have you done that before what does that experience like to be in front all the cameras as her. Backdrop as well I wasn't thinking about the countless I was just thinking about how I could show that I didn't with. All this time that I've always supported at this and she's been running presented to him and like MySpace and and I was proud to be in SC. Again when that was. I'm then bet any questions. Per share in Dan while we have them here. God we thank both of them and you so much for their time a lot of interesting insight there about how new York and shaping up to be. A hot contest.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"New York supporters explain why they are voting for their former Senator.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38123480","title":"Hillary Clinton Supporters Talk to ABC Following Harlem Rally","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-supporters-talk-abc-harlem-rally-38123480"}