Hillary Clinton Takes Reporters' Questions, Breaks Silence On The Campaign Trail

ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports from the Hillary Clinton campaign trail in Cedar Falls, Iowa and asked the first question from the media to the candidate in 28 days.
12:08 | 05/19/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Takes Reporters' Questions, Breaks Silence On The Campaign Trail
Breaking right now after 28 days Hillary Clinton breaking her silence with reporters. The democratic presidential candidate finally taking questions from the media at an event in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York moments ago Hillary Clinton responded to questions surrounding recent controversies. Here's what she had to say. Oh yeah I'm so Arianna. My heart and it's hardly needs them. Regret the way that the Clinton foundation handled foreign donations when you were secretary of state and your opponents say that the foreign donations and private emails are examples of the clintons having. Once it was for themselves and another set of rules for everyone else. I am so proud of the foundation I'm proud of though work that it has done and it is doing. It attracted donations from people organization's. Staff from around the world. And I think that just goes to show that people are very supportive of the lifesaving and life changing work gets done here at home and elsewhere. I'm an outlet the American people make their own judgment. Place interact you think we're better off without Saddam Hussein in power. Look I know that there have been a lot of questions about Iraq posted candidates over the last weeks I've made it very clear that I made a mistake plain and simple and I. Have written about in my book that talked about it in the past and you know what we now see is a very different and very dangerous situation the United States. Is doing what it can but ultimately this has to be. A struggle that the Iraqi Government and the Iraqi People are determined to win for themselves and we can provide support but they're gonna have to do it. Well I'm on here in Cairo with Clinton on your income to. Disclosure. Recently on Friday fewer in the tip top Echelon of earners in this century how do you expect average Americans shortly. Well obviously bill and I've been blessed. And we're very grateful for the opportunities that we had but we've never forgotten where we came from and we never forgotten. The kind of country that we want to let see for. Our granddaughter and that means that we're gonna fight. To make sure that everybody has the same chances to live up to his or her own god given potential. So I think that. Most Americans. Understands that to the deck is stacked for those at the top and I am running a campaign that is very clearly stating. We want to reshuffle that death we want to get back to having. More opportunities for more people. So that they can make more out of their own lives and I think that's exactly what America's looking for but that apparently that's going to look like Clinton gave. Honestly your relationship aspect of news and witnessed it needs women callers report this morning he exchanged several emails. And should Americans expect that if elected president you have that same type. A relationship with these old friends that you. I have many many old friends and I always think that. It's important when you get into politics to have friends you have before you were in politics. To understand. What's on their minds and he's been a friend of mine for a long time he sending unsolicited. Emails which I. Passed on in some instances and I see that that's just part of the give and take when you're in. When you're in public eye when you're an official position. I think you do have to work to make sure you're not caught in the bubble and you only hear from a certain. Small group of people I'm gonna keep talking in my old friends whoever they are with. Apparently secretary Arne today that the State Department might not release your emails until January 2016 federal judge says they should be released sooner. Will you demand that they are released sooner and follow up on the questions about the speeches. Was there conflict of interest in you're giving paid speeches into the run out of your announcement that you're running for president. Into the second is no and the answer the first is I have said repeatedly I want those emails out nobody had set a bigger interest in getting them released that I do. I respect the State Department they have their process that they do for everybody not just for me. But anything that they might do to expedite that process I heartily support. You know I want the American people to learn as much is we can about the work that I did with our diplomats and our development experts. Because I think it will show how hard work and what we did for our country during the time that I was secretary of state where. I worked extremely hard on behalf of our values and our interests and our security. And emails are part of that cell. I have said publicly I'm repeated it here in front of all of you today I want them out as soon as they can get out the economy and definitely I and well its they're not mind. They belong to the State Department so the State Department has to go through its process but as much as they can expedite that process. That's what I'm asking them to do please move as quickly as they possibly can he did get them out yeah. I think all of that area. Com. Bernie 2000. Other emails with a split ten. Let's get right it ABC's Cecilia Vega she was inside that bike shop asking Hillary Clinton questioned herself Cecilia. Hillary finally taking questions from reporters on the 28 day. You're there tell about the mounting pressure and what happened inside that event that finally led Clinton to answer questions. And bruises. To her and how is some shouting hurrah rope line to get to the candid. You're 28 days we've gone almost a month without having any direct interaction. With a candidate with candidate Hillary Clinton and and the pressure's been mounting actors for reporters in a clear frustration among the traveling press corps following her on the campaign trail but she heard from. Republicans over the weekend who were not an outlet up on this issue Carly Fiorina for example. Laying out the number of questions that she's answer just the last few weeks compared to Hillary Clinton by our count until today Hillary Clinton had only answered up to about nine questions so far. So you could tell in that video that we all just watched this anticipation of an end this frustration was building up. So I asked about the to that I wanted to ask her was about her income because that is really. What has been pounding her over the last few weeks and she's declared. Hillary Clinton in an inning inning come disclosure form on Friday released that to the public that she has she and Bill Clinton over the last year since we fourteen have earned. More than 25 million dollars in in from paid speeches. And and that puts her at the top 101 point 01%. Of American income earners and this country. The making her the second richest candidate running for president right now. Day you know this money get and how she got this money is is a huge controversy hanging over this campaign. And and you heard that answer she says she is. Blasts to be as wealthy as she isn't so many words and and the question I have for her is how she going to campaign. And and and asked to be related to buy every day Americans that is that is one of her primary campaign. Says that she's making it she's going to be this champion. For the racan file for workers for the working class this country after she was here in Iowa today doing talking to small business owners. You know huge contradiction some might say to be that wealthy and intent. And yet any girl these other questions that that we're just mounting about these emails she's not backing down from this Caroline. Now she didn't answer all of I would say a lot of the questions that were asked directly and and you can can bet. That that these questions will still continue to never had as many as we move on to New Hampshire toward the end of the week. Someone asked her does. She wants. These emails to be released sort of trickled out and rolling process rather than that January 2016 deadline that these seats of department suggested. To the judge that would've been two weeks before the Iowa caucus. She said she does want them released just as soon as possible is would that be more beneficial to her campaign than having all at least two weeks before the Iowa caucus it she's adamant. She's adamant about this this is something that she's been that's that she she went on actually attitude probably one of the longer answers it she gave today. The issue if you were call is her person hot her work related emails from the State Department sent over personal account. And and she has handed those emails 50000 pages and email documents to the State Department the State Department. Releasing in court documents yesterday that that it it hoped it had intended to. Released these emails in January just as you said a couple of weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. But it says that she wants these emails out as soon as possible. The question that she's getting from reporters though is whether she can demean. That they be released publicly. And it she she says that the State Department has its own rules and that she is following those at this point. So and got a federal judge ruling today that the State Department can't follow that January. Deadline and it has to do the slow roll out so we will CDs emails trickle out over the course of the next few months. What we are understanding as many of them. Our our a lot of easy Alsace simple things like please send please prince. What these other ones have can't let what these other ones say at this point you know it's it's it's it remains to be seen we certainly want to see them. OK and you don't talk at the strategy that. The campaign was going for here whether or not it has been working why has the campaign wanted to keep reporters away. From these recent events and you had Hillary listening and asking questions but but really staying away from answering reporters' questions. The campaign we'll tell you that they have not. Been not answering questions that and instead of taking questions from reporters that statement Hillary Clinton has been taking questions from these so called every day American these people that she's meeting with and he's round tables now a lot of critics would argue that many of those people who are sitting at these tables are handpicked. By the campaign. You know you know that Hillary Clinton is what in what the campaign says in this ramp up stage of this campaign a slow roll out we haven't seen. From her these big rallies announcing her candidacy we haven't seen big press conferences got out with the media. They guarantee us they promised us that indeed that will happen. Over the course of the next few weeks over the course the next few months. Today may be the orient. And also I mean we know that she broke her silence today and you. We're able getting answers. At least one of your questions but that was very different from yesterday can you tell us what happened when your position outside another event yesterday in Iowa. Today's her second day here at Iowa it's her second trip to I wore her return. Today was the difference here is today was an hoping media backed we were all allowed inside there were cameras inside there were dozens of reporters along with the public at. That was in there listening to it to Hillary Clinton. Yesterday was a closed door event only a handful of cameras a pool cameras we call it was it was allowed anti to broadcast. What she set out out to us and it was a private event in someone's home. We were out there of course trying to ask her questions because we were not allowed inside as media. And so we were kept across the street. And when Hillary Clinton pulled up to go in sight to this event we off shouted questions at her. Which she left we shouted questions at her and she very graciously waved from across the street instead of answering this question Sandia stark difference from yesterday to today. I'm well thanks so much ABC Cecilia Vega with us from Cedar Falls, Iowa we really appreciate it thank you. And you can keep up with the story real time McKellen ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive updates on the gallon Caroline Costello. In New York.

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{"id":31152683,"title":"Hillary Clinton Takes Reporters' Questions, Breaks Silence On The Campaign Trail","duration":"12:08","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports from the Hillary Clinton campaign trail in Cedar Falls, Iowa and asked the first question from the media to the candidate in 28 days. ","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-takes-reporters-questions-breaks-silence-campaign-31152683","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}