Hillary Clinton Talks 'Glitches' in the Affordable Care Act

The candidates discuss the nation's health care system at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate.
5:08 | 12/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Talks 'Glitches' in the Affordable Care Act
Secretary Clinton to Department of Health and Human Services says more than seventeen. Million Americans who were not insured. Now have health coverage because of Obama care but for Americans who already had health insurance the cost has gone up 27%. In the last five years while deductibles are up 67%. Health care costs are rising faster. Than many Americans can manage what's broken in Obama care that needs to be fixed right now and what would you do to fix it. Well I would certainly build on these successes. The Affordable Care Act. And worked to fix some of that glitches that you just referenced. Number one we do have more people who have access to health care. We have ended the terrible situation that people with preexisting conditions were faced with where they couldn't find. At any affordable price health care. Women are not charge more than men any longer for our health insurance. And we keep young people on our policies until they turn 26 those are all really positive developments. Bought out of pocket costs have gone up too much and prescription drug costs have gone through the roof. And so what I have proposed number one is a 5000 dollar tax credit to help people who have. Very large out of pocket costs be able to afford those. Number two I want Medicare to be able to negotiate for lower drug prices just like they negotiate. How we. Country. Health systems we end up paying the highest prices in the world. And I want us to be absolutely clear about. Making sure the insurance companies in the private employer policy arena as well as in the affordable care exchanges. Our properly regulated so that we are not being games and I think that's an important point to make because. I'm going through an analyzing the points you are making Martha. But we don't have enough competition and we don't have enough. Oversight of what the insurance companies are charging everybody right now want to read and didn't say yeah and I collect chants yes Jackson Gretchen well they're there glitches because when a 7% the last five years deductibles are up 67%. It it is because part of this is the start up challenges that this system is facing we have fought as Democrats for decades to get. A health care plan I know I've got the scars to show from that effort back in the early ninety's. We want a bill got it and fix it and I am confident we can do that and it will have a fax. Ian the private market and one of the reasons. In some states why the percentage costs has gone up so much. Is because governors there would not extend Medicaid. And so people are still going to get health care at thankfully. In emergency rooms in hospitals those costs are then added to the overall cost which does increase. The insurance premiums. Lawrence yeah. Private luncheon that life was honest about it senator Sanders I want you to respond to what she was saying but you're instead calling for single Payer health care records and no people won't have to pay deductibles and premiums but they will. Have to pay new taxes get ten you tell us. Specifically. How much people will be reflected Q pet. Obviously that's our ice or as a member of the health education committee that helped write the affordable care. Much of what Secretary Clinton said about what we have gone among other things ending the obscenity. Of this pre existing situation is a step forward seventeen million what people have helped Jeff it is a step forward bought. This is what we go up this. Not only our deductibles roars when he nine million Americans still have no health insurance. And millions of people can't afford to go to the talk major crisis and primary health care here is the bottom law. Why has it that the United States of America today is the only major country on earth. But does not guarantee healthcare to all people is a right. Why is it. Why has it that we are. Why is it that we spend almost three times for capital as to what they spend in the UK. 50% more than what they say in what they pay in France countries that guarantee health care all of their people and in many cases have better health care outcomes. But I bought. This likes it the campaign finance were all. The insurance companies the drug companies are brought big the United States congress. We need to pass a Medicare for all single Payer sizzled it will lower the cost of health camp for a middle class family like thousands of dollars a young. Senator said. But right now be paying off there any private insurance so it's unfair and it's like intolerable but you can't tell us a specific I can tell you right. They don't separate. Back that you are not paying any private insurance businesses are not paying any private insurance the average middle class family will be saved. Thousands of dollars a year.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"The candidates discuss the nation's health care system at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35868204","title":"Hillary Clinton Talks 'Glitches' in the Affordable Care Act","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-talks-glitches-affordable-care-act-35868204"}