Hillary Clinton Has a Vision for Her Next Office

The former secretary of state gets laughs on "The Daily Show" while being coy about plans for 2016.
2:20 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Has a Vision for Her Next Office
Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a rare late night TV appearance last -- The Daily Show the -- Clinton discussed a range of topics with -- and tried. Couldn't quite get her to answer on a very important question here's ABC she shot a -- us. You can't blame him for trying. She -- years solely. For one reason. To publicly. And definitively. Declare. Her candidacy for the president -- it's not exactly. Although daily show host Jon Stewart kept returning to the one question everyone wants to know the answers you I think I -- for everybody when I say. No one cares just -- -- if you're running for president -- Clinton did play along with Stewart giving the former secretary of state political -- -- teaching Catholic. To see if she really doesn't want to run for the top job would you like commuting to work to be like a home office -- here. Now I've spent so many years commuting I'd kind of prefer -- home -- -- that's what I wrote my book. -- so that that work. -- -- Shape for that home office -- -- I feel I got on a -- -- would you like. We feel like -- corners originally did not to have corners and. You know. I think that the world is so complicated the fewer corner he's the that was enough of an answer for Stewart it sounds to me like if I -- you've declared for president. And and as you can see DeVon and -- even back got a huge laugh from the audience that was very supportive of Clinton. Cheering at any mention of that 2016. Topic. Paying attention to us there you know what do you think she is she running and I hate when Jon Stewart -- more answers than we did not. She's an -- myriad different ways that same question yeah I think that takes the cake is the best most creative. -- totally stat that it. -- story and he does such a good job and it's always so fascinating too to see how. Lots of key players in politics make sure that make their rounds -- had a tough thing to do you -- hop personality. You've got to be a little edgy and it. You never know what's gonna come -- that's right.

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{"id":24579460,"title":"Hillary Clinton Has a Vision for Her Next Office","duration":"2:20","description":"The former secretary of state gets laughs on \"The Daily Show\" while being coy about plans for 2016.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-vision-office-24579460","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}