Hillary Clinton’s former national policy director speaks about Bloomberg backlash

Amanda Renteria discussed the Democratic candidates’ criticism of Bloomberg, the upcoming Nevada caucus and who she thinks has the best chance at winning the minority vote.
4:22 | 02/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton’s former national policy director speaks about Bloomberg backlash
Are going to stay in Nevada and bring in a man directory of the former national policy director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. Amanda let's discuss this moderates verses progressive battle is this similar to what we saw with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and when he sixteen. It's a little different. Because I think when you look back to 2016 people really wondering who the party was where on that ideological spectrum as the party. Today's big question and really all throughout this campaign the question is who can beat trump. And what ideology can be trump doesn't actually work to inspire voters or are we tried to make sure that we bring over moderate voters. And so why Ellis the same question about ideology I think the lenses a little bit different for a lot of voters what you're hearing from the party is who can really DM. And is that about energy or is that about bringing the entire tent together and that's what your seen a lot of voters talk about and why. You seeing a lot of shifting from voters are undecideds really in big numbers as we go into these races. Sharon as you heard from Mary there's a lot of backlash against Bloomberg right now. Opponents say he's trying to buy the election but a lot of the candidates except big donations and spend millions so. Besides it being his own money is Bloomberg's strategy so different. It it's different this way which is not only is here had to have the resources. Go on air but he also has the resource is to go in and buy infrastructure that you really need. And so it's actually a quite a Smart strategy for somebody that has that much resource is he's using them incredibly well. All throughout the Super Tuesday states to really commit building organizational structure you meet. Now organ a seat in ninety. Whether that translates into been able to connect with voters this is the first time that folks are gonna really see him live connecting with voters. And even more importantly in a state where you have communities of color. Where he's it has some really interesting record that he's gonna need to speak to tonight. Well and talking about people colored about a is a big test for the candidates in terms of diversity. I wanna blame first a listen to this gap from Amy Klobuchar as she addressed some members of the Hispanic community. Tell you first about me my name is Amy. When when I it was tip ads banished in fourth grade in my name was marina. I think India did today imagine. Beyond a claim that they now. Because I couldn't roll my car is very very well and so was he he and today. So ABC news also reported on Pete Buddha judge overstating his support from black leaders in public figures. They have bloomers history was stop and frisk I don't all of the candidates who do you think has the best chance at winning over minority voters. You know one of the things that's not talked about enough with communities of color is at its rules of real question about trust. Who's been there what kind of track record have you shown. And what that means is time matters here and so the fact that Biden has had a relationship with the Latino community in the black community over time the fact that. Bernie has spent time in the last election really building up the base with younger communities of color. That looks like it's gonna pay off and I think we're not only gonna see that sheer but as we go through each of the states the fact that. There's some track record actually building that connection. I think is Denish is gonna prove to be lasting. As opposed to some of the new tactics were seen of trying to make a connection. But not quite having the track record of the history where you've been in the community working with folks in a real way. And looking ahead we've got Super Tuesday less than two weeks now do you think any of these candidates we'll have a clear path for the nomination by them. I think you're gonna see a mall stick it out three Super Tuesday and the reason is because when you have so many. Folks are looking at the different strategies that they can take in order to win a couple states here a couple states there. The delegate count is hard. And to the extent that every campaign and I know they are is really thinking strategically they're thinking about what states they can win where their candidates can really make a connection. And so I don't see it before it to make sense for any of mom to actually head out early. Because so many of them already put a plan in place for Super Tuesday right Amanda renteria and we appreciate the announced this thank you.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Amanda Renteria discussed the Democratic candidates’ criticism of Bloomberg, the upcoming Nevada caucus and who she thinks has the best chance at winning the minority vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69086523","title":"Hillary Clinton’s former national policy director speaks about Bloomberg backlash","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clintons-national-policy-director-speaks-bloomberg-backlash-69086523"}