Hillary Clinton's Relationship With Obama

The special bond she forged with the president and the hard choices she's made as secretary of state.
6:52 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Relationship With Obama
Tonight there's disagreement about secretary Clinton's accomplishments at state but no dispute about her super human travel schedule, nearly a million miles. I've come to Alexandria, Afghanistan, beijing, Malawi, Burma, Cairo -- Reporter: 112 countries -- the most of any secretary -- she says she's trying to restore relationships, build coalitions and weigh in on the importance of human rights. We urge China to protect the rights -- Reporter: Yut yet she writes that someone suggested she call this book "The scrunchie chroncles -- 112 countries and it's still all about my hair." You know, toward the end of my time as secretary of -- secretary of state -- I was so tired of getting my hair done every day in all kinds of places around the world, often by the people who -- the language I didn't speak and they didn't speak mine. I just said, "I'm gonna let it grow. I'm just gonna pull it back. Thank god for scrunchies. I mean, I really was just not going to keep -- Reporter: It was such an issue, foreign leaders tried to decode what her hair meant. One saying if it's pulled back, get ready for bad news. Only over time did she seem to override a lot of distraction. Owner her reputation as a global bulldog in pant suits. This picture of Hillary Clinton texting became a national phenomenon, everyone writing their own versions of what she might be saying. Obama, hey, hill, what are you doing? Hilry, running the world. Her book tells how she began to forge a bond with her former rival. After the distance, the wariness, the friendship. It began in Copenhagen when the two decided to party crash a secret meeting, trying to hide from decisions on global warming. The president said are you thinking what I'm thinking and off we go. Your excellent adventure. And we found them. The Chinese security were there. They tried to prevent us from getting in. The president got in. I ducked in and the president goes we've been looking for you. Reporter: They got a deal with the Chinese but even she says far from perfect. She also describes what she says was her proudest moment as secretary with the president, the decision to go in and get Osama bin laden. The secretary of defense initially opposed the plan. The vice-president opposed it. She was one of those who told Obama to go ahead, to do it. And she finally talks about what she was thinking in this famous photo, watching the raid from a transmission as it went down. My heart was in my throat because we were watching on the video screen what was happening, and we saw one of the helicopters' tail clip the wall as it tried to get into the compound. Reporter: This is video from the scene of that chopper set on fire by the S.E.A.L. Team, forced to leave it behind. The operation only became public after Osama bin laden was killed. You really didn't tell president Clinton about Osama bin laden? No. No. I mean, I take very seriously the obligations of secrecy. Didn't he say, you could have told me? No. Because he understood. When president Obama called to tell him, I think the president started by saying, I assume Hillary has told you and he said told me what. Reporter: Even as Hillary promotes a book called "Hard choices" and what she lists as her achievements around the world, critics say look around the globe tonight. In Iraq more than 800 died last month. In Syria more than 850,000 dead and the leader, Assad, digging in. The question, what was permanent, what did she get done? Look tonight at Syria, 800,000 refugees when you left. Assad is retrenching in Iraq as we know. Al Qaeda is hoisting flags. Let's talk about what was accomplished and then let's talk about the continuing threats. Tough sanctions on Iran that got them to the negotiating table. Now, whether we get an agreement or not, I hope we will. Do you doubt it? I think it's going to be very difficult, but it's a lot better than what we inherited where there was no international consensus and Iran was pursuing it's nuclear ambitions. Are there still terrible things going on in the world? Yes, there are. I think there is no perfect outcome. It's a constant effort that we're all engaged in. Reporter: Like the ongoing chess game with Vladimir Putin. We want to reset our relationship. Reporter: Before Putin returned to office, Clinton showed up in Russia hoping to reset the relationship there. In fact, the word on her joke button was wrong. We were trying to get the right Russian word. Did we get it? You got it wrong. The word her staff used by mistake was overcharged. As we all know tonight victory lane Vladimir Putin is on the move. Did you misread Vladimir Putin? Will he ever give crimea back? That depends on whether he's made to pay a price. Should we make him give it back? I'm a strong supporter of tough sanctions that create an economic cost for Russia and for him personally and his clones. Reporter: Just a few days ago Putin derided Clinton for criticizing him. Vladimir Putin said in a French television interview, it is better not to argue with men. Reporter: He added -- Weakness is not the worst quality for a woman. Well, I saw that, and he's not the first male leader who has made a sexist comment like that. He and I, frankly, disagree and we have done so publicly. People say where is the marquee achievement? No sweeping agreements, no signature doctrine. We haven't had a doctrine since containment worked with the soviet union but we have had presidents that have made some tough calls, some of which have worked and some of which have not. Reporter: Which brings us to benghazi, an event used to question her leadership ability and could affect her prospects for the presidency. She supported overturning Libyan dictator muammar Gadhafi. It was called Hillary war and celebrated as the moment he died. We came, we saw, he died. Reporter: Even as a lot of the Libyan people were cheering the Americans, did she miss the danger signs? A lethal force about to strike.

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{"id":24065989,"title":"Hillary Clinton's Relationship With Obama","duration":"6:52","description":"The special bond she forged with the president and the hard choices she's made as secretary of state.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clintons-relationship-obama-24065989","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}