Homeland Security acting secretary testifies on border facilities' conditions

Protesters demonstrate against conditions at migrant detention facilities as acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan testifies before the House Oversight and Reform Committee.
4:10 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Homeland Security acting secretary testifies on border facilities' conditions
I want to turn to another story that's been. Rocking Capitol Hill today there are big protest. Outside of congress about the detention centers they had been in the news just horrendous conditions that we've witnessed and that I'm. So many of our reporters have seen is there in the ground in Texas. And our Serena Marshall was there at the protests on the hell Austrian actor with us tell us a little bit about what you saw what the people are protesting today on the health. Mary Allen these were Catholic faith leaders who had priests and nuns coming up here to capitol to protest the detention of those children I think. No longer can relying on writing letters we're speaking to members of congress privately meaning to be. Not just heard but. Scene because we are sick of them taking and misconstrued in the face of christianity these are Catholic faith leaders who argue that with the administration says. The rule of lines of holding the tenants of christianity they are miss quoting scripture that in fact Jesus is writing say to take any. Those in need especially the most vulnerable pointing to those children I detention facilities we actually have some video to show you of those protests today. The Catholic community. Has decry the treatment of children on our southern border. Not only as a violation of human dignity. And writes. But all sold contrary to religious teachings. And the sacred call. To care for people who are most at risk. People coming home destitute poverty and violence. Right and I'll lawyers to get a laugh rusty walker people like that give them shelter mr. Liggett asked the government to demand government do less. Sisters. Who stand in. We. Try things citing countries. Unwelcome exchanges didn't hear people being a voice for the powerless. That's been happening right now in a government with the church people of faith. Stand up to be the voice for these people yet the publishers on the pavement and work. Now the largest tongue the members of congress affiliation with religion are Roman Catholics 30%. Other members of congress say they are Roman Catholic and so that is why these faith leaders are here on capitol on making sure their voices. Are heard and this was happening as tensions Mary Alice we're running so high just down the road on capitol felony hearing on border detention facilities. And there isn't really heated and emotional hearing on Capitol Hill as well today's print the acting Homeland Security director it's. Matt DeLeon was testifying. Yet answering intentions were still high during that hearing actually media house and sound of that as well. Pretty good news doing a great August heat you feel like you don't radar right. And what does then we're doing our level best remembered what does that mean what does that mean when it solve. Its sitting in their own feces. Can't take us our. Arm. What's that about. Abbas. What about children and net but listen. They are human beings. Magdalene is the acting deputy homeland securities and exceeding the acting. Homeland Security secretary and even it doesn't help the situation when you make Border Patrol agents that bad guys if you. He actually called it than that. He actually said that and how they classified as detention facilities was unwarranted. And factor member Mary out it wasn't just in the members of congress to visit those facilities are the lawyers or even the pediatricians it was the other than the inspector general. The department of homeland security's own watchdog. Group that said those facilities that were unsanitary and actually one where federal agents compared it to a ticking time bomb. Serena thank you for keeping us up to date on that story and shall have more read out of ongoing testimony there from actually NN's Gina think you know.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Protesters demonstrate against conditions at migrant detention facilities as acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan testifies before the House Oversight and Reform Committee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64426804","title":"Homeland Security acting secretary testifies on border facilities' conditions","url":"/Politics/video/homeland-security-acting-secretary-testifies-border-facilities-conditions-64426804"}