Homeless mail carrier finds hope amid the pandemic

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips profiles a mother with a full-time job as a mail carrier, struggling to keep a roof over her family’s head during the pandemic.
7:48 | 02/13/21

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Transcript for Homeless mail carrier finds hope amid the pandemic
So many families over the past year have been thrust into poverty or even homelessness because of the harsh economic told of the pandemic. Some parents with full time job still struggling to keep a roof over their families heads. Are cured Phillips meets one of these families fighting to survive and their new reason for hope. Old class. Still every day sixteen year old marte Asian tells her mom. And god will provide now is planning is soon. He too ended this road she travels down now. Will provide. For her and their five daughters. Every week a lesion Carter delivers mail to homes in Maryland's Prince George's County. Homes in what are the nation's wealthiest black communities. The kind of home a leash at Carter dreams. Because right now this mail carrier. Doesn't even have one. I was so shocked to find out you were a mail carrier we needed a homeless. I mean this pandemic doesn't discriminate nope not only annually. We didn't want people to know. About that just the reality of how hard you work sometimes. Mid doesn't matter at the moment. Did. Because I made several good Jones you know put at dawn this time. Disc he worked as. This care where did an active and to hand would you a good job admit and this still be whole list of my. When in my dorm room. Just keep working not giving up from lesions mouth to God's ears. Kelly show white and you wanna tell anybody at the post office that you were homeless the lure indicated. They don't worry. Blowing right hander also. Reliability friendly. Justices that want an indicated among. A commitment to this family that will take this unwavering mom and mail carrier down a surprising brow to reinvention. Fortune comes in many things in the city of people and our with random acts of kindness that will help get her there. And there are more than thirteen million single parents in the US. 80% of those parents are single moms. This pandemic has ravaged already poverty stricken cities like Baltimore. Hitting people of color. Particularly black single moms like deletion the hardest to know her bills piled up and she just couldn't make grants and so this hotel. Became their home and when money ran out to you all lived in the car together. We look on CN YC she of the sick it's at night. How did you do it. Is out of how to. Heading to survive that evidently. Not saved by the. It relieves more. And we Ellis again that he was not being judged it a little tougher. And by at the Halloween have biker mutt like my issues so we live way each other issues. Which have a full Lucy quiz singles Biden had delayed. It was news. It was a lot had to go to school and has friends that live always getting meeting thing but she didn't really want to. Saint dame because you don't want them to lay me trying youthful look. Through which. But Marti Asia's classmates didn't make fun ever day rallied around her and keep her home. A family shelter that would help take him to a place they never expected. Lisa has living in the shelter made you in the girls stronger. Yes family lives. We close to teach have a guy just been a lot of quality time together. It's a learning tended Bannon emotional physically and mrs. Like rotation she became more outspoken. Terms and I. Greek film what's your favorite thing about your mom Saddam is dead things my hand more outgoing her twin Mariah. Storm Karl and Dick Q so I hear from your sisters and your mom your kind of the second mom is that true yeah. How did you get them all to do their school work that's about one in though. Nikki and threats that could gain only good if Israel gave them like that you added it is dipped his step ordinary way of footed great. But you had to make it finest I've always been an excess of steel doors. She wanted and Italy and you know why. That's pretty awesome. Family and fortitude. Seeing some money just can't buy this that they. A resilience that resonated with Linda Wilson argued that Brad seven and my. Remember that neighbor we met back on a leash is route but analysts funny how little lost town like many of us are sheet tune was once homeless helped. By a total stranger and I walked into a story she fed me. And actually took me home. And you know sort of propped me up and that enabled me to keep don't just address his whole. Her own mark. I've been there and did you know paid. He grabbed Jillian who came and elusive understands that because her pianist Julie never stopped either in the in new and there are a lot of families. Falling apart right now because of the hard times this country's going through midday Stanley. Is stronger is closer. Why do you think that is small. Always always keep putting its designated until. They don't value it. Still need illegal Jewish vote to get a little did they leave me she stronger. Handyman. Heavy diet please always says her life but some didn't it. This brings light seat belt on abstinence aside. Proving that sometimes struggles can be Sarah dividends. And if they were nothing to struggle for nothing would be achieved. Welcome to the Carter family's new home. Heavy all. Could get it for your family. Dress up day. You know you wanna go yell strong will that got this family out of the shelter and into home. They can now call their own but was Italy should did. That made her story success. She actually. Never lost sight of who she was that mom another woman. To continue to maintain employment she follows through with equipment and she got the documentation she needed to get connected to how can she definitely differ part which shows where she is now. So what's next. What is next for this beautiful family. This commitment and good new. More time lose. It didn't air and noise that goes do you wanna clean over. Old man. And savory zone where should we fan of that spiritual promise globe globe. Stuart troops at ABC news Baltimore. Playing you can't do two man it is June. Yeah times and we are grateful for that happy ending our thanks to cure for that.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"ABC News’ Kyra Phillips profiles a mother with a full-time job as a mail carrier, struggling to keep a roof over her family’s head during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75864601","title":"Homeless mail carrier finds hope amid the pandemic","url":"/Politics/video/homeless-mail-carrier-finds-hope-amid-pandemic-75864601"}