House delays health care vote after failing to reach deal

The party still needs to turn more lawmakers to pass the bill.
1:56 | 03/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for House delays health care vote after failing to reach deal
To begin with breaking news but tonight's much anticipated house vote on its controversial health care legislation. To repeal and replace obamacare voters we just that has just been delayed because Republicans were on able to get the much needed vote. Well obviously this is a major political blow to president trump political reporter David Evans in the news. David as you mentioned this vote was scheduled for later tonight in Washington but it's obvious there simply are not enough votes for this to pass. Too many Republicans are opposed to it and so. No vote tonight and said Republicans will meet at 7 o'clock we're told and decide exactly how to move forward on this bill. This morning members of the freedom caucus the most conservative members of the Republican Party. They met with the president at the White House they say this bill does not change. Obama care enough and after that meeting not of members to change their votes from. No to yes the trouble was when changes are made to obamacare to appease the most conservative Republicans. Moderates are than saying they simply can't go long. A few minutes ago the president spoke about the vote saying his plan is still. Heck of a lot better. But Obama care. You just take a look at what's happened cost and it's incredible. You look at what's going on with deductibles within thru the roof so essentially you don't happen because hopefully you'll never have to use it. Because you won't have that kind of injury or sickness so. You know the problems and it's but a lot of the truck and businesses out of business. But keys here on channel. May be a great negotiator rookies hear for bringing this up on the day we clearly you're not ready. And a few minutes ago I was just handed a statement from a senior administration official at the White House this system bait debate on this bill will commence tonight we think at 7 o'clock in the vote will not take place. The statement goes on at 3 o'clock in the morning to avoid this happening in the wee hours. The morning so instead the vote is now scheduled we're told for tomorrow morning in Washington we will keep you post.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The party still needs to turn more lawmakers to pass the bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46333673","title":"House delays health care vote after failing to reach deal ","url":"/Politics/video/house-delays-health-care-vote-failing-reach-deal-46333673"}