House Democrats Stand Down After Chaotic Sit-In

"We will be back," the Democratic minority whip vowed.
1:29 | 06/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for House Democrats Stand Down After Chaotic Sit-In
After more than a full the occupying the house floor Democrats abandoned their positions but they got to be back. House speaker Paul Ryan today criticizing the group's motivations. If this is not a political stunt and why are they trying to raise money off of this. Albany tragedy. Overnight nearly 200 Democrats refusing to cede control. Some members spending the night on the house floor which at times looked like a round he slumber party. At least twice Republicans tried to shut down the protest outside an order in Africa at camp they're sitting. Republicans officially recess. Turning off cameras in the official record Democrats responded by live streaming their takeover on social media. Then when most Americans were sleeping Republicans privately held back to order. With some logistical vote passing speaker legislation but not budging on gun Republican house speaker Paul Ryan choosing to dismiss congress until July 5. Democrat thing all of this could have been avoided with a quick vote we. But instead a holy book vote on those two issues. Republicans. Decided in the middle of the night. Two run home to their districts. Democrats say that they will return to this fight when the house reconvenes. On July 5. On is that ABC news the capitol.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"\"We will be back,\" the Democratic minority whip vowed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40083266","title":"House Democrats Stand Down After Chaotic Sit-In","url":"/Politics/video/house-democrats-stand-chaotic-sit-40083266"}