House Dems pushing resolution to terminate Trump's emergency declaration

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested a resolution to terminate Pres. Trump's national emergency declaration could potentially pass in the Senate.
27:03 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for House Dems pushing resolution to terminate Trump's emergency declaration
Hey everybody welcome to the pre Fairmont Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday quit knowing our immigration reporter his here as well lots of talk about on the immigration front this morning. What we also have our eyes overseas in Asia and Vietnam president trump arriving. Just a few hours ago this morning there are ready for his second summit with Kim Jung un. Of North Korea who also arrived today by train. And I understand from our team on the ground there that it. The motorcade pulled up to his hotel if they. Reform of marijuana Quinn there was. Certain the stench coming from the motorcade vehicles according towards him on the ground perhaps there was some smoking going on in that group but who worked at a lot knocked it to. In a little bit from our team on the ground in neck in Vietnam but first we start out with the big debate that is shaping up right now. In the House of Representatives over a measure by house Democrats to terminate. The president's emergency declaration in queen you've been following this a little bit so much money is on the line here the for the president's border wall. House Democrats basically said the president has done an unconstitutional power grab. Yeah that's right DeVon and landowners in Texas are actually speaking out about this to you in one of the lawsuits filed against the national emergency they're saying it. Is basically the funding method is unconstitutional because it steps on Congress's pass. Since being sued and a couple fronts both by the states and some landowners. A senate Republicans also likely to take up this resolution that house Democrats. Are putting forward today in just minutes ago a Republican leader Mitch McConnell suggested that perhaps. It could also pass the Republican senate. Take a listen. We had a very fulsome discussion. Of this issue in a conference and at noon today with the vice president let's. A lawyer from the Justice Department. It is dominated into our discussion about the a Gallup daily appropriate mesh and all the rest I think I can safely say mom members were extremely fast Krista. In the subject. And personally. Couldn't. And pick up the outcome. At this point but we will certainly be voting on it. Now pinot Mitch McConnell you know that's about as close as he gets to acknowledging. Something is is is perhaps going to pass this is not gonna go the president's way that being a termination vote for his national emergency declaration a lot of Republicans Quinn. As you know concerned about constitutional. Issues with that the precedent it would set including some of those or rent a House of Representatives we're joined now by one of those Republicans just in a mosh. A Republican of Michigan who joins us now congressman great to see you you've been. One of the co sponsors of this effort that's going to be on the floor later today to terminate the emergency declaration why aren't more conservative. Constitutional conservatives joining U in this is are you surprised yours or vote a single man around the world and us on the phone. I'm not totally surprise. Behind the scenes privately. Many of them are very concerned about what the president is doing. And they understand our constitutional system and that they would I think I love the opportunity to oppose him they have that opportunity here. And I think they're not going to take it four political purposes. There they're worried about what might happen back home. When Republican voters and that's a shame because our. Our policies here should be based on. Partisan ways of thinking and. I want to dig drill down on out of it could you you're one of hundreds of Republicans. In the House of Representatives so that's a lot of Republicans that are or have some political concerns about blocking the president on this what makes your district. So different why are you able with your constituents who seek out this ground. And why aren't more people are more of your fellow Republicans able to follow you and say look. You know I'm a Republican I'm a conservative but I stand for the constitution why does that argument I'm not carries much weight. They're very independent representative for many many years. My constituents know me well we understand where I'm coming from they understand that all vote on principle. And I think the that gives B more room to do the right thing and a lot of other districts. The members of congress are very partisan on both the left and the right and then when you have a Republican or democratic president office. They don't want to challenge a president from their own party because it becomes very Dicey politically for them. If you've been tell your district tired and operate all these years and they know your independent I think it gives you a lot more room to do the right thing. MM what do you say congressman a mosh to these arguments from the administration. That there is a crisis at the border in fact. During the negotiations. The conference negotiations to avert shut down a couple weeks ago. A number of border protection officials DHS officials came to Capitol Hill they briefed Republicans and Democrats and they said look we're on the front lines. We need more steel slats we need to build a law that would help us. Do you think that was disingenuous do you buy any of that case do you think if there's legitimacy there. I think there are a lot of their arguments being made for additional funding for additional fencing or enhance fencing. But that bombing has to go through congress keep president doesn't get to just declare an emergency. For something that congress has deliberated many times over the past several years. The president has signed legislation is that congress passed the did not have the funny he wanted he didn't veto that legislation. You can't not veto the legislation and then say there's an emergency crews and emergency should be counted in the first place so I think that we have to be really. Careful about proceeding here we have to make sure that. Each branch stays within its own lane and our congress retains its power over the. For state. You're also congressmen have been a critic of the administration's policy on separating children. From their parents who have who have crossed the southern border illegally it's been in the spotlight on the hill today a number of hearings. Also a committee that you are on the oversight house oversight committee today issued some first subpoenas. That Justice Department health and human services Homeland Security Department to try to get an accurate detailed accounting. Of where all those children whet the conditions that they went through. Again you're only want to a couple of Republicans who have supported those subpoenas explain your rationale why are you behind. Subpoena in the administration on this issue. It was a reasonable request and in fact. Just last year Republicans were supporting the same request they sent a letter to. These departments asking for the same information so Republicans were okay where that last term. They should be okay within this term I'm not going to change my politics because Democrats are now in the majority. We are here with a before we should be okay with it now and I think it's apparent theory. West. All right our congressman just in a mosh Republican message Michigan great to have you thanks so much. For joining us here in a briefing room and ABC news live we really appreciate it sir thank you thank you thanks. Speaking of those subpoenas are a little reform a conversation on that now with our Mary Alice parks are Capitol Hill reporter and deputy political director. Who's been digging into that today Mary Alice. Had to help us take a step back and understand the significance. The house oversight committee issuing its very first subpoenas in this congress on this subject they want to know where to these children go. And so begins dead then you just hit it on the head the significance of what happened today. The Democrats have over there on the house have promised to use their new subpoena power to conduct very rigorous oversight of this administration. And now they have they voted in the house oversight committee to issue the first subpoena. On this separation issue is separating children from their families. On the border and even though the administration had turned over some documents. Democrats just thought it was not enough that there are still too many questions on answer and so they wanted to take. This rather dramatic step to compel the agency is to get even more documents over to congress. And listen to look at Elijah Cummings it chairman of that committee had put out a statement I think we had some of it up. Eventually he spent driving in this Mary Alice he really wants by the administration to be held to account because so many of these children by. The administration's own admission. Have sort of quarter pole gone missing. Exactly he said that he thinks this is the true national emergency he called the family separations on the border. Government state sponsored child abuse and he says he's looking for very specific answers like the names of the children their exact location and ED tells the government has about their family members and any plans that they had to reunite specific children with their families. Partner Alice parks forcing Capitol Hill thanks so much Mary Alice in quit no one. Speaking of those children who've groups have gone missing been subjected to very difficult conditions there was a separate hearing today in House Judiciary Committee led by Democrats into. The conditions these children have been put in by Customs and Border Protection health and human services some pretty gut wrenching testimony today. You that's exactly right DeVon there are thousands of allegations just revealed today the sexual abuse against unaccompanied children who were in these. HHS facilities user facilities that are contract it out. To be run to house these unaccompanied kids. And the details they get pretty graft. And I think we have some of the numbers here these documents that your talking about obtained. By Democrats on the Judiciary Committee made public for the first time. I would show in sheer numbers the number of allegations of sexual abuse. Of minors in the custody of Customs and Border Protection these in either children separated from their parents. Or who came across the border alone. As you see from some of these numbers there has been an uptick since 115 in the number of allegations and the number. I cases brought for prosecution. Are we should know to everybody that this trend sort of began under the Obama administration no question there's been an uptick. Now for more verbal and in one interest in detail here. More than a 150 of these allegations involve staff members at these facilities. Then when is it you just saying about well HHS for their parts as they take these accusations very seriously the do you make efforts to investigate when there is an accusation. In some cases these people who are accused are reported to the FBI. There are investigated by authorities and in multiple cases they have been arrested. One heart wrenching case DeVon I just have to share one young girl was approached by a staff member. Asked to and and touched inappropriately kissed Anna and appropriately that staff member was eventually arrested and prosecuted for sexual largest. Horrific situation and this is just section look a look at sexual abuse inside the detention system Quinn on thanks for that. For little more on this now want to bring in another member of congress Europe congressman now row where it right he's skating. Raoul Ruiz of California Democrat. Who is not only. Someone who has been involved reporter conditions but also an emergency medical doctor. Congressman Reese great to see you sir I wanna get your reaction off the top two. Two didn't just unbelievable testimony today. I don't know if you got a chance to see any of it and in this report. Coming out from DHS that so many children in custody government custody. I have been have lodged allegations of sir. So abuse. It's an outrage it's a moral violation of our code as. As humans to protect our young from being abused in these are children who are vulnerable who are defenseless who. Who are without the social support that they need a feared. Fearing retribution fearing the authority our own. Agents causing these kind of harms or the stats that. These facilities that are there to protect them. And that have responsibility over them abusing them in this way. You better believe Morgan we're gonna bring some more transparency demand to more hearings I sit on the energy and commerce committee. We're gonna bring in the opposite refugee resettlement to demand answers to some questions. And we need more transparency and right now what the hell's going on in in our immigration system especially when women. By children toddlers infants and elderly are being detained in inhumane circumstances. How are hoping to talk a little bit more about that you have spent some time down touring these facilities. And recently come back your spearheading some legislation right now. To demand to urge direct. Our Customs and Border Protection to improve humanitarian conditions. Were seen on the screen here are some of what that resolution would call for. I'm shocked that you even need to take these steps. How surprised were you in what did you see when you're down. Well when I visited the stations that lowered her game and a little well as a New Mexico my heart was broken ahead excuse myself otherwise how it's how it started crying in public they which I don't like to do. But to see women and in fans and children. An elderly stacked in a room and a concrete Wendell is cold room. Coughing on each other where he was so packed that you couldn't see the floor. Lane on just a thin sheet of aluminum blame gate was very very heartbreaking it is a consistent with a big dehumanizing. Language that's coming out of the White House regarding asylum seekers. And therefore my resolution is a preclude to. That is consistent with the international humanitarian norms as well as our own constitution our own laws. And now we've asylum seekers seeking safety and our countries to treat them with the respect. Of human dignity. In order to address the humanitarian needs for example providing diapers providing baby food in in picked up formula. Providing an ability to wash your hands with soap and water ability to to bathe daily. Things like making sure you had a private clean toilet that you can use feminine products. These are very basic basic humanitarian needs that we are not providing. For anybody detained in CBP's custody right now and it's important to know. That if you going to take families women and children and elderly into your custody. And detain them then it is the responsibility. Of the agency to provide for those humanitarian needs. I I think you'd be hard pressed to find somebody that disagrees with that we will follow your resolution know that that's going to be coming up. For some consideration shortly and finally before we let you go congressman. Ruiz want to ask you about today's big vote did this evening on terminating the president's emergency declaration know you are supporting that resolution. Got asked about the politics of this from the democratic perspective is there any risk. It headed into the 20/20 campaign that a move like this could be seen as are Democrats overplaying their hand you have to be careful not to. Block stricter border measures too much so to speak. Well you know this is something that's been debated in the American public through elections and the vast majority of the people voted. Against president trumpet his idea of a border wall. The vast majority of the people voted in favor. Democrats during the mid terms where they were against building need ineffective and very expensive. Big border walked and so what we're doing here is is. Going towards using the constitution and the checks and balances to protect that can't be article one. And Congress's role of determining what gets spent. And to prevent people over reason the power grab by President Bush trying to bypass our constitution to create his own. Powered based on. And had no evidence whatsoever that we're having any kind of threat to our national security. Where where imploding as that country. And connect congress doesn't have the time to act on the situation at the border so. I'm against this because I am for the constitution and for the checks and balances I believe in our constitution I believe. In the intent of our forefathers that wanted to create a constitution that would prevent eighteen or authoritarian figure from exercising too much power. And so that's why I'm voting against this resolution. And that. Resolution is expected. And the emergency declaration here have rightly am in favor of the resolution which is against the resolution we know that that's gonna come up. Later tonight's expected to pass congressman Raoul Ruiz of California thank you so much sir appreciate your time great to have your perspective and expertise. As well down there in those border facilities thank you sir. I'm moving on now another big gang Capitol Hill this did this one involving the Mueller investigation and the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen this is a huge week John as you know Johnson to junior by the way our chief investigator. Reporter and occasional co anchor of the show friend of the shows we like to say. John tell us what Michael Cohen is up to this week. Before he gets more Michael Collins having a pretty crazy week we actually just learned ABC news has learned that Michael Coen has been officially disbarred retired New York State breaking news ABC's Aaron concurs he's learned it. It's a decision coming down from the appellate division of New York. Basically Michael was going to be disbarred anyway he's been convicted of felony which in any state in this country you can not be a practicing attorney. If that is happens sell down more formality Guatemala what a moment and this week he's having so he is on Capitol Hill right now today. He's with the senate Intel committee for closed door interview good one for several hours we know that fourteen states and early this morning Mary Bruce chasing him down the halls with. Our gang up there and then easily that there tomorrow Devin which I mean what's like your favorite snack popular morning he had some grow hop we'll have a lot of snacks you didn't it is going to be a long hearing on the marathon and what sources are telling us about this public hearing is that word in the seat calling. Talk about the Donald Trump behind closed door asking to be a rare thing it's the first time I have heard from him under oath in public how about all those years serving in the boss Seattle members of congress who are going to be in those hearings have already formed their opinions and as you said Mary Bruce caught up with a whole bunch of them just a short time ago Republicans and Democrats what they think of Michael Cohen what they hope to learn. Tomorrow on that testimony Nicholas. 83 days of testimony before three different congressional committees Michael calling the president's former attorney and thinks there is pulling back the curtain. On presidents from each yelling what he claims is the president's history of lying racism and cheating. And for the first time publicly. Sources familiar tell us that calling. We'll accused the president of criminal conduct wall in all fixed but Republicans in particular are quick to point out that Colleen. Has pleaded guilty to lying to congress can. He trusting. In cast members that very question. Mr. college and the president be worried what evidence do you have a criminal conduct. Like a four watch congress now mr. Allen. I think most of you know my big interest. Has been in the follow the money issues. And obviously I can't talk about what goes on inside the committee. But what I intend to keep focused on. It's on tangling. The very complicated. Financial arrangement. Between Donald Trump right. And leave it. You. Know. And I think between us and them lower investigation that we're gonna find out just about everything there is to find out. About these allegations and so far. There's not much. If anything to show for we're at another inflection point where American justice is indicated or desecrated. And Michael Clough. Has answers to some of the questions. That the American people need to know. That's what they wanna know what to get a say yes so what we're hearing from our sources DeVon is that he's gonna go into potential crimes the president may have been it while he was in office this familiar show us acts he claims that there is going to be memos that we're going to see we're gonna actually hopefully learn more about that. Before his testimony our team has been working on that throughout the last couple of hours but really what this is gonna boil down to is the payments back to stormy day strike that's we get into the campaign finance violation. When the charges that he fees from the New York court for the southern district up there. But EP actually. Goes into the payment or reimbursement how that was working that dialogue with trump with people around him he could really open us into the back door dealings we have not heard a lot of details a member Michael pleaded guilty we've not really heard Michael speak outs and that one interview Huston and. Right we haven't seen the evidence that's been amassed either but are people going to believe him. You put that question to his counsel Lanny Davis in the new podcast of the investigation everybody should download it dry areas and prescribe right at Sweeney Pfizer has. Just have to podcast but the new episode today gab talks jump and asked about Lanny Davis Michael Collins attorney talked to. But in recent episode and he basically explain why we should believe Michael column but a lot of people. Of Illinois to make him if he just. Listen Michael Cohen is someone that. Has admitted now and we knew it then he'd long and often for mr. trump has he referred to him right he was on television saying all wonderful great things. Not always the truth Lanny Davis who's been his attorney worked for the clintons a well known Democrat. Now working for Michael calling says Michael Cohen has changed he is accepted the truth and that is what he's an own tomorrow what's bass seem to watch tomorrow DeVon. This is the committee that Michael Cohen lied to. Behind closed doors one of the charges. That he got for us federal prosecutors in mile or so he's got to apologize. Apologize and do over and we'll see how credible he has Johnson did you think so much will be here tomorrow anchoring special coverage. Of that hearing it will be wall to wall here and ABC news live and on your ABC news station soapy tune in tomorrow rare occurrence to see the president's personal attorney. I'm in the hot seat for have to ask the president is overseas as well there it is 10 eastern time Michael Cohen takes the spot Johnson teach you thanks for that I know now. An unfinished piece of business from the twenty ET mid term elections in we've covered it here in the briefing room. The North Carolina ninth congressional district has been in limbo since allegations of election fraud. True things into disarray will last week the state board of elections they're determined that there was sufficient evidence fraud. Had occurred in the race to call a new election. The Democrat Dan McCready has said he's in the race but this guy right here Mark Harris the Republican who did win the first go around announced just a few moments ago. That he is not not. Going to run in the redo. To be determined date later on this year's show keep keeping arise and that finally today the big events. Of course the next 24 hours will be the president's second summit with Kim Jung on. Of North Korea and Vietnam are Joo hee Cho. Of Asian correspondent for ABC news is live their Vietnam great to see you June heat. So you give us the lay of the land did. What did you see that what's happened the past 24 hours and then tells literate about Kim's arrival. Well yes this morning at Kim Jung and arrived. After a 66. Hour train journey from Pyongyang's to hear to Hanoi that's about 2000 miles. And I want to talk eleven about a why he's taking that chain is that a vote short five hour flight. It's because he's really concerned about his security. At if you've seen his change but it's a 21 bullet proof carriage just. Has plush leather sofa is in conference rooms and Lux is a very luxurious way to travel its armored and some south Graham reports say that. It's even carries a helicopter and a bulletproof vehicle and it. And also is the part of a family tradition that rents in the Kim family they call it the train diplomacy. His grandfather came to Vietnam in a chain in 1950s. And this is also a part of an ode to his grandfather whom he wants to be seen after. And also the one of the reasons why he took the chain is because of national pride. If you remember Kim Jung and took China has aired China Jumbo jet to Singapore last year they had to lend. Kim Jon Baird. Jumbo jet because they are not equipped to his plane is not it put to fly long distance and they also. Provided fighter jet escort all the way to Singapore. All it's also the today who Wendy's chain came and we saw that the Chinese national railway locomotive did pull his specialized screen chain through. Chinese territory. Seven. And what are you expecting to margin he of the summit if you need to get under way Thursday but tomorrow there. Sort of are some pregame festivities. Under way give us the lay of the land on tomorrow's schedule. This president champ just arrive couple hours ago and he will meet. With the prime minister and president Vietnam and the morning. And early evening we know that president trump we'll have his first interaction with North Korean leader Kim Jung and including a one on one meeting and then they're going to dinner with says few. Aides from each side's. And it's going to be quite a dinner indeed we'll have full coverage including. With your help to meet show all over there enough Hanoi Vietnam. Reporting live tomorrow with this journey BC news live as well for the trump can. Face to face summit. Across ABC news platforms as those pictures come aim will be a packed a beginning like we said we dinner. I continuing on to number of summit meetings we shall see what comes out of that great to have you with us today in the briefing room. I here Washington we're here every day 3:30 eastern time on all the ABC news platforms will be download the ABC news apathy don't know they have it on your phone. For now on Devin Dwyer Washington we'll cynnex.

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