House to draw up articles of impeachment; Boeing under fire

House Judiciary Committee to draft the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump; FAA administrator testifies on Capitol Hill; 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang one-on-one.
30:54 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for House to draw up articles of impeachment; Boeing under fire
Welcome to the richter amount Devin Dwyer on this Wednesday great to have you with us well in the shadow of impeachment some major fireworks on Capitol Hill today vis. Over the FBI and its handling of that investigation. Into president Donald Trump's campaign in his ties with Russia. Republicans and Democrats in the senate today trading barbs clashing openly for hours. Over that report by the Justice Department's inspector general which found that the Russian investigation was properly started. But that there were quote many basic and fundamental errors along the way. The FBI her former FBI director changed company said this week. Definite date your report vindicates him is that a fair assessment of yours for. You know I think the activities we found aired on and indicate anybody who touch this you didn't find a deep state conspiracy. Against. Candidate for president trump. So as to the opening we found no no bias no testimony and documents. And no clashes now offer a deep state that. We we looked at mr. priest app as I noted would mean it was the decision maker and we did not find any evidence in his emails or texts. Of having engaged in any bias or having. Both sides they are seizing on the findings in the report meantime. The debate over the impeachment of president trop is heating up ten night in a marathon a late night session the House Judiciary Committee will consider the text. Of those two articles of impeachment against president trumpet call for his removal from office our senior investigative reporter on Capitol Hill Trish turner is there. On the heel right now Trish. Bruce up to speed on the latest in this impeachment debt investigation people trying to keep op. I'll remind us what those articles of impeachment say and what they could be doing tonight. Hitter DeVon out of Seoul and the latest we will begin tonight so we'll see the Judiciary Committee meeting late in the evening for about. Three or four hours and we'll hear opening statements remembers about those two articles of impeachment he said. Put simply those are abuse of power and that the allegation that president trump also. Obstructed justice serious obstructing congress and and in what they say at the stonewalling. Enterprise essentially. She lobbed block virtually every part of this democratic led pro so those two article it's. Articles of impeachment will be considered in the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow. The prospects are bright and early Republicans are gonna have an open opportunity to offer as many amendments as they so desire to leave Specter really long day. But at the end of the day we really don't expect any changes substantive changes to these two articles of impeachment. And that leads us basically on a glide path. To a house vote some time about mid week. Next week. So an open Mike session of sorts tonight to let both sides sound off on this that is he said the vote next week and it. We're make president from the third president in history to be impeached all this right before Christmas. And then of course attention after the first of the year is shifting to the senate you have been talking. And doing some reporting that the senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell who would have a major say in what a senate trial looks like. Let's listen to Mitch McConnell this is last night. Keep your mind 67 senators would not. President after seeing hearings after seeing. Still believe they're not. Not that I would be good to totally surprised if there were 67 senator to remove the president. That remains my view. Are we are obligated under the constitution. To turn to it when it comes over and we will. Our Trish turner so we will have a senate trial in January at some point. The big question I guess is Willoughby the trial that president trump wants to see. Some warmer DeVon we're hearing that Republicans are really asserting. There rights here. They do not want to turn this into a spectacle they don't want the shouting matches that they seen on the house side. This is this is the the rather's. Artery loss Trish turner they're up on Capitol Hill but her reporting at this hours that Republicans are coalescing. Around a short two week to several days impeachment trial of president trump with no witnesses. As Trish turner is reporting of course the president however wants to call witnesses he want to chance to vindicate himself so bit of a divide. In between the White House and senate Republicans we'll see how that plays out. As the impeachment process moves forward while public opinion on this whole effort has been divided as we see and it's also been remarkably. Steady over the past few weeks all of this playing out in the battleground states that both sides want to capitalize on in the twenties when he race so. How is this plane in the upper midwest one of those key places I'm joined now by mayor dale Adams of Grand Rapids Minnesota my home state. Which is one of those places the politicians on both sides are zeroing in on mayor Adams think you so much. For joining us your office we should tell our viewers is a nonpartisan one in you have an interest in voting record yourself people are producers. I you voted for Barack Obama in 2008 you're an independent in 2012 you. I did support president trump. And 4016. I guess the big question for you sir is how closely are you in your constituents. Following this impeachment drama that's playing out here Washington. I'm not sure that the people on the Grand Rapids area follow it that close they've got. More pressing issues that they worry about from a local standpoint around. Our jobs job creation. The environment housing and dubbed them Medicare medical expenses that they incur on a daily basis. To much more interest and obviously in those data de issues rather than the politics here. I'm what's your view one on the inquiry that has played out now over the past few months do you think it's been worthwhile. No from the standpoint that if they'd have made some changes. Philosophically between the two parties I think it might of in my head of the little different colored in the and in our part of the country anyway it. But when both sides are so polarized that neither side has anyone that's looking at shifting. At this point in time I don't see you that is positive. And what do you think mayor Adams about the Ukraine controversy that's sort of. Then meet in all of this that prompted all of this did you think. Have you read up on in kind of looked at news reports on the president's phone call did you look at the transcript do you have an opinion on that. I do I think. As a layperson that went into politics. At his age. He may not be. As smooth as you'd like into the end how he approached but I think. I think he went into the discussion with good intentions I'm trying to. I'm make sure that corruption was B and addressed in the Ukraine. Certain speaking worded it quarterly. And I think you would probably elect to take that back he said that it was a perfect call but I think you might cook. Changed a few words. In there and hindsight but we all like to do that in hindsight I think his intentions of releasing money. Third defense purposes in the Ukraine which was positive. From where we had been in 2016. Prior to him coming into office was was good I think he just approached. In a little bit of an off handed way. You say mayor Adams that health issues like health care are front center for you and constituents in your corner of Minnesota. Had I had you been satisfied with the health care proposals you've seen from president trump and do you get the sense that your constituents are. They drawn to any of these ideas on the table from the democrats' Medicare fraud Medicare for all who want it perhaps. Some sort of public option any appeal there. I'm I guess I think the biggest support up here is for. Being in rural Minnesota and or in rural health care in general people would like to have health care is close to home is they can get it. So Grand Rapids as a hawk we're colony seats so. We have a I'm. Nice hospital that some associate but the fear of view universe in Minnesota. Hospital and clinics around the Twin Cities so. I think people would like to ensure they've got that when you talk about. One Payer health care for all under Medicaid Karen stuff. I think Medicare is is good primary went for some people but I'm a firm believer in a lot of folks I talked. There are firm believers that. If there are a 160 million people out there that have private assurances there secondary provider. And I'm I'm personally on Medicare at their age of 69. But our second or providers. His blue cross blue shield I would not like to lose that 201 Payer system I think down there can be a blend in there if they would just get together. And and figure it out and out there that you can have the best of both worlds if you work at it. And we rule see how that shakes out in this campaign mayor dale Adams of Grand Rapids Minnesota thank you sir percent warmer just sought to balmy five degrees. Up there on the tundra today thank you for joining us today. What is president. How are rights advocates are thank you so much of the president has been frustrated by this impeachment. A battle of course but he has been capitalizing on the campaign trail last night furious Hershey Pennsylvania firing up his based. Taking aim at what he called they flimsy in pathetic. Impeachment inquiry many of his supporters though told us impeachment has them ready to turn. There was no footprints found there was no bribery that was noticed something. How many of you look at transparent and transmit. And that China needs help their kids trying to find a crime. I think it's great grandfather and up what's coming down the road. You can tell you. It's so. Twisting. It doesn't make any sense they're here Germany by playing field for me. You make you can hear an area it's no like this. Run against president. It's done we'll get through congress and. And art from campaign reporter will stick addresses how well you were there in Pennsylvania last night in of the campaign and the president. Seemed determined to spinoff an alternate reality a fax here last night so many conspiracy theories front and center. Yet it's true and end as you can hear their I think the want to it hit me that was. On display talking to all the trump supporters there was how much they follow along with that narrative. Couple weeks back all I heard don't ask people on the trail from supporters weaving of impeachment they would recite read the transcript. Read the transcript or if generous orange shirts read the transcript. And out tonight the thing I heard over and over again was oh he just wants a demo precious when impeach the president. Because they can't be Meehan tweet when they camped in the toy it's funny something the president even said last night on stage and got a big deposit that's the line and it is it's fascinating how to trim campaign. Pushes us narrative supporters farm line. Even the mayor we just heard from Grand Rapids Minnesota someone who voted for Barack Obama repeating the lines of the present he doesn't he's perfect language. Give the guy a break he was a politician so you're seen that lead through. I'm real quickly. Give us the take is state of the campaign right now about impeachment almost seems like Democrats are more concerned right now about the politics of impeachment in 20/20 then this campaign I think. There might be sure earlier in the year but I I sense from a campaign that they are. Maybe not guarantee would say they're concerned they're definitely capitalizing on it they send out dozens of emails a week to supporters raising money. First after spending thousands of -- dollars on FaceBook ads since the impeachment announcement and seeing between quick inquiry announcement that its blows he made. Candidates and over two million dollars on FaceBook pushing. They're narrative and fund raising and you know they they say that it's a plus they told us last night still he's article. There's still banking on that they raised they normally risen an average it had told us. Have to million dollars. The three days after Nancy Pelosi made her announcement theories fifteen million dollars what they say. Big money maker but did they need more than the base to win in Torre's we will seek and you'll be out there in the tropics mature to SeaWorld thanks. Three on Capitol Hill and new scrutiny for airplane maker Boeing into this 737 Max plane which of course has been grounded after two deadly crashes. And for the FAA which inspects all the airplanes that we fly the head of the FAA was in the hot seat today before the house transportation committee you see him there. And our senior our chief transportation correspondent David Curley easy to current stated a stunning revelation today in this. Hearing. After the first Macs crash last year the FAA said they had enough evidence. To be concerned that future crashes would happen as many as fifteen I think they said. This is a safety assessment that FAA does after an accident like this and they're trying to figure out. If we don't do any thing what's gonna happen how fast is it going to happen. And yes they came up during the entire time of the fleet which is about 45 years. There could be fifteen more fatal accidents if that M caste system which is a system and nose down the aircraft. And we believe led to these two crashes was not fixed with the FAA said and Boeing said in the same thing in a statement was. Listen this assessment just tells you that. How fast you need ago we were already making changes and MCAS the FAA put out an air worthiness director did to tell all the airlines that this was coming. So therefore we were within the requirements are we can continue to fly the aircraft but to hear. Fifteen potential fatal crashes in the life of the fleet. And that was after the first crash the lion air course and of course a second crash did in fact happened just five months later and Ethiopia and the families today. We heard from some of them want to play now. One of these survivors in the family that lost many members in that second crash they said the FAA didn't do enough. And those side close my eyes nose ninety treatment at adjustment nominally in the catastrophe you and haven't quite TT season. You know punting on the issue of what they did not Steve and god. They can lane. Going all they want but at the end of the day evening that's going to self regulated itself and that some the united I'd talked about the in my testimony tonight's into the dark. Now Cain he's 77 months fine without impact. I think that's a question that has never been nonsense editor we want that this announcement. They can't tell love alone going to Societe find out when things blowing blowing separated themselves that it's a Hudson on hostages. So he wants answers Boeing still working on Texas for the plant where does that stand as a sing because there are two different systems here the MCAS software fix was actually. Don back in the summertime and then some FAA test pilots found another issue. Boeing actually decided to rewrite the software for the two flight computers. Which haven't talked to each other in the past but now they will so they've been working on that that's just about being resolved at the FAA administer made news before the hearing today. He basically said if you do the math Boeing still thinks he get reach for recertification body into this year. He says no it's gonna be January before three certified then it will be weeks if not a couple of months before the airlines actually start flight. While such a long process David drew thanks much for being here for that as seen on Capitol Hill an option when a million. And millions of Americans concerned about the skyrocketing prescription drug prices finally a little bit of good news the government says average prices. For prescription drugs actually dropped last year's about 1%. It's a small amount of course but it is the first price drop in prescription drugs on average in 45 years according to the federal government. Comes as house Democrats today working with the White House have unveiled a new proposal they say will make some more inroads in lowering those costs. And a bill which is set to be voted on before Christmas would. I finally allow the government to actually negotiate prices for some of these drugs which the Congressional Budget Office says could save the government for a 56 billion dollars. Over the next decade source actually mean for you what does this mean for families especially those families. There were lined critical drugs like insulin on joined now by Nicole holt Smith she's an advocate for affordable insulin. With T one international which supports two type one diabetics she's also. A mother and she was an author of the USA today column on this topic Nicole thanks for being here so. Give a thing you're hot take on this legislation you think it would make a difference. You know it'll benefit to many this bill as grief for those who have insurance. Get it doesn't touch it doesn't help those that are uninsured. If we're talking about insulin from what I read in the bill O. It will only reduce the price of insulin for somebody who have insurance that's covered under policy and that has prescription drug coverage. I 700 dollars a year. That is not nearly enough. Newton you know typical type. I'm diabetic is spending out of pocket ten to 8000 dollars a year earnings line. So 700 dollars ear is not enough. Yeah how does this guy. Yeah that's got. Otherwise has said the sky press we've actually covered here on the show families that have driven a candidate to try to buy the cheaper drugs and I know. You have firsthand experience it with this you lost your 26 year old son in 2017. Because of rationing of insulin he was insured but the price was so expensive. How widespread is this this practice of rationing and and it is pretty dangerous right. It's very dangerous it's playing Russian roulette with your life and a recent study shows that one in sport type one diabetics that rationing care and brought him. And what would you what would you what more would you you see this bill is a big step forward of house Democrats passed today as expected by Christmas. But you wanna see more done what what is that more what would you like to see happen. I would like to see amendments included that way to provide its price for people who are on certain. And Peter. Eat they need to provide more assistance for somebody who is paying. The astronomical price to them in line and not warning. Here is not enough help. You know before ought to pock pocket press as you say is just astronomical for sure Nicole Smith. Holt surety ambassador with T want international an advocate and a mother for lower drug prices thank you so much a call for being here happy holidays to you. Filing out of the race to 20/20 and some campaign headlines that have people talking today starting. With polling front runner Joseph Biden today multiple anonymous aides to Joseph Biden have. Told Politico that Biden is committed to being a one term president given his age. And then he sees his role is bridging generations in the party perhaps. His vice presidential pick being something of a bridge itself and. A mine isn't the first time that Biden is faced questions about potentially. Agreed to be a one term president if he wins. On but it was struck a lot of people that this was floated to political what do you make of it. Yes that this is something that price was right has an ass I reporters on the trail he was asked about it in his first interview after announcing his running for president right here on ABC on the view. I'm and he categorically said no he's not committing one way or another tick whether he would not ruling it out not ruling out but not committing to it aipac. Everybody I've spoken to has categorically denied that from the Biden campaign air tribute trying to push back on this on Twitter. One senior advisor that I spoke to said its presumption you here and say it's presumptuous to talk about a VP pick. Well how presumptuous is it to be talking about one term when you're not even nominee that so clearly they're trying to push back and that's pump the brakes by. Buying does get a lot of questions about his age when he's out on the trial he'd be 78 on inauguration day the oldest president. Ever elected and in this is something that comes up so in some people think that committing to only one term. Could benefit pending could you know get some younger voters on board with him as a way to. Smooth things over between the trump administration in and then peed paving the way for a new Democrat to take the reins. Some people say that it would make him a lame duck that with congress knowing that they only have four years of a bite and an offense that they could just wait him out so he's. And in politics long enough to know hundred use trial balloons in the media for sure we don't know that's what happened here but it does smell like that a man director Rea. With the former political director for the Hillary Clinton Campaign she joins us now as well because. I want get your take on this Amanda's Smart politics to sort of float this out there and get people thinking about the possibility that Joseph Biden could just be a one term. I think trial balloons are always educational for any campaign. But it's Smart of him and the team to not really get or the reality is staying open and flexible going to be absolutely critical in this election cycle bull from the primary. And then certainly in the general in Europe where I am incredibly intense. Un environment up flexibility that openness is actually good a good thing half. And certainly floating so. Ideas with the press and seen how people respond is is really intelligence that you out maybe not today maybe in a month from hour to wants an hour maybe a year. Vice presidential candidate Ari rice Brent presidential partner. I'm in all of this spot I do you want to say I think most of the discussion. Really neat is this new idea for Democratic Party that this is going to be a teen effort. And you know there's a lot of people who are very excited about different people here at our. I think where the way to party is gonna come together is really what does the fool teen who look like. And this is studying at that stage for the kind of discussion at the par is gonna have as we get further down. I'm into the 21 here. It's a fascinating conversation ahead of the next debate as well in Los Angeles next week a matter terrific so much as always for joining us my Nagel thinks. A freer reporting meantime to a Biden's top challengers are right now people to judge and Elizabeth Warren are duking it out over transparency in their campaigns. And in fundraising ingesting Gomez is our Bhuj edged campaign reporter joins us now. For more on this just a great to see you because. People to judge overnight took the step of releasing the names of all of his clients. After the consulting firm he worked used to work at McKinsey and he also now is letting reporters in. To his campaign for the first time telephone wire how this came about what we learned. Yes that these are two kind of separate issues but both really just focus on transparency here on the campaign trail the first one involving fund raising that really came to light. After senator Elizabeth Warren who really push the mayor to open his private fund raisers to impress. And discloses by anglers. The press has been asking me or. If he would be willing to open them up his senior comes advisor Liz Smith jumped in. Kind of like interjected them the mayor from answering and said it was more of a campaign question. So since then the press has been really on into open these and see if you would it but it wasn't until recently when senator Elizabeth Warren. Really challenged him on this issue and eventually the mayor caved and did switch his role switches tune and decided to open these. To press last night he held his first open press fund raiser at one of these private events and he is more going on it. In the city this week and as it. He's in New York mayor reason many right now she is remind everybody that he's it's it's important for the sake of transparency to allow reporters in to see what you're telling donors it helps. Build public trust in our political process and what. I these candidates are telling the rich and famous if you will what's Warren's response been to these developments. To us. Weren't so this is glad that he made these that he made the move to open market band mayor Pete has really pushed back every time that she does to say that Warren herself should reveal her tax returns. From her years of corporate and her years as a corporate lawyer which she hasn't released the returns but she did disclose how much he made during that time we have anyone asked the mayor yet if that's enough for him. We'll see what he. He says on the front all right both of these democratic act contenders. Working with. Big big money I donors they're out on the campaign trail just and our Gomez thank you so much for that finally. He'll be the only a racial minority candidate on the stage next week in the December democratic debate he's also. Embracing his status there as one of the the candidates in the singled this digits. I today he was bowling in Iowa with our Margo Garcia and Andrew Yang you see him there. Will in fact be on stage at next week's debate in Los Angeles and today talked we are Armando Garcia about impeachment. About these state of the economy right now about his estate on the can't his set place in this campaign. And that's right DeVon it's Armando here at a bowling Alley Davenport with Andrew Yang as a Yankee very much for joining ABC news that's good here that's for. Joining us more than equivalent box tour we did a lot of violence. Came out in the middle of the day. Hopefully. To make history together and throwing money rewrite the rules that involves that is being I would ask you some questions the first Olympic on the spot in our watchable and all right. Today let's come all and already going in this I'm good I'm gonna do you bull wants an indelible. A ball next. We're right. There. Yeah. Evening news. Okay. Everything looks a little hard to follow that up that I did when a ball over the questioning dead. You just barely made the cut for the debate stage and few days you can be the only candidate coming up on that basis do you feel responsibility. To talk about race in a way that no other candidate on that state. I'm certainly very proud to be first Asian American men and a run for president the Democrat and indeed. Personal color on the debates they. I'm going to sorely missing comma laden. Who has been my neighbor on the needs to the last several debates and Paul by Wednesday. I think WH you must ask horror and anyone of any background as you call people of color. On the debate stage next week and when I talk about the issues that concern America innings and there are issues that concern us all like the fact we're going through and the greatest economic transformation of our country's history that's hitting particularly pleased. Particular community is really really hard climate change when there's a natural disaster who summer's the most news. Communities of color have lower levels of resource available to protect themselves their families. It's being brought the going through the impeachment process and our nation. Are you satisfied with the article. That house panel on which big changes in his. I think that the articles are correct has written. But we also have to face backs that hasn't processed the I'm costly distraction for Democrats because. If you look at the backs in the senate you really want Republicans to switch sides. In order it's been sixteen. And so you can easily seen. A number of weeks from now Donald Trump crowing about how it's totally exonerated him in the winter fun and all of this attention being ignorant statement. His and his opportunity to present news positive news where the country. We'll help move the whole country for Detroit Tony if you miss the opportunity to make that case to the American people that unfortunately it was Topper. Hilton crime against Donald Trump is here. No more question for you but I am notable. Because they to my word here. Oh given ago. Boy on camera look at go are on the deck and you'll have now. Now a journalist director. It's actually very very tense. Don't standing up and an eight. Do about it I don't know what looked. They think you have enemies they've all that. And they got from the one more question for you mayor boating jet has beneath his cactus from his time and that private sector. He's called on the Democratic Party and and I don't democratic contenders to follow suit would you follow suit and would you allow breasts to be accurate but right. Our fundraisers are essentially all open up public right now we don't live press and if people who were the whole thing talks mark. Zone oh reais development of the public. I think experience is very good thing the democratic field. The ball he's certain he'll do is about what is behind our. When they're looking at this. Thank you very much her joining ABC news five want to think too and you look at our list that moment longer than politically headlines right. Here are corporate pac money at zero again. So tell me that's been standard of the Democratic Party I'm very happy if ignorance. Think anything hit him. Back to you Devin. I'm Devin Dwyer I hear in a briefing room in Washington join us every day 3:30 PM eastern time here on ABC news live download the ABC news after the latest. On all the stories we covered today we'll have the impeachment hearing I tomorrow live coverage for eastern and 8:30. AM eastern time also be a right here later tonight in fact as well at 7 PM eastern time didn't catch the House Judiciary Committee meeting and a mark up tonight at Devin Dwyer Washington. The season.

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