House Judiciary Committee member on next steps of impeachment proceedings

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., says committee has not started drafting articles of impeachment and will wait until the next hearing where evidence will be presented to move forward.
4:51 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for House Judiciary Committee member on next steps of impeachment proceedings
I'm joined now by California democratic congresswoman Karen bass she's a member of the House Judiciary Committee also the foreign affairs committee congress so and it's great to have you back year. On ABC news lives so how of the process of drafting. Articles of impeachment goal what where are you in that process have you begun writing. Oh no not at all in actually I'm waiting to see as well. You know we do have our next hearing on Monday and the purpose of that hearing is going to be to hear the facts that were reported out of the intelligence committee. And so I imagine the staff attorneys from there will come and present that that's the evidence. And I believe after that then we will talk about. Articles which articles what we're going to cover and one thing that's minority leader says mr. McCarthy. That the speaker did not want to move forward unless it was compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan. Well we do have two out of three and I'm hoping that some Republicans will come along. Because it is overwhelming it is extremely compelling and then there is an incredible sense of urgency because what the president has done now. Very different than the Muller report is he is intervening in the next election the Muller report was about the last election the ten examples of obstruction of justice referred to 2016. We are concerned with what's going on in 2019. To impact the tweets won the election. And how concerned are you congressman that as you say Republicans haven't yet come a long on this to share your concern. About 22 point is it damaging that they haven't join this process. Well I do think it's jam damaging that they haven't joined the process especially because I know that there are many of them that do understand that it's compelling and then it's overwhelming but they have to operate under discipline because the president as a police and he will attack them equal tweet against them. He will campaign against them. And they are making a choice they are choosing their individual seats. Over our democracy and frankly that's the same choice the president made when he threatened and ride. End and believe the president so. Of Ukraine here you have president excellent ski who was under attack. Was part of his land occupied. By Russia and he basically is threatened with you know we can't give you your military aid. But I need you to do us a favor and so unfortunately I think my Republican colleagues are under the same type of situation themselves. And they haven't had many. Answers for the substance. Of these claims and allegations of a horse but. And both sides also it's pretty united out right now in this camp we haven't seen any defections. I guess I wonder about the Democrats Amir colleagues we've seen some of the headlines about moderate Democrats looking ahead to the election. Are you concerned about any of those moderates may be keenly to wave from impeachment vote is there any talk about defections and your side. No not yet however I'm concerned about our moderate Democrats I just. Finished talking to several of them on the floor we just finished voting and they're telling me that the Republicans are spending millions of dollars in their districts attacking them. Part supporting impeachment calling them socialists and all sorts of things. But you know what it and of course they want to get reelected but I believe they're gonna do the right thing because I think they're gonna choose our democracy. Over their individual seats but I actually believed that they will be able to retain their seats because you do have 50%. Of the American public that not just believes that there should be an impeachment inquiry but believe that he should be impeached and removed. And I know that that has an increase. But it is a huge statement to say that 50% of the American public wants to see the president removed. At my height of Clinton's impeachment it never got above 29%. Yet it is an interest in fact at this point I was on the 30% mark for Clinton for sure. I finally congressman I just want to ask you were in that hearing room yesterday a marathon hearing 67 hours. Republicans have seized on on a moment from dot com constitutional lawyer Pamela carlin's questioning when she mentioned. Thirteen year old Darren trump during the hearing the First Lady let's show our viewers have First Lady maligning a trump. Tweeting about this in a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela calling you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased pandering she of course apologize. Did you find that inappropriate congresswoman. Doesn't think I did and I think that she apologized board and I was happy that she's dead end and that was the end of it as far as I was concerned. And now we haven't another big hearing had on Monday we appreciate your time Karen bass very much. Chairman today Congressional Black Caucus also the care our congressman from California I appreciate you coming up.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., says committee has not started drafting articles of impeachment and will wait until the next hearing where evidence will be presented to move forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67530071","title":"House Judiciary Committee member on next steps of impeachment proceedings","url":"/Politics/video/house-judiciary-committee-member-steps-impeachment-proceedings-67530071"}