House Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment against President Trump

The committee met for just a few minutes after some 14 hours of bitter debate over the wording of the charges of "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" on Thursday.
5:58 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for House Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment against President Trump
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. We'll. Back on the air right now because the House Judiciary Committee is now voting on the articles of impeachment against president trump. Two articles that issue one for abuse of power the second for obstruction of congress to roll call now in that Judiciary Committee. Divided along party lines on the article of abuse of powerlessness and it's. Mr. buck. Mr. Buchholz now mr. reckless. Mr. reckless but snow this Roby. Miss ruby but it's now. Mr. gates don't. Mr. gates that's now. Sister Donovan Louisiana's voting yes mr. Johnson of every Republican voted no. Mr. vick's no. You mrs. Kennedy's and without an end to the president's McClintock Russia and Ukraine McClintock votes now to -- investigations and outlined in the Democrat let's go let's now. Mr. Russian dogs holding away that's medium risk and garbage can according Democrats climbs to 49 dollars in military trying bits now. Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong both snow. Mr. Stevie. Mr. Stevie votes now. Is every member who voted tuitions have. Mr. chairman that manner so I'm recorded. I was gentleman recorded mr. got married your record is now want to make sure it's. Circle are report. Mr. chairman Erik 23 eyes and seventeen as the article is agreed to the question now is an article two of the resolution. Impeaching president Donald. I certainly have of the House Judiciary Committee has now approved an article of impeachment against president trump. Islam chair of land there on Capitol Hill as they're voting on the second article through obstructionist congress. This is now the fourth time in American history House Judiciary Committee has voted articles of impeachment could Mississippi for a time. District it is that is historic moment taken along strict party lines and that. Is an achievement of the president has to be considered that way when this story broke and the transcript. And that phone call between president from president's list became to like you saw some Republicans up here waiver if they called it troubling in public this that it was not okay. But because of the president's very staunch defense of his own behavior. Because of the natural partisanship that boils over on this. In this capital every day they are now at strict party line vote that call was perfect that is the Republican defense line of the president. No more wavering no more troubled. Reflection on whether or not we want presidents to do this with foreign leaders. You're watching right now a political accomplishment by president trump in this party line vote and he's praising them high as warriors. On the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon and now being voted on. Democrats began all voted diet. Anson fight mr. Stanton that I. This dean. This team that side. Mr. Purcell Powell. Mr. Carson Powell puts I miss Escobar I have missed Escobar bits I mister Collins. Mr. Collins that snow. Here again that's your Republicans voting now only junk cars and Brenner is chairman Randy said. That's it for political achievement. For the president have to hold his party together at least on this vote so far of course the trial is coming in the senate and so far it appears particularly as a strong support if not unanimous support. Among senate Republicans as well with this was still a mark he does not want to on his record. A marquee does not want his record he goes down in history. Yeah this is beginning in the process of him going down in history. As only the third. President to be impeached core standards Johnson Bill Clinton. Our Richard Nixon obviously re signings before it reached this level this is something the president did not want a mark. A scar on his legacy but I have to act completely agree with Terry Moran. If this is a victory of sorts for the president in this it is. A purely party line vote it enables he's White House to say this is a partisan process this is it. The president's political opponents going into an election year committee who are trying to lie to it to to put a stain on his legacy or grab on his chances for reelection although. I have to say Republicans still chairman good right now I'd also guitars and secondary hasn't happened voters. Lucien as amended is ordered deported favour of into the house members two days to submit views resolution will be reported as a single amendment in the nature of a substitute. Without objections that is authorized to make technical and do forming changes that objections to their interest Chara. Pursuing what purposes the gentlemen see drinking nation. Santa clause two will rule out that I give notice of intent file doesn't degrees. And notices served without objection the committee has adjourned. So there you have it the House Judiciary Committee has now. Voted out approved two articles of impeachment against president Donald John trump in fact that is how. The final resolution does read Donald John trump has been impeached on those two articles only change made in the committee started changing from Donald. The Donald John trump but there you see it too strict party line votes on abuse of power. And obstruction of congress this vote. These articles are impeach will now go to the house floor that is likely be voted on by mid week before Christmas House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wants to move for a quick vote. President trump has also said he wants a quick trial in the senate would that he has agreement from the senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. As well we will likely coming back at the first of the year for that trial of president trump on these two articles of impeachment. The next step house floor that is next week we're gonna return out of the regular program for many view. That is Good Morning America. And this has been a special report from ABC.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"The committee met for just a few minutes after some 14 hours of bitter debate over the wording of the charges of \"abuse of power\" and \"obstruction of Congress\" on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67707265","title":"House Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment against President Trump ","url":"/Politics/video/house-judiciary-committee-passes-articles-impeachment-president-trump-67707265"}