House Judiciary Committee wraps Sessions' testimony

The House Judiciary Committee questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions on alleged Russian Collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign and more.
7:03 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for House Judiciary Committee wraps Sessions' testimony
Have it after five and a half hours of taking questions from members of the House Judiciary Committee. Attorney general Jeff Sessions it's finally allowed to get up and walk out of that hearing room hey guys I'm I'm in about have been watching this hearing a lot all day. Thanks for staying with that's likely mean down in Washington DC you covered the Justice Department like east there. I am still here aren't hours later still the Whitney then. Listen there was a lot cover there when he go back over a few of the key moments from this last section. That we watched here in place over the sound bites back the first mullis to take. A step back now because the covered a lot of ground what sort of stood out to you as the highlight at the headlines. From these days questioning jet action. I think sessions just really drove home his insistence that he never lied to congress. That he has always given the best testimony. To visibility. And that he was doing nothing on toward and that any allegations otherwise our in his word unfair. Point five and a half hours there were a lot of I don't recalls or it's a best of my memory but he was consistent on all of those fronts as unit talked about earlier though. A lot of the questioning fell along partisan lines especially when he came to a lot of these hot button topics like the Russian investigation. And the current purview the Justice Department and want to play one sound bite in particular that set out to me. For represented at Ted Leo at California out we've said before this is the man who set himself up as an opponent. In the congress to president trump too this administration we knew that he was going to be harsh in his line of questioning. And this is one moment of his exchange earlier with Jeff Sessions take a lesson. Let me ask you to simple question has been since you've already answered that you did have communications of the Russian officers I repeat them. He did have communication with the Russians last year's rate. Yes I had a they came at the Russian backed us. As its Africa opposite answer he gave an adult he said so again either your mind you're sad like yours Oscar Wilde's. That's about it the time of the gentleman has expired the witness can answer it any further she chooses to. On our updated mister chairman and up all of you know and then my answer to that question not did not meet with the Russians was explicitly. Responding. Up to the shocking suggestion. As a surrogate was meeting on a continuing basis with Russian officials. And the implication laws to impact the campaign. In some sorrow nefarious way. And I'll I did was me in my office with the ambassador which we didn't discuss anything like that. So I just stop. One aside I appreciate. The congress and right. I guess he can site's free speech game be sued here. Thought I just stuck my our spots them I'm sorry. As much. And my back for need that one little moment that nugget apple sort of a microcosm of the democrats' approach to this entire day. Of questions and answers from Jeff Sessions it was trying to catch him up on previous testimony inconsistencies. We've gotten in reporting revealed since then. And of course Jeff Sessions funding in the way he always does when summoned impugn his integrity which is to be completely offended and outraged by the act to meet with and not shell. But Democrats have been trying to do. Yes there's also to user we're a microcosm and not shell of what sessions did today. He he never once today said that his previous testimony was wrong. Congressman Democrats repeatedly asked him. To acknowledge or admit the fact that his testimony previously was false and he never was willing to say that what he did say. He was in his very nuance in what he was doing what he would say as he would he was up. Update the information he would say I have since remembered or I've since learned from news accounts and and he would talk about. The new information but he never once said that his previous testimony was wrong. On the other side of the Al that we have another moment that for me certain captured. What the Republicans on this committee were out to do today this was in Jeff Sessions exchange that Karen Handel. George she asked in the most blunt most precise most concise way. When everyone else the kind of been working around from the whole time she basically said look at who has been dancing around this. And I'm just gonna ask you directly did you ever lie about in your testimony to neither senate members or members of this committee and Jeff Sessions. Look kind of relieved and to be able to answer Draper questioned and said no but after Republicans was the heart of what they were working towards that. That's right. And that's the most as that's against sessions came. To give to congress today that he did not apply he did not know that the tenth that the testimony is given previously was not right. OK one other moment that stood out to me because of course this was not all about Russia there are a lot of other issues that came up. As under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department. One surprise me that this isn't exchange with representative Schneider he was asking. About election is Hackett and about what we noted B trio as consensus from the intelligence community that the Russians tried to interfere in the 2016 election. He was basically asking the attorney general what are you doing about it what do we know about it let's talk about this on the back and here's that exchange from earlier today. Specifically what steps have you taken to protect our elections next year. You raised a good point I am not followed through DC where we are on that in our world law. Personal and take action to do so. I keep talking about the integrity of our future elections did answer surprise you. You know it was very surprising to me this is the man who is in charge of the national security division of the Justice Department and two technically is a top the FBI. So I was totally surprised to see that response especially since the attorney general himself last month told congress. That he doesn't believe the US is ready for prepared to protect against another tack on our elections. OK so I asked you last time we talked at we knew a lot of these questions are. Being asked again and again particularly when he came to partisan issues. If we were gonna learn anything new oil from the attorney general at the end of all of that you have been covering this more closely than anyone else I know did you learn something new from what Jeff Sessions had stated that. I learned that sessions is getting very very tired of and asked us. There an likely being covered the Justice Department fourth down in Washington DC thanks much for hanging with me today thank you. Thanks all of you for watching as well paid download ABC news app get all the latest headlines an update. Right T here and if you've been watching the hearing with us today thank you for that we appreciate it I'm on an Abbas will see you back here and there.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"The House Judiciary Committee questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions on alleged Russian Collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51148372","title":"House Judiciary Committee wraps Sessions' testimony","url":"/Politics/video/house-judiciary-committee-wraps-sessions-testimony-51148372"}