House Leader Nancy Pelosi Addresses the Democratic National Convention

Standing with the Democratic Women on the House, she declared "when women succeed, American succeeds."
16:18 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for House Leader Nancy Pelosi Addresses the Democratic National Convention
Good evening. Good evening everyone I'm. In in 1776. Not very far from here. Our founding fathers created our nation. Nine. Years after America's win and first on the right to vote. 96 years ago. We are preparing. He shattered the highest song it's Marva yelling and act on three by electing Hillary Clinton. President out the United States. I am proud to be part of its historic moment it's. In our history. Hillary Clinton knows at this moment is not just about one woman's achievement. But about a woman won't let a woman pregnant will mean. What that dreams and hopes and aspirations that every woman in every son in every daughter across the land. For generations to come. The democratic women of the house are leading the way. To unleash the power of America's women and working families in our economy and taxes diet. And in our democracy. Nothing is more wholesome. America or America. Andy increased participation. Up and leader hit of winning in government and politics. Here tonight. I'm winning only their student Krista on the five integrity imagination and idealism. And indeed that carry us. That will build a stronger America. The hard working and and Hillary Clinton did today have spent their lifetime. Fighting and winning and killed me. And you know the member Angela learned that great through a back country. When winning think he. America. Sixty. Hang. I'm congresswoman Doris Nantes safe and that may stand and tell us why you. Today. The success of women is more important than ever to the strains that working families. Women aren't feeling that future. The American economy. That's my house Democrats created the economic Agee and when when men said Steve unmarried does sexy aids. We have. Flora keys to unlock the full potential. Women and working families. There today. Raising them man on waves and ensuring eaten up pay for equal work. Hey Lee. Empowering women and man tipped batons to responsibilities. At work and family. And a Florida. Quality. Child care. And strengthen. Retirement security. For women to answer their twilight years with confidence. And with dignity. We will fight Republican attempts to weekend so as though security. Hillary Clinton. Stands with us. And we stand with her on every one of these commandments. Together. We look they know a stronger America. Laura our Fam les. Good evening I'm congresswoman Jan six Hauspie. Until it all right Doug birthplace. Of Hillary Clinton. I don't Clinton and house Democrats. Leave us drop out there. Means protecting women's rights and expanding. Women's opportunities. Donald Trump. And Republicans in congress have other priorities. Meddling in women's most intimate decisions. Jeopardizing. Women's health. Even criminalizing. Women's places. When it comes to the issues between women and their doctors. House Republicans. This represents. They intimidate. And they undermine. In this congress alone they voted fourteen times to attacked women's health. Republicans continue to attack Affordable Care Act. Well it provides do found health security to millions of Americans. Because of Health Care Reform. No longer can insurance companies charge you more just because you're a woman. And for the first time in history. No longer is being a woman out pre existing condition. Democrats are fighting back against the Republican anti woman who say. It's money six team and America. And women are not going back. We. Things are what. My day. And congresswoman. Nydia and that's can't run that grace head up early hour. I'm Mary pat small business says on entrapment was not always been. Lack of IY economy. And it through changing up job creation in what communities. And today. Mile Lehman I dining mom if this is done and every line. We've gone and women upgrade at small business if I they've asked us rolling through. Shopping trip and Lawrence you know Mary pat today. We have brought our. Am leaving that rents act quickly transforming their faith helping Turkmen warship in I work on three. Women and trip an alliance building a stronger Mary. Every game. They need that got out to drop and it tools to ride. Hate everything. Hot tip line. That would ensure lap opt out I'm married got small businesses. Yanked them he comes up seats in the global economy. Because. He carries it's with Venator guy. That is why I am with care. I'm congresswoman Susan dominate from the great state and watch scenes and a car coming at progress I was an entrepreneur. And I know that innovation is at the heart of who we are as Americans. And it's essential to keeping American workers American products. And American ideas number one in the 21 century. A decade it down house Democrats enacted the first innovation agenda. And what did the majority we made revolutionary investments in clean energy development. In a portable world class and education. And expanding broadband to rural families. And house Democrats won't work what president Hillary Clinton to sustain America's lead in innovation. Creating good paying jobs powering our economy and dragging bold solutions to the challenges facing our climate. And our communities. As strong America. An America that stronger. Together. Will lead the world in entrepreneurship. In innovation. And clean energy. Hi I am congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and I come from the great state of new Jerry. House Democrats believe that America is strongest when we have an economy that works where everybody. Not just those at that. If you are willing to work hard in our country. You deserve a secure financial future and I strong foothold on the and married injuries. But I hate home. Sending children to colleges. And real retirement security. Please be creating jobs by upgrading our road. Bridges broad and transit systems energy grid and water infrastructure. And weekend pay for this I've read by closing loopholes. And making big corporations. Pay air fares hair. Democrat. Backed by Hillary Clinton know that we must make it's more portable. And lift the crushing burden of student debt. X rays on the futures of many young Americans and their apparently. America is stronger. One everybody has a chance to succeed. I'm congresswoman let's break that's franchise can't and I don't. I am the proud mother. Of the United States marine veteran. Who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our men and women in uniform are better intent on military families. Give everything to our country. They embody our highest ideals. Service. Selflessness and bravery. We don't owe them a debt of gratitude we hit that he believed that day. As Democrats. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure every veteran. Get to support the health care education and job training he or she needs to succeed. And we're proud to stand by Hillary Clinton a candidate like clear handsome and the lives of violent veterans. I veterans fought to protect our freedom and our security. We are stronger America because of their sacrifice. And we owe them a strong future I've. Opportunity. I'm Kathleen fly. And that's just. My. Generally stands naked across our history. Stepped I want him to dip. Dance our democracy. In a democracy. It is the blazes of the people. Not let chat folks have the privilege. That must drive our politics and our policies. We want democracy. Hillary only in believes been. One that fights to make sure Americans now works for everyone. Not just the well connected. And the well being. This special interests should be able to them. The boys and America's hardworking gambling. Together. With Hillary Clinton IRS. We will cut that cancer of secret money. A lot of our democracy. And over and tan and Citizens United. What does this mean. And I am. It means a strong. That is green from the grip of the gun lobby. 91. That Americans. Are killed by gun islands every day. Republicans. And the big. And lobbying shouldn't be blocking. Common sense legislation. To. Runs out of the brawn. Although seated by now it's time to stand up. And stand together. To demand chains. I'm Stephanie Murphy. And I'm running to represent Florida in the house alongside these remarkable women. After 9/11. I left to job in the corporate world to become a national security specialist for the secretary defense. Democrats now a stronger America means confronting the threats abroad. Without blinking in without undermining our values. Democrats are strengthening aren't fight against terror by working with our allies not happy ending man. Democrats know. We need to be strong. And Smart to destroy tightness in protect America not reckless and rash. Democrats are ensuring our military has the resource as they need to do their job. And our military know how to do their job. Better than anyone Allison the world. My name the ballot damning. And I'm running for congress in the great state. Up Florida. I spent 2187 years on the Orlando police force. And had the honor of serving as our land held first woman seat up. Police. I know first hand. The tragedy of that gun violence and links on families in America. And after partying and people were murdered at a nightclub. In Orlando. Last month. Let me tell you. Our city take it personally. That come under its rigs and did did did arm Pate. You don't need to be a police chief to know. That our communities are less faith. When criminals and suspected terrorists can walk into a gun shop our gun show and leave. With a weapon. On issue after issue. At the leadership of women that made as strong there are. America. Rip Hillary Clinton and the White House and these frog how democratic women. Together with the women and family all the brought our nation. We won't solve the world what this statement really means when women that pretty. Like me it.

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{"duration":"16:18","description":"Standing with the Democratic Women on the House, she declared \"when women succeed, American succeeds.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40903963","title":"House Leader Nancy Pelosi Addresses the Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/house-leader-nancy-pelosi-addresses-democratic-national-convention-40903963"}