House speaker delays Senate notification on impeachment

Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate for a trial.
2:38 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for House speaker delays Senate notification on impeachment
When a move to Washington and the death to far from settled two days after the house voted to impeach. President trump in the house and senate still arguing over what the upcoming trial in the senate will look like early next year so for more I want to bring in Karen Travers. At the White House and Caron Pelosi she said that she wanted to wait and see what does is gonna look like but the president is still saying he wants this to move fast. He wants an immediate trial Kimberly that's a the president wrote on Twitter last night. And that is not what Nancy Pelosi is doing right now she's essentially threatening to hold on to the articles of impeachment until she can have a say Democrats can have a say in what a senate trial would look like. There Rick ruling calling the president's bluff because remember Kimberly he had said he would like to see why witnesses he said sure have megalomania and John Bolton Mike Pompeo people like that senior aides here testify in a senate trial. Mitch McConnell the Republican leader of the senate does not want to do that in fact he is saying. Nancy Pelosi went to hold onto these articles of impeachment got ahead we won't count a trial because that's not what we want to do. Kimberly of course the president wants to defend himself he wants to have. A full vindication in the senate trial he feels he did not get a chance to have his say in the house processed through he'd love to have this all out there. The people defending him and saying what he did was knock your wrong. Yang Karen in the meantime I am I want to discuss the stunning editorial from christianity today it's an an indelible magazine. And they called for trump to be removed from office saying he violated the constitution. And his behavior is profoundly a more also the president of course I'm firing back at that as well. Yet did not take long for the president to jump on that editorial by the evangelical magazine christianity today the president writes that the magazine is doing poorly he called it a far left publication. And also said he would not be reading it anymore is the first time we've heard the president ever talk about this magazine so in clear view that subscriber avid reader and this is interesting because that the magazine founded by the late evangelical leader Billy Graham who. They out according to these sun would be embarrassed by this editorial Franklin Graham said that his father voted for the president would not have approved of this. But it is striking to see those words unsavory dealings. And immoral acts by the president this is something that is eve in very influential among. Evangelical voters. The president says he has done more for than any other president. All right yes so a little bit of that tension there I'm Karen Travers right there at the white house with an update thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate for a trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67854913","title":"House speaker delays Senate notification on impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/house-speaker-delays-senate-notification-impeachment-67854913"}