House Speaker delays Senate trial on impeachment

Nancy Pelosi invites President Trump to deliver the State of the Union amid a possible trial in the Senate for his impeachment.
4:32 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for House Speaker delays Senate trial on impeachment
Democratic presidential primary debate out in Los Angeles just before. The Iowa caucus voting begins 45 days from now seven candidates on that stage a bit more into meant. And less diverse than ever before are Adam Kelsey is out there in California he is standing by in San Diego but first if you didn't catch the debate last night. Here are some of the highlights. We need to restore the integrity. Of the presence of the office of the presidency if the president claims. That he is so innocent then why doesn't he have All the President's Men test at. Where I live folks are measuring the economy by public doubt jones'. Measuring the economy by other doing we got a government. Ports rate than those with money and doesn't work for much of anyone else the issue now is whether we saved the flat at. For our children and how a grand children. We see among our allies. And among our act users case after case where the world is making plans on what to do. Ignoring the United States because we're no longer consider reliable warrant. You would be the oldest president ever inaugurated like you to weigh in as well I'd also be the youngest woman ever knock her. Why am I the lone candidate of color on this stage you don't you need to donate to political campaigns. Disposable income. All right Adam Kelsey is back with us from California atom. Who was your big winner last night and you know we've seen so many of these debates will be make any difference. That's a good question DeVon it's tough to say you know sue sue in less than 24 hours after the debate if it is going to make a difference. 35 days after the Iowa Caucuses but one name that were already hearing a lot of doubt. I this morning after the debate is Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar she's somebody who's kind of been in the middle of the pack throughout this presidential campaign she's delivered some strong performances in debates before. But overnight had her strongest. Post debate fund raising night. Of the year so far she had a couple key points of differentiation through that to be she spoke up rather quickly after senator Bernie Sanders said he was opposed to the new. NAFTA trade deal to US MCA Amy Klobuchar dove right in and said she supports it it's exactly the type of bipartisan agreement that she would be trying to encourage as president of the United States and she some when he got moderates may look to as an alternative to Joseph Biden we talked so much about. The former vice president this entire year a lot of folks who see him as the most electable candidate because he sits somewhere. In the political center they've been shopping around because there are some concerns about his age and whether or not he's. Out of touch with this new generation of voters and that's why we've seen people who digits kind of rise and fall throughout the year but Amy Klobuchar moderate. Leading senator from Minnesota say she can win her own state neighboring Wisconsin some of those other midwestern states like Michigan Pennsylvania Ohio she could be someone now who do you. I'll Biden skeptics are now looking to as a possible alternative just over a month out from our caucus. Amber quickly out of people to check suspect took quite a beating. From a number of cat his rivals on that stage including Elizabeth Warren over his recent fundraising practices. And visit to a wind cave in California. Yes something that's been going on for the past couple days since he held that event in northern California in the U wind cave as they're calling it 2800 dollars to sit at a table to enjoy some very expensive wine into be able to god talk with the mayor of South Bend, Indiana so he's been hit not just by Elizabeth Warren at the gate like we saw last night but by senator Bernie Sanders as well. To be more outspoken candidates when it comes to high campaign finance reform they both saying that they don't engage in those types of events that they discouraged. Super pacs in May discourage. You know donations from. From the most wealth the I campaign contrary big contributors but but the broader point I think about people who did you just the fact that he received so much attention last night told you about the weight at the other candidates in view him they see him as a serious threat he's somebody who as I said before has. Kind of risen and fallen throughout the year in the polls certainly now in a highway in particular where those moderate voters that I was just talking about have been shopping around he's been pulling very strongly and attacking Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders who accent taking aim at him he goes to show you that he somebody who's definitely going to be threat. Come February. It's going to be a fast 45 days straight to those caucuses we know you'll be out there on the front lines Adam Kelsey our political reporter thanks so much. Adam happy holidays to you.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Nancy Pelosi invites President Trump to deliver the State of the Union amid a possible trial in the Senate for his impeachment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67860606","title":"House Speaker delays Senate trial on impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/house-speaker-delays-senate-trial-impeachment-67860606"}