House unveils articles of impeachment; USMCA deal reached

House members laid out two articles of impeachment against President Trump; Nancy Pelosi says a trade deal has been reached with the White House.
26:09 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for House unveils articles of impeachment; USMCA deal reached
Everybody welcome to the brink Fairmont Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday while today house Democrats made it official he formally unveiled. To his store articles of impeachment against Donald Trump here they are the first impeachment article abuse of power. The second. Obstruction of justice and today. Those are effectively the charges that will be put to the full house on the house floor for vote in the coming days drawn up based on the evidence. It potentially could be the basis to remove president from any trial in the senate. And house Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler today explained. What this is all about. Today. In service to our duty to the constitution. And to our country. The house committee on the judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment. Charging the president of the United States. Donald. The first article. Is for abuse of power. It is an impeachable offense. For the president to exercise. The powers of his public office. To obtain improper personal benefit. While ignoring. Or in injuring. The national interest. President trying to engaged in unprecedented. Categorical. And indiscriminate defiance. Of the impeachment inquiry. This gives rise to the second article of impeachment for obstruction of congress. Here to. We see a familiar pattern and president terms misconduct. It president who declares himself above accountability. Above the American people. And above Congress's power of impeachment. So let's bring in our investigative reporter Catherine folder she's up on Capitol Hill has been meeting. Our reporting on these articles of impeachment Catherine I support it down for us what is actually in these articles and what is not. Yes of these articles obviously senate president should be and heats. And barred from ever holding up political office in the future no we don't see in them specifically is any a reference to Robert Mueller but we do see in these articles you'd see the first on abuse of power there we see they note a pattern of behavior by the president and previous imitations of corn interference in the United States elections. Article one abuse of power you seen that you've laid up. Bullets here they say that the president acted. Both on his own in directly through agents that's a condition. Official acts a pub this public announcement that we've been hearing about that he requested from. Ukraine that to announce these investigations into his political rivals in the mansion in two ways one the release of military aid and then that needing that we've been hearing about between president from the presidential and ski and that it was conditions on whether or not they would be meeting or not -- -- the second article here destruction of congress is our this article really DeVon it lays out the case here you see of the White House defying these subpoenas the president directing not only the White House but all of these agencies. And close. Aides within within the administration now and former. Aides not to comply with these congressional subpoenas in the articles themselves they lay out nine aides close to the president in the White House and in other agencies. That have been specifically instructed not to provide their testimony. The congress. These are all carefully worded as you say Katherine. Carefully calibrated. Over the course of this with the name of getting as many death house democratic votes as possible win these. Go to the full board expected next week let's go to the White House who are. Jordan Phelps is tracking White House response to all this Jordan what do what have White House officials been saying today in the wake of the this unveiling. DeVon while the president treated this morning to call it sheer political madness this is hot prospect of impeaching him. A because he says he's been so affected as president. And the White House for its part stuff he Christian issuing a four paragraph statement blasting this is saying that. This is a baseless and partisan attempts to over to turn the votes. A 63 million Americans so DeVon. That really is at the crux of the White House argue me here that this is really just a political play by Democrats it's not actually based on what the president has done. It's an attempt to get rid of the president something they say he's they've been trying to do since that day the president was elected. DeVon the White House is publicly saying that this doesn't hurt the president it only hurts the Democrats but dead and we know. They're privately bothered by this the president. Highs marveled at the idea of being in peach and has expressed disbelief. At having that word impeachment it counts. To his name DeVon the strategy over here at the White House is now that this is happening let's just get it over with as quickly as possible the president has not publicly DeVon. And that's the tax. At the White House is keeping him. And try to rush this through before too far into 20/20 Catherine back to where does this go from here. Now that they are expected to begin sort of marking an op these articles what does that actually mean what are we gonna see in the next couple of days. ES and we could see mark up on these articles beginning. As soon as tomorrow could be over the course of two days and this is really where the members get to debate these articles and had amendments this fifth they are agreeing to so after that. Than it. The Judiciary Committee will then vote. On these articles they see on the screen there and then it will go again to the full house Florida will be debated. And that will be then voted on by the full house and we could seed out early next lieutenant. Catherine folders leading the charge forcing Capitol Hill thank you Catherine back to you Jordan Phelps at the White House because. The president does at a campaign rally tonight and all of this and even though as you say. The president is concerned about his legacy they are also some indications that his campaign has been very pleased. With this impeach or process raking in big Joseph and firing up the base. Absolutely DeVon politically the White House. And his campaign are seizing on this moment I had to kind of use it as political energy to fuel those who might be anger like the president is that the president is being piece just a year before the election. DeVon and they are sending out campaign emails to try to raise funds offered this and capitalizing on it as much as possible. All right Jordan Phelps force at the White House think he Jordan's stand by. I next over to the FBI now a new questions about the future of the leader of that agency director Christopher Wray president trump. And attorney general bill Barr today lashing out at ray one day. After an independent inspector general report concluded that political bias. Played no part in the origins of the Russian investigation or Pierre Thomas sat down with director ray yesterday to get his take on that report. Followed two day by a remarkable rebuttal. By attorney general balk. What's the biggest takeaways. And most important test away from the report for you. Life is a number of take aways that are important one the we fully cooperated. With that this independent review to that we fully except its findings and recommendations. Three that the inspector general did not find. Political bias for improper motivations impacting the opening. Of the investigation. Or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations. I'm I think. There could have been a lot of motivations. Involved in different motivations and there could have been motivations in the FDR and motivations outside the FBI by other players in this this thing focuses on the FBI. There was a lot going on around this that is not the subject matter of Horowitz is report but I think as a direct bearing. Perhaps on what was going on in the FBI. Based on what you know so far is it still do you still stand by your statement that that the campaign was spied upon. Polls clearly spoke. I mean that's what electronic surveillance is. And our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is here now appear thanks for bringing us that Andrew is fascinating stuff. What do you make of this of this divide this contrast between the FBI director in the attorney general. Well first of all they have a clearly different point of view. On the origins the launching of the investigation into alleged Russian interference and whether or associates of Donald Trump. Were participating in that infiltration fuel. The inspector general hell's that the Justice Department and the FBI. Follow the rules of the Justice Department that there was enough evidence to launch such an investigation involved basically for people. George pomp and apple is. Carter page Michael Flynn and Paul manna for. And part of the argument here is that it was a who narrowly defined investigation targeting those four different individuals. And that the FBI had enough reason that there was a potential crime or potential national security threat to begin. Ray embraces the inspector general finding. Attorney general Bart clearly disagrees he said he was on the thinnest of provocations basically that they started to use the investigation. And he's hinted at this before but to see its spell out in public like this is. Is quite remarkable and in fact the president today sort of joined in on this criticism in the wake of your interview. With Chris way let's show everybody the president's tweet first thing this morning the president. I casting doubt on the ability of his hand picked FBI director to lead that agency says I don't know what report. Current director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading. It sure wasn't the one given to me would that kind of attitude he will never be able to fix the FBI. Which is badly broken despite having some the greatest. Men and women working there. This got a lot of people talking this morning pier because it's sort of a sense of here we go again. Here's affect the inspector general did five. That there were serious failures by the FBI from top to bottom in terms. There are pursuing a search warrant involving Karl Carter paid to a so called buys award. Foreign surveillance intelligence act warn which allows them to basically look at communications listen in on phone calls. That the the facts are according to the inspector general that. They didn't get the kind information needed to keep extending. That that search warrant are there were questionable. Information that was coming in some of it contradicted. The information that the FBI was with finding that was based on those largely on the still. Dossier new questions about it some of the information wasn't holding up according to the experts general. And they never told the Justice Department. Ward the courts that they were finding some discrepancies. That might have had an impact on whether the warrant should be extended. That said. The FBI director is saying look we'll hold those people accountable made a bunch a changes. To correct whatever these problems are but he rejects any notion of a deep state he told me is that's. When I asked him directly on whether he thought. The FBI had treated to trump campaign unfairly he flatly said they did not. He sure did he said absolutely not and you also asked him about his relationship with president trump. This was just before the tweet came out what sort of highlights now how both men are in a printer precarious situation but let's. A show our viewers what the director had to say about its relationship with. The president said that the FBI spied on him. He's promoted. Some of the Ukraine conspiracies. At least to be investigated. Are you able to persuade him that some of these things are just props and can you describe your relationship with president. Law I've been committed since day one to having a professional. Relationship with the president which I think is the kind of relationship any FBI direction within any president and that's been true. Since my confirmation hearing and it's true as we are sitting here today. And when he says things like when you said. That. You didn't agree with the assessment of the attorney general. That there were spying by the FBI on his campaign he called your assessment ridiculous. How he responded I would do not respond to. I think my responsibility. Is to stay focused on our work. And to speak truthfully and completely about the information I have to call balls and strikes. I think that's what people expect that the FBI directors that's what you can again. Call balls and strikes. DeVon it's a extraordinarily challenging position the FBI under defines so. He's the leader of an extraordinarily powerful institution thing about those three letters FB. When you hear the FBI's investigating somebody you'd think own there in. You know what. So he understands that power. And the fact that there were flaws in how the FBI dealt with part of this investigation into the one specific person. He takes that seriously that said Carter page was never charged with any crime. So therefore even though they. You know spied on him in terms of knots should use words but they did electronic surveillance on him with a quart authorize warrant to do it. They ultimately looked at the evidence in the end you know along with Justice Department and then did not bring charges now the three other please. Suspect figure that headquartered track record to raising concerns among authorities their argument is they had good reason to look into this character. They ultimately didn't charge you weren't so they went on highway three other people proper topless. Flynn and metaphor are what convicted felons that's right they sure are. Finally appear want to ask you about something that you put. To Christopher rain sort of has an interest in segue to our next topic and that is this Ukraine conspiracy. That has consumed and if with the president's attention also at the center of the impeachment inquiry and it implicates the FBI and the attorney general bill Barr. I'm ready seems to be someone who is. He is very conflicted over this that the president. He continues to refuse to embraced the findings of the intelligence community and one forced from community that this is a DuPont. Baseless conspiracy theory at this point. Well again he is the highest ranking official I think. That inning when has had access to director ray to ask the basic question. Did the Ukrainian government officials. Interfere. With the US election on the scale and in the way that the lessons he said quote there's no evidence that. Very interest he meantime in a somewhat surreal twist you can stick around for just a second and also echoing back to 2017 where president fired. His last FBI director James Conley the president again today is meeting with top Russian officials. At the White House foreign mister minister Syria Lavrov of Russia is in town. The Russians of course are big advocates for this Ukraine conspiracy theory that it was the ukrainians and not Dan. That medals in the 2016 elections for interstate depart reporter Connor Finnegan. Who has been tracking the Russian leader's visit Connor. Give us. Why this meeting is happening now and what did the Russians are hoping to accomplish today tape caught a lot of people by surprise today. If that's right DeVon Russia's top diplomat again meeting at the White House. With president trump which is sending all kinds of signals looking to the rest of the world about we're the president stands. On Russia and on Ukraine. In particular you'll call the last time it Sergey Lavrov with here in Washington he met with president from from the Oval Office. And he. President trump stifled highly classified information to Sergey Lavrov. That was shared with the US by Israel potentially endangering an Israeli spy in the process. Now Sergey Lavrov is coming directly from Paris where President Putin met with Ukraine's president president Vladimir is a Lynn ski. And it's the Russians who get to debrief the US first on those talks before the ukrainians. It's really a slap at the Ukrainian government which has sought this kind of meeting this kind of Oval Office meeting with president trump. As president Lewinsky who tries to Ian implement the reform agenda in Ukraine and instead. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Sergey Lavrov. We're signing notes today of optimism that they they thug to improve US Russian relations. The thing they think they can begin to do that. But it's that Russia's interference in the 2016 election that has hung over the US Russian relationship for the past three years now. And and secretary of state Mike Pompeo tried to make clear today that the -- administration is standing tough against Russia. Over that election interference occur with and to what he had to say. And then on the question of interference in our domestic affairs I was clear it's unacceptable. And I am in our expectations of Russia clear. Trump administration will always work to protect the integrity of our elections period. Should rusher Horry for an actor take steps to undermine our democratic processes we will take action in response. Now it's worth noting Devin that went Sergey Lavrov again denied Russia interfering in the US election. And called on the US to provide evidence of it. That might Pompeo pushed back on that only gently saying that the US had a ready provided enough. Evidence of Russia's interference and went Sergey Lavrov pointed today is this notion this didn't bond with its theory about Ukrainian interference. Instead incident that proves that Russian interference is really a hoax. Mike Pompeo did nothing to push back directly on that. That's a much concern of that's O'Connor thank you appear this hours serve reopens. At this wounded 2016 and some. It was somebody tweeted me her room put this provocative question to you. Just before the show are we witnessing Russian meddling in 20/20 before our eyes by the fact that he's in the Oval Office pushing the Ukraine conspirators. But haven't let me just play the role of journalists here. There's this little thing called the Muller reports was details fact after fact how the Russians. Infiltrated and tried to affect the 2016 election. The entire intelligence community of the United States has sets that put their name and their brands and their agencies behind that notion. So there's certain facts that are just backs so the foreign minister can come here and say that our only ones present in some facts. There's a 400 plays mullah report that deals with those facts. The other point that I would make is that director ray in our interview today. It was pretty blunt about rush. He confirmed yet again that Russia was extremely aggressive in 2016. He said they're doing it now as we speak. And he said that in the biggest threat to 22 when he election campaign that the nation faces right now. An ominous warning as we head into twenties when he and that is our next topic peer Thomas thank you so much for all you reported in this or was he on world news tonight thanks again economy Finnegan the State Department. Speaking of the race a 20/20 we're about to bring you an interview. A live interview with congresswoman told C Gabbard of Hawaii democratic presidential candidate on the house foreign affairs committee she was expected to join us she abruptly canceled the interview a few moments ago. A hot meantime a new poll is out right now take a look this one from Monmouth University showing the latest in the race we have the standings. Are the top contenders of course are Joseph Biden. I still atop the field at 26% in this latest nationals. Snapshot of the democratic primary horse race Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren mark rounding out out. A policy Gabbert we should note is that less. Than 1%. A finally today a remarkable split screen moment here on Capitol Hill just an hour after announcing articles of impeachment against president from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats emerged on Capitol Hill. To announce an agreement with president trump. On his US and C a trade deal that's a trade deal that were replaced NAFTA and the United States this was a big moment a bipartisan moment in the midst of this firestorm. R&R Jordan Phelps is back with us from the White House because Jordan concerns from labor unions were the big. Sticking point in all of this does appear to be resolved at least for now and we're expecting a possible house vote on this big deal in the coming days. Yet DeVon a lot of winners here at particularly for those farmers who have been concerned about losing access. To two of the biggest export markets for US farmers. That now takes away that and certainty for those farmers so a big victory for them. A big victory for a lot of the industry involved the big victory for president trump who said that this is the best and most important trade deal. Ever for the US it's also of course DeVon a huge victory fur Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats a lot of winners today at what's so interesting. About this stabbing is you might wonder why Democrats would want to hand such a big political victory. To the president but if this huge demonstration that they can. Chew gum and walk at the same time DeVon that they can both impeach the president and work with him out the same time. In really takes away this big White House. Argument up until this point without listen impeachment which is that the Democrats have not been doing the business of the American people. And made this impeachment inquiry DeVon. This is something that Nancy Pelosi. Came out holed up and show that the Democrats are doing both of those things simultaneously. And the president of course as you say delivering a windy his supporters in that radio Jordan Phelps thank you so much. From the White House so what does this mean for US farmers and businesses that do. Our trade with Canada and Mexico I'm joined now by Nathan should and in easing co owner of Dutch hollow farms. Which is is it dairy farm in upstate new York and it's great to see Nathan thank you so much. Mexico Canada we should tell our viewers two of the four largest. Our trading partners when it comes to dairy products in the United States give us your reaction. To the fact that it looks like this US MCA deal is is gonna go ahead. Bob well not just area but all of agriculture wheat exports to to keep our industry going. In Derry specifically 16% of adult we produced here ends up as exports. So we have to be players at the table trading with all the partners out there he said. Mexico and Canada are two of our largest. So anything that happens that disrupts the ability breasted to export is going to hurt us in the short term. Weakened pulled meld we can produce milk here seven days a week. But 48 hour not reproduce it ask have a home otherwise we thought that we lose money. Which made those ominous threats from the president over the course of this negotiation to shut down the border. There particularly troublesome I know. I for so many farmers across the country but this does is a burst of good news what does it mean for you. We're business wise concretely is this gonna. Ultimately increase your exports has again reduced tariffs tell us about what impact do you expect a tavern your business. So the industry but industry as a whole half steep increase our exports at we expect the industry to growth in a weird we oversupply. Domestically we produce more milk than what we need here so there's gonna be future farm's future young people who want to get into dairy farming. We have to be able to grow our export market to give them space to grow as well as established businesses the chance to to grow and expand it meet the needs that they're gonna have a future. And you see this is a big improvement on NAFTA Nathan. I mean it's it's it's getting rid of some and inadequacies of the past it's it's changing things it's fixed but. We have to do something we're gonna move forward if it in a week we Campion and opposition so getting this done. Allows us to have some hope about moving forward into the future. Good news for you have finally ordered to weigh in on the politics of all this there have been so much infighting. On both sides of the aisle over this deal other trade issues of course to trade or went on the China right now. Who your credit with getting this done what do you see as they is the politics of this this US NCA. I guess it's hard to want to pick a winner a dead and this shouldn't be political dissidents. Americans in the rural states across the country this affects all of us the should be bipartisan nature. And I think I think this is something that everybody I'm so let's let's not choose a site lets us call us when we can move forward with. I like got to win and a divisive time is a win that we will take to the bank Nathan shouldn't in co owner of Dutch hollow farm in upstate New York thank you so much sir. Great to see appreciate your point of view. Thank you. And thanks all of you for joining us here on the briefing her on this very busy Tuesday download the ABC news app the find the latest on all the stories we covered today and of course the latest on the impeachment hearings those articles of impeachment the mark up expected to start. Tomorrow night here in Washington we'll have live coverage here on ABC news live. We'll be right back here tomorrow 3:30 PM eastern time in the briefing room the latest political headlines of the day until then I'm Devin Dwyer Washington. Have a great day.

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