House votes to condemn Trump's racist tweets

The House of Representatives voted along party lines to pass a formal rebuke of the president's comments urging congresswomen to "go back" where they came from.
3:58 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for House votes to condemn Trump's racist tweets
And we begin in Washington after a heated debate the house voted to condemn. President trumps a racist tweets against four democratic congress women of color where he told them to go back where they came from here some of the debate on the floor take a look. Those tweets I've seen nothing in their references anybody's rights. Not a thing. I don't see anyone's name being referenced in the twits I know. Racism when asked Viet. And are raised than ran out of it and at highest level of government. Final ruling. Worries that these comments from the White House are disgraceful and disgusting. And that's comments are racist every single member of this institution democratic and Republican. He join us in condemning the president's racist week. Now that vote was 240 to 187 including four Republicans siding with the Democrats I want to bring in Karen Travers. At the white house on Karen it seems the president is embracing these remarks. And he seemed to have the full support from his party have former. Public ends voting with the Democrats on that resolution but the president yesterday and a very strong message to the members of his party saying don't show any weaknesses don't fall into a trap. And Democrats. And the president now Kimberly is trying to really frame this snare and and this controversy. And all the criticism he's received about this for the last three and a half days. And make it his own merit and then make a campaign issue the residence and has been tweeting that now that the Democrats have embraced these four women congresswomen that those ER wedded to that he says they're wedded to this bitterness in heat. There forever wedded to the Democratic Party. See you in 20/20. Presence and that some Monday when he was trying to start that process of re framing this. He said that this is essentially going to be a good campaign issue for him to give the Democrats get in line behind these women. Then he thinks the United States will not stand for a president a chance it take this message out on the road tonight. I hit the campaign trail with a rally tonight in North Carolina and he is already tweeting Kimberly that he admitted be talking about people that he says. Hate this country and also the people that love this country. Yet Karen in the meantime we have I'm representative Al Green of Texas. Who reintroduce some articles to impeach presidents from them how far do you think. This move will go. We're expecting to see some movement on this later today leadership in the house have not made clear exactly what this vote would look like if they're gonna table it referred to the Judiciary Committee or see where this goes his frustration you know among some democratic lawmakers that this is not the right. Dep that they should be taking honest and Robert Mueller the former special counsel. In the court testifying next week up on Capitol Hill that hearing at two hearings were postponed yours this be happening today. And long could really want to hear from him before they start this next step if they even go in that direction. Congressman green however says this is nothing to do with Robert Mahler did nothing to do with the Russian investigation he says this is all about the president and bigotry. And yet now I'm just curious what people are talking about on your radio calls on you know since we're two days. Into the weekend if they're still talking about the tweak. Yet this with them big topic of conversation this morning in I think that think it's actually grown in interest each day Monday morning with a little bit more quiet. He thing sometimes think admit to cut through and then reads. Out bear and Americans were paying attention to this thing start in Washington and then spread but now here we are date for essentially in this controversy. Questions about how the president is trying to make this controversy his own. And what methods he'd going to be bringing to the campaign trail why does he think this is a winning argument for his eighth. The president said in south keeping people agree with them. All right Karen Travers up the White House I appreciate it thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The House of Representatives voted along party lines to pass a formal rebuke of the president's comments urging congresswomen to \"go back\" where they came from.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64393704","title":"House votes to condemn Trump's racist tweets","url":"/Politics/video/house-votes-condemn-trumps-racist-tweets-64393704"}