House votes to end shutdown

The White House and congressional Democrats are at a stalemate on the 14th day of a federal government shutdown.
4:04 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for House votes to end shutdown
Ari let's get her to her right now on this Friday because it is day fourteen of the government shut down so that means both sides are gonna come together and this is going to all and today there's going to be a combed by a and then they're gonna have some hot chocolate there and a White House salon. Frank Karen. I would not hold your breath kind of. Today ten is but there isn't meeting scheduled with in this hour the president will be sitting down with congressional leaders from both parties from the house and senate. And this is imparted these ongoing talks over the partial government shutdown in border security the pen is there is no indication right now that either side is budging house Democrats are insisting one point three billion dollars for border security that is all they will give the president of course still wants money for the physical border wall. And at worst an interesting push and pressure from Democrats right now can this be heard this on Wednesday expect to see it again today at the White House today. Democrats asking why the president will not approve legislation that reopens all of those other agencies not DHS everything else that shut down. But not a part of border security Chuck Schumer just said moments ago in the senate floor. And here's what Nancy Pelosi the new house speaker said last night. On Capitol Hill. Haitian president cannot hold public employees hostage because he wants to have the wall that is not affected. Not effective in terms of his purpose not cost effective in terms of what. Opportunity cost isn't a federal dollars in spending that president you said Mexico's going to pay for this. Rule on next guest anchor ourselves into reality Mexico is not going to pay for this war sim now. And Kenneth is not clear where the president would compromise if he would compromise at all he tweets that the wall is coming he makes comments that he wants a border while but then he'll say and so his top officials that. Border security call it what you want to that he wants to protect the country and that's his primary. A goal and responsibility as president the Democrats point to this to say it's really difficult to negotiate with the White House right now when there isn't consistent message. And the president Ken this this week even contradicted an offer from his own vice president that was sort of middle ground here at 2.5 billion dollars president said on Wednesday she wouldn't accept anything like that that of course is what vice president pens put on the table. Yes and Democrats have said it's sort of like negotiating with jello with interns usually nothing is taking nothing is sticking at all but the Democrats they are. Going back to the White House there at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue today it wouldn't expect to play out were not. Expecting to see any of this briefing it will once again take place in the situation room just like it did on Wednesday. But after every thing on Wednesday we heard from Democrats and Republicans who came out. Game they're re at a meeting in of course put their spin on I expect we will see that again today especially from the Democrats because they are really trying to box the president into a corner honest and asking as we just heard Nancy Pelosi say. Why won't he moved forward on all of those other spending bills why will he reopen a parts of the government not impacted one reason that senate. Republicans are moving forward on this legislation tendons so it passes in the house but it doesn't go straight to the president. Republican leaders there say they are not going to vote on any thing. Unless the president would sign it and we also learned that the senate is adjourned until early next week sound the stand up even if the deal Regis everything stays status quo for a couple of days. So it is gonna go into the thirdly we leaking risks and he deed all right our Karen Travers is there and obviously you have hundreds of thousands of people who are impacted by this if you are among those. Who are impacted by this go to our website and let us now has a government shutdown. Personally affected you we're not talking about. Not being able to see the the panda cam. Her being able to go the Smithsonian but personally affect you be sure to. Logged into Such politics and let us here. Your story.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The White House and congressional Democrats are at a stalemate on the 14th day of a federal government shutdown. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60161682","title":"House votes to end shutdown ","url":"/Politics/video/house-votes-end-shutdown-60161682"}