Hillary Clinton's team has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters in an office space located at One Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.
6:08 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for HRC's New BKN HQ
Hillary is gone Brooklyn cool her camp signing at least in this modern office building in Brooklyn New York. That site now her campaign headquarters even though she hasn't officially entered the race for the White House and 2016. Yet yet. Hello everyone was that her in new York and in Brooklyn for ads right now if ABC's les equally race. We each with Iraq. Highly of the net and I'm out here and outside the new building where yet Hillary Clinton is going to be had courting new presidential campaign well I didn't say that. Yet but we but we. You like act app I'm very it's a bigot or hate yet that she is going to be running for president. Out here I'm seeing is as well thank you Storey building block the different opposite are in here and it didn't Morgan Stanley. There is an attorney that there is. Now I have an opposite here and the area around the outer space the really nice addition trendy neighborhood kind of what you think that when you think the Burkle and it's. The family is and a lot from restaurants shake shack a whole way Herman outfit are. Actually it around the corner opposite around the corner from ants which is a bitch I'm here as late as. Private school in New York City a lot of celebrities under can't bear the very nice neighborhood but at the same time. I think your packing and shipping Brooklyn or they think Rick we'll talk about. Is a good choice in the little bit more diverse and maybe in other parts of New York City. So I know this story still developing and you probably just got there but curious. I have a chance to talk to any of these neighbors in this nice and trendy neighborhood what's the reaction so far. I mean there are a lot of immediate here's I think a lot of neighbors are getting kind of annoyed it just trying to lock. Alliance. And those are everywhere I've spoken shirts are temple of people are really excited and it's great I mean. Yeah that one now and the elderly who works and it's something you work your well while. That he's as exciting. Hi I just hope. But the people are huge he each and I get used to work in blocking any need to work in politics in New York get away. They edit and comment but otherwise but most are. Agilent pretty excited in the door a little like. Aggressions are connected queue end the aggregate act. I'd connected in a lot near the building and those people aren't they are so cool Hillary Clinton came there almost needs a lot of excitement and curiosity. Get to know once again our beliefs cool eat out in Brooklyn for us thank you for that report. And now joining does not live from our Washington bureau is ABC news political director Rick. Klein. As noted she's signing this lease before announcing her candidacy so what's going on with this one. As anything related to Hillary Clinton this is no small choices they attested a whole bunch of different locations they have talked about the appropriate place. Eight years ago when she ran a headquartered just outside Washington DC in Alexandria Virginia they talked about the reasoning in Manhattan maybe queens or Brooklyn. I there was even some discussion early on about doing something in Chicago we're the suburbs of which is where Hillary Clinton draw ultimately decided on Brooklyn. The right mix of of transportation hub. Close to airports easy to get too easy to get to from her home in upstate New York. And critically for campaign south. A little bit removed from Manhattan in and from Manhattan prices allies and it has that hipster feel and and up and coming neighborhood a diverse neighborhood. Folks in Brooklyn very excited about it and then he gets out of the campaign aides and I've talked to are excited about the new look. Patient and Rick on that note Hillary was in that Borough earlier this week and she she would be back. All in good time so it is this that time that she was referring to it. I guess this counts as good time yes it did there's there's an interesting campaign finance ramifications of this announcement under FEC regulations. Any campaign related activity. Means that you have to then declare candidacy a fifteen days to do it now there's ways to be cute about it she's had personal office space in the past. But I'm being told by aides that there they're not likely to play around too much with the FEC on this and they are looking at something in the middle part of this month. Probably not next week when the hot zone begins and the week after that as a possibility for presidential announcement we know some Republicans are in the next she's not gonna be influenced by that time frame. But you know the responding to a lot of concern out there among Democrats that she special hunger for that yes the show that she's gonna fight. For this nomination and in the have a candidate is out there and just settle for once with the well one of the worst kept secrets around that she will be a candidate for president she will be running. A lot of concern in democratic circles they don't have a backup plan if she were not surprised the world decide not to do it so that formal step seems to be at this point only a matter of time. And Rick what is this here that you have actually noticed this street bearing Hillary's last name too close to this office based. With that about. So this is bizarre as metaphors go there's actually a one way street called Clinton street that runs through the heart of Brooklyn. And it dead ends it ends right at the entrance to this building that's going to be campaign headquarters and pulled is even an entrance. All on Clinton street to get you one way street. That terminates in at this building. And as we're talking metaphors this is also a major presence for Morgan Stanley affected buildings called the Morgan Stanley building. I can't wait until some of the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders crowds get get gets a hold of that particular factoid is going to be a juicy and delicious one. Given the corporate ties her campaign. But if you're Clinton at the ready for metaphors no matter what shape it today. And I guess all we have to wait for is that official announcement thank you once again ABC news political director Rick Klein though that from our Washington bureau thank you make. Out I'm Elizabeth her in New York.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Hillary Clinton's team has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters in an office space located at One Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30088286","title":"HRC's New BKN HQ ","url":"/Politics/video/hrcs-bkn-hq-30088286"}