Immigrants fearful of being at risk for deportation

An immigrant from Togo, Coach Fofo who has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years speaks on his fears of possibly being deported and separated from his son, a 15 year old U.S. citizen.
3:26 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Immigrants fearful of being at risk for deportation
Coming back inside did bureau we of course are following on the ongoing crisis down at the southern border wanna bring any BC Serena Marshall who's been. Monitoring this for us is Serena. We saw the weak start with the acting secretary of Homeland Security Kevin Mack pleaded down the border Torre's facilities he's backed down there again today yeah he's joined by Carly. Is joined by colleagues it's kind of deja Vu but does this coming Donald probably see a lot of in the coming weeks that acting and department of Defense Secretary also down there at the border this comes as the DOD has agreed to send more troops to assist Customs and Border Protection agents. And this also comes as there is eight. Bipartisan. Congregation from Capitol Hill members of the house and senate down there are also getting a toward the border in those Border Patrol facilities. But remember as you said earlier the week started with the president making those comments. Ballots and go back to where you came to brown that doesn't does resonate with members of congress. But also so many who live in the United States we're dealing first Taylor this immigration issue. I spoke to coach at a local coach in the community news live in the US for more than twenty years it undocumented. And the father of a US citizen and here's he had to say. Guys this scary. I was going Auburn home all know how people. We're all she is seeking won't all home. Well there isn't we'll hopefully see all keep our quality you're songs general security and then mall. And what community is very quiet since before I didn't name is someone got the content. And you have a fifteen year old son I mean how does that making him feel to have this fear about his father are being deported. New rules are so we're not sleeping in an all we. Asked Jerry you know when we. Allow all our movements is on a slow down. And because we don't know what happened tomorrow. There are people want to miss you'll say you came to the country without its legal paperwork here and documented seeing should've followed the rules and come the quote unquote right way what do you tell those folks. Our NBA and that there plus I don't. Are being diesel virtually any ER about moral. Won't be in debt doesn't. I don't belong the lack or whether I let my apartment easy is it. Solved. This tunnel closed so it won't. We're live in my family's life prolonging. We don't know exactly what she learned a lot. And coach for those one chain might not understand the fear that you're living in the fear that your sons' living in. Would he want to tell them. We on. On the way to meeting on what is it she. And then Montes called gene disorder can records you who. Adults will dole whose role comparable. Naming these this as a whole. All it didn't and reported to get out and where we're going home. Well I'll be critical for Myron call people so many here don't hurry anymore and he. Sentiment he met Alison what little novelty sick and open eye dog to some or people. Oral requests come out to you mean I'm an outlet out what it is something you don't. An initial would be well now he's in trouble news you know personal. Re here we contribute to these content. And done that's an undocumented immigrants who like he sent came to this country.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"An immigrant from Togo, Coach Fofo who has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years speaks on his fears of possibly being deported and separated from his son, a 15 year old U.S. citizen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64448359","title":"Immigrants fearful of being at risk for deportation","url":"/Politics/video/immigrants-fearful-risk-deportation-64448359"}