Immigration attorney talks difficulties of asylum system in America

Foster LLP U.S. and Global Immigration Services attorney Kymberly Baranzyk explains the complicated process of immigrants seeking asylum.
7:25 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Immigration attorney talks difficulties of asylum system in America
Joined now by Rachel Scott again our political reporter I hear a stage because one of the things that we've been doing in the lead up to this to be rituals taking a closer look at some of the issues. That will come off immigration one of the biggest he. Yeah likely to be talked about on Thursday night you got a closer look today at one family in the immigration asylum process in this country Tulsa. He adds that I did you know this woman that we spoke to she it escapes from El Salvador she says horrendous condition she was fearing for her life she really describes us the life or death situation. You gotta sink even through interfaith ministries here in Houston that helped her get on her feet. And now they're starting a new life here in Houston her and her son listen to her story. These three photos are the only tangible memories floor Marquez has laughed at her life in El Salvador. And I took my hand it to look at upcoming them put. This Pincus had on the settlements have to hidden being handled. This most. The name yet but some. Point have you had a little princess. To attend the town and I hold this. To look ahead to. Ada O. Fleeing gang violence Merck has her husband knew the only way out for their son was to leave. But only have enough money from one of them to make the trip with him. To put the economy plus photo for what's in the evening and movies that I. Yes. You bet I was mad at that I had grown that I ended. Assuming you my kids who don't like that song. Billions of Duluth. I don't wanna be yeah. Mark has been make abstract. She and her son were granted asylum here in the US. And lessons none of us from your house still anatomy. Me up with an unknown Indian avenue. No I am. Unilateral mastectomy you know what that Manning cousins let's. He had been my it's. You don't NFC. So disable its earning over America comes the challenge of the Madonna and fearing the CD is no. When Alice. And some North Korean these untruths. Into the country and now had. If we cheneys if communities. Feeling. Thanksgiving night. What do you wish people knew about how people like Q and about. Your story when people get wrong about asylum seekers. No no meaningful. But he via news and isn't put up what has some. This is ethical when this thing instead he said he. Yeah. And just a really powerful story she was so emotional as she just when we did an interview she just. He's got off live of almost like twelve hour long chefs had just riding to work as far as she Chandra some Burger King trying to provide for her family but. You heard her there and that was really the point that she drove home is that this isn't a question of wanting to come to the US she felt like she had to. And that's what. 41 just heartbreaking story about leaving her husband behind and I was the last time she ever got to see him. And a success story for someone Seeking Asylum. You re here but all the trouble that asylum seekers have she came minister said in 2018 are productive for the first time plane. But in 2018 year intra administration and it can be done. But I'm joined now by immigration attorney Kimberly brands accounted. On the saddle and that you really because we do also know. The proposals that have been set up now for asylum seekers. Having much harder to clear tell us about how complicated. That Systemax. If I don't profit has always been complicated the now silent seekers are facing roadblock after roadblock. From the tenth administration humans trying to curtail the people that are coming from Central America fatter order. Asylum has. Always been typical in the United States the burden is on the apple T crew do. That they are going to be persecuted by their government or third act that the government hasn't looked at all. Credible fear we hear about all the time to demonstrate that before. I judge of sorts. But we hear from the trump administration. To your point and I heard this week here in Houston from many Texans who support legal immigration. This claim this idea that the asylum system is being taken advantage that. Human traffickers are formed for for profit funneling people up here telling them what to say when they come across. Is any of that true you get the sense that it is being abused and that there are some bad actors in this pool. I think there are always going to be an actor's but the majority of people who are happening here France and America are chili fearing for their lives. And we have profit from planes like incredible theory that the U. That prevent someone who doesn't have it claimed her island from being able to present their case before they. That's how did this family racial talk talk to us a little bit more about your experience. With the Salvadoran family. How did they make it through the process to they have an advocate immigration attorney Howard they actually able to jump through all these complicated hoops what does it take. Yeah I mean that they describe this moment of coming to a country where you don't know anyone and you have to find someplace to live you don't have a job you don't have any money with your coming with what the clothes on your back. Luckily for none they had interfaith ministries which really set up and kind of walk them through this process helped them get a pro Bono lawyer and go through this process of Seeking Asylum but. It doesn't stop parent or as a bunch of cultural things that they had to re learn as well. And talking with interfaith ministries some of the and administrators they are they were. Saying even something as simple as learning how to work a microwave range or the types of jobs that you know some of these folks can get luckily for them they match them with companies here that pay a little bit. Above minimum wage but it's starting all over right from the beginning and there are likely to have an organization helped them for him. To relieve the fifth organizations and charities have done such a heroic job helping these people coming across in this crushed and you're familiar at that. I'm let me ask you another criticism that I heard and just talking to voters here in Texas and that is how come a lot of these people don't just see the sound. In another country that they pass through and we started to see now. The truck administration sort of force or require. It's been hung up in court but to try to required these families to seek asylum in Mexico tough Bruce about the complications of that process. Says that the new third country asylum calling he added. There's any neck and neck nationwide injunction that was passed tests Batman northern district of Texas. But these countries Guatemala and El Salvador which would be third countries for. Hunger and then. Salvadorian they don't have the system in place to process these planes and offer these people the protection they need while their claims are seen heard. Tell us it's not as easy as some mom on the surface might. Like human forensic an immigration attorney here in Houston thanks so much for coming in nice to meet your racial thank you. I for bringing us that reporting.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"Foster LLP U.S. and Global Immigration Services attorney Kymberly Baranzyk explains the complicated process of immigrants seeking asylum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65549335","title":"Immigration attorney talks difficulties of asylum system in America","url":"/Politics/video/immigration-attorney-talks-difficulties-asylum-system-america-65549335"}