Impact of Third Party Candidates on The Election

Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson talks about the two-party system and this election's outsiders.
5:25 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Impact of Third Party Candidates on The Election
It's about the impact that he. Liberal but it's very in the Green Party that they're having counselors and we know that Johnson got over a million votes 2000 world. We're anticipating you can have you more votes now. Are we get into that place now where a third party candidate is no longer. A pipe dream becomes when he when he may actually be a real. In this election it's an election it's right for third party candidate to do really well precisely because so many voters dislike the major party in dislike the major party candidates. Isn't Johnson has been somewhat strong in places like Colorado New Mexico I think Nate Silver 538 at a map earlier this week showing. New Mexico actually went. To Johnson for some reason because he's the former governor pat state Ellison that serves the Electoral College into question and you could have a weird situation when no one. Gets to 27 Indian customer I think if that's the except. He I think he likes putting that scary apps out there to freak everyone out about potentially insane I hadn't the you had a rat trap again refused. Sure I mean there's there's there is poll data to suggest that Gary Johnson does pretty well in some of these western states. But we still have a system that for better or worse is really structurally built war. Two candidates to be strong because it is the spurs past the post system. Instead of a parliamentary system like you have in Europe where you can have five or six different parties are competing. Here instead of a third party it's more likely to be one party with just sort of bait and other parties to take its place. Always kind of had to party's and it's because. A lot of the stuff that's baked into the constitution just makes it easier for the system worked out. There about their part in and that any hurt him is presidential election which is not how you. A third party that you start to look up right you know that municipal. And we never really hear much about them. Until it's like the and even in the case of Bernie Sanders who is not actually technically a Democrat. You know he is an independent in the US funny caucuses with Democrats but even in cases where you have people who are independents and do me the congress they get to congressman eat their party. And it caucusing with one of the major parties on and it's never really enough numbers to make a difference if you. Are in a parliamentary system and your party's getting 8% of the vote you're getting some slice of of people in the parliament congress. Here if you're getting 8% of the vote everywhere getting. Bureau people in congress because you have to get that at first past the post up plurality somewhere eight cents. Mission had this to happen. No you go back to you look at the quote found problems particularly if you talk about the two party system being the death of this country that we should not happen. Clearly they do not want this scenario that we have today in your estimation you look back. When did a great ship happen where we sort of had. You know multiple parties. That big strong units as we do today obviously but still multiple parties multiple perspectives to where we are now we're really hoping that a third person sort of pops up in the scenario. You heard this huge huge huge donors money. I'm not a big yeah forward to our students and the Brewster went out why I think it would really fascinating if you follow the history campaign financing campaign finance yeah. So you know you had and then Supreme Court case Buckley V belay says. The UK money is speech you can write spend money at that counts is political that's protected to now you have suddenly. Sort of the blessing for political parties sister asked a lot of money and ended up elections and it's fine it's. Protected first and it's not. But then you had campaign finance reform bipartisan campaign finance reform McCain Feingold it really I think began the weakening of V actual party institutions themselves so if if I'm circuit in for your question instead of when did he get two parties being strong when did he actually begin to see. This seeds planted in eight will be two less perhaps having a third party that stronger not 20/20 eight Ian twenty you. Is it now be strong parties that used to be able to get all of that soft money. Corporate donors and things they can't anymore. Now that money goes to super pacs that the can't paint themselves legally still can't take that money because McCain Feingold says you can only take. I think for campaigns something like 2700. Dollars which. An economic insane amount of money to a campaign is like chump change and to some of these donors this change. Some now all that money's going to be super pacs and outside groups meaning here are and you're the DNC. A lot less money or quit. Give a lot less ways to put pressure. On members of congress a lot less please put pressure the parties now actually state parties have a lot of control because it got odorless it really matter. So we've begun to see I think that the major parties themselves and struggle for our mission for the party is eight out of me. Policy making business lately asking RNC and DNC putting out policy papers or. Yes they adopt a platform at the convention even kind of gets put aside. In favor of individual candidates themselves so the parties are doing policy and they don't really have enough money now it is to make big ad buys. What does the party deal that's still a question that people are trying to. Maybe young if you news. The various thank you.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson talks about the two-party system and this election's outsiders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571365","title":"Impact of Third Party Candidates on The Election","url":"/Politics/video/impact-party-candidates-election-42571365"}