Impacts of new immigration policy

Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland, co-founders of Yumi, discuss their families' immigration stories, and how this new immigration policy with affect people who are on public assistance.
3:57 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Impacts of new immigration policy
We're going to stay on this topic. Because really act as we've mentioned these are programs Quinn just laid them out for you there that help people coming this country in my own family use the many many years ago on. And the benefits they provide are so so important let's bring in two guest right now they can speak very well this we're joined right now by Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Bruce Levy or co founders of umi. This is an organic baby food company based on the West Coast they've been on some of Ari BC programs over the last little bit ladies thank you very much. For taking time this caption is cheek to us on this important topic we appreciate it. Let me begin. We if with you Angela because the story we understand is that your mom. Actually Keynes United States has a refugee up from Vietnam with only fifty dollars. In her pocket and some of the programs Quinn was talking about are the reason that she was evil survive and provide a great life for you know. Amy and I'm really created the increase she'd seen Aaron six dollars and arcane and she and what I can't columns and anarchy and extremely confident that he intends to keep. I think yeah without the need you not eat. Policy and it's sort her assistants and better annual pretax GE you're with the Ichiro her and her and her brother sixteen times and really some work to make that happens it means won't. And then eventually. You know Andrea a company is Larry Siegel who coordinates for us and for me and I mean that's huge in Morris. And Evelyn your your story quite similar with your family coming from the Indonesia. Behind parents here and is indeed it to California. And might actually had a job at a school in Indonesia. Good job on Patricia and he happens to me. Image from California Merced seeking biased story then they wanted to help him so that he really rallying. And laugh and yeah that he and United States. Using a PCT and Ayatollah. And I am here and I even heard of her there are garner Olson and Aaron how business income Grasso rummage the product and bigger yeah. And talk a little bit you know your your pride as I mentioned you you do provide. Organic BB food Quinn was mentioning. Up food stamps would be affected we know many people immigrate to this country with children sometimes a young children those are nourishment that the children obviously need and it they don't have access them I'm curious just in your line of work what's been similar things you're hearing from people. As they're concerned about aid trying to get some of these benefits. And. Actually you might think that the palace this does happen with the fruits nutrition experts about race and that access to happen to pediatricians. In exchange for archery. Charles Stephens not doing and it's an early opponent or is there are rules additional Maris. You know recently we heard over you. Eighty sevens and there. And Egypt's you're using lessons learned with assistance and you're under an. Yeah so I mean it's it's really important resource as. That family depends on especially coming earlier and our site every hit. Isn't forget that nutrition and sure that they can actually I'm not a business adults know we're trying to become. Green Judy uses this eye on the senate next generation Deborah yeah Clinton. Angela Sunderland and that'll adversely thank you so much of team in time this afternoon as I mentioned the these are programs. That helped families like here she able to provide jobs and out so many people. And it sound. It's going to be question to see what happens here the truck demonstration thank you very much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland, co-founders of Yumi, discuss their families' immigration stories, and how this new immigration policy with affect people who are on public assistance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64978870","title":"Impacts of new immigration policy","url":"/Politics/video/impacts-immigration-policy-64978870"}