Impeachment hearings head into 2nd week

Democrats are set to hear from eight witnesses about President Trump's dealings with Ukraine.
2:11 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Impeachment hearings head into 2nd week
This week Democrats are zeroing in on a major player in the impeachment investigation. EU ambassador court installment. Solomon is the one witness who has agreed to testify who says he would direct conversations with president trump. About withholding aid from Ukraine depression the country to help the president's reelection campaign mr. Simon asked to decide whether it is primary loyalty is to America. Or whether primary loyalty is of the president of the United States due weeks ago that from mega donor revise his closed door testimony to confirm that he told Ukraine's leader that he would most likely not receive promised military aid from the US. Until he agrees to make a statement concerning investigations. Into the Biden's in the 2016 election. And in the first round of public hearings the top diplomats Ukraine ambassador Bill Taylor implicated some testifying that an aide of his sitting in a restaurant it's on and on July 26 had overheard a phone call and it's almond and trump spoke about the Ukraine investigations. As the Solomon told president from the ukrainians were ready to move forward. That staffer David Holmes testified in closed session Friday confirming that account. Holmes testified that after that call someone said the president didn't quote given less about Ukraine. And only cared about quote big stuff but the Biden investigation that mr. Giuliani was pushing. Republicans have pushed back claiming the president has done nothing wrong and dismissing the testimony as secondhand I think the evidence is crumbling. This is the president took aim at a second witness Jennifer Williams an aide to vice president pants on Twitter. Williams was on the now infamous July 25 phone call between trump and Ukraine's leader but the president is a labeling her as a never try Burke. I think part of it is his own. Insecurity. As an impostor. And so he has to diminish everyone now. On Sunday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expanded the president and informal invitation to go before congress. And testify himself or to do so in writing in the impeachment inquiry the president this morning entertaining that suggestion. Writing on Twitter quote I like the idea and well in order to get congress focused again strongly considering it. Monaco's are ugly ABC news. Washington.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Democrats are set to hear from eight witnesses about President Trump's dealings with Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67110969","title":"Impeachment hearings head into 2nd week","url":"/Politics/video/impeachment-hearings-head-2nd-week-67110969"}