Impeachment inquiry intensifies ahead of open House hearings

Private testimony transcripts continue to be released as the House gears up for public hearings.
4:19 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Impeachment inquiry intensifies ahead of open House hearings
And guys are gonna move to Washington and are keeping up with all of these investigations because there's a lot of back and forth of the house there is up for its first. Public hearings next week and we have Karen Travers at the White House and Catherine fall there's. Point Capitol Hill Catherine I'll start with you. Another day another transcript I just when Jeter mind as he George Kidd is and what we learned from him yesterday. Yes and George Kent he is a senior a State Department official heat worked on the administration's Ukraine policy I think what we learned. From him and what we continue to see from these transcripts. Is a description of the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani working behind the scenes this back channel. That essentially he's he's using with Ukrainian officials. To help drive the policy. What we seem really is a confusion from these top diplomats they were getting different advice from Giuliani different vice. From the State Department so top diplomats very confused by what Giuliani was doing and what Kent called it was a quote campaign of lies. And and Catherine megalomania was also subpoenaed to testify today. Yet we did not expect the president's acting chief of staff to appear for our sources that committee. An official on the committee has just told us that will be needs outside counsel actually informs. The committee just one minute before the deposition was scheduled to start that he would. Not be shelling they said that the White House directed him not to show up they say that Khomeini being a senior advisor to the president is quote. Absolutely immune from Tasmanian just a reminder why I'm only is significant you seen in the briefing room there. The committee is interested by his remarks and he gave behind a podium in every room because he essentially admitted this quid pro quo that we're talking about that aid was with how. At contingent on announcing investigations into. Joseph Biden in 2016. Later are completely walking that back so he obviously has a very sensual world here we will. Be seen. And testified. In care and I want to bring you and because president John he's talked a lot about the whistle blower in this morning he was talking about the whistle blower again. The president Kimberly it was also talking about the testimony that has been released from Capitol Hill that Catherine's and reporting on. The transcripts that have come and the president's interestingly was insisting. That everything has been fine on Capitol Hill they had not concerned about what he has seen so far. From these closed door sessions now of course. That testimony will start coming out in opened hearings beginning next week maybe the president gets a little more worried at that point when you actually see and hear from these officials but I thought it was striking that the president was brushing off questions about the testimony of people like Bill Taylor the top diplomat. Ukraine and Alexander Hinman who's still in the National Security Council and Kimberly I asked the president why these people still work here if they're never troopers that they'd been so critical of him in the past. The president said he's not concerned with what they've said on the hill and so far to him. Everything has been perfectly fine. Yang can I want to ask you about the book that everyone's talking about a new look at the book called the warning is a warning by that anonymous. Senior official in the White House what do we know about that. This is not the first book that has come out to talk about high gas behind the scenes here at the trump White House but this is different because it's. Allegedly written by somebody who is or was a senior administration official and the writing it under that name anonymous. He's a bit easier for the administration to attack because. As the White House said in a statement that Derek Howard for not putting their name on it and the reason they're doing this anonymously is because it is nothing but lies. But Kimberly the Washington Post obtained an early copy of this book knock him out for about a week and a half. And they say that the book details. Very chaotic scenes behind closed doors at the White House and actually had officials saying they should all resign in mass do all it wants to make a statement. They decided not to do that because they were worried about the ramifications what more chaos would happen. Look also allegedly says that the president has made crass comments about women and racist comments about migrants. RA them very interesting a one a thank you guys Karen Travers at the White House Catherine falters. On Capitol Hill.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Private testimony transcripts continue to be released as the House gears up for public hearings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66852570","title":"Impeachment inquiry intensifies ahead of open House hearings","url":"/Politics/video/impeachment-inquiry-intensifies-ahead-open-house-hearings-66852570"}