Impeachment investigators release private deposition transcripts

Deposition transcripts in the impeachment probe were publicly released and may shed some light on Trump’s call with the Ukranian president.
6:55 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for Impeachment investigators release private deposition transcripts
Impeachment investigators have begun releasing transcripts of the depositions. They've conducted over the past few weeks with top trump administration officials. About the president's dealings in Ukraine and the documents are now the first chance for you. For the public to read for themselves the testimony. A so many of these officials today we got. Two with these documents released by the committees investigating the president and our investigative reporter Catherine folders is here she's been poring through. The text of these depositions. Over at the White House reporter Jordan Phelps is there to get the White House reaction to do restaurant you Catherine. But today we learned. It got to read for solves the testimony of Marie Ivanovic is the former ambassador to Ukraine. And also a top official at the State Department what are we learning here. ES toys. Poring through all of these documents allow a lot of this we knew we had known publicly but what what it does this. We get to see what they sent for themselves a little bit of it is redacted. For a confidentiality reasons but I'm. But we've got to read it the waters of the we've learned from Ivanovic for example what. Really the extent to which a Giuliani was in her words back channeling. With foreign policy for Ukraine through the State Department and from the from the killing. Aids a Pompeo really he he. Allege that Rudy Giuliani was the one who led at this campaign. That led to Ivanovic is Alastair so. Much of the focus though on Julian Giuliani in that back channel that he used for foreign policy to Ukraine through the State Department which both of them testified that they found inappropriate. So the outside the State Department around officials that'd been their for a long time and that they can also read the Yvonne of its said that she had felt threatened. By some of they are conduct of these officials threatened that something might happen to her she didn't comply. In with that with the presence. We're really go from here watt and why are these transcripts. We know now is I think the timing though release of this transcript signals that. The committees at three committees that are doing this investigative work are potentially wrapping up their depositions behind closed doors they're releasing. What they said we don't think that the called. Too many more witnesses you've seen and the White House isn't an internal talk about this but didn't comply. What the four people who are supposed to appear today so they shift told us today that he will roll out these transcripts from these from these other officials have testified behind closed doors were going to see. Two more tomorrow Republicans of course are saying that Democrats are cherry picking these transcripts in the tying up calling police released for some time. Exactly they've been calling for the release and now the committee is releasing them and we get this in of ourselves ahead of public care that's right and. In that House of Representatives voted last week Jordan Phelps to move towards. Public impeachment hearings we expect that to happen in short order but Democrats. Have been trying to squeeze in a few more private depositions which they say is important date and ensure the integrity and in minutes investigation. But today the White House block those tell us about that. Yet DeVon a little bit of a victory for the White House here because. As we've been talking about in previous days the White House had. Been able to hold back some career officials at work within the administration from going ahead going up to Capitol Hill and complying with those it he has. But today DeVon we expected to hear from. For political appointees within the administration but they complied with what has been the White House order for them. Not to go up there hiding behind this legal argument that. You know berries the people are copy between two co equal branches of government that the White House doesn't want them to go sit there. Waiting for this to play out before they get called up death and of course. Democrats could see you to bring this to court to get these people to come up to testify but we know they're not willing to wait. I because that would be a lengthy process and we expect this to continue to milk forward but. This of course could be a sideshow but a little victory for this White House in what has. Being it just eight pouring out of testimony on Capitol Hill in general against this administration Batman. And those four officials we have their names on the screen they're not household names but they are key players in what happened in the White House. With respect to funding for Ukraine that funding that was held op. After was approved by congress and what happened to those transcripts of the president's phone call. There are some allegations that John Eisenberg you see there he's a lawyer he was one of the ones who helped hide it on a secret server. The allegation mean that there could potentially have been some kind of cover so congress of course wants to hear from those. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff a Democrat says he's not gonna waste any time. Waiting for these people to come up to Capitol Hill take a look. This will be further evidence of an effort by the administration to obstruct the lawful constitutional duties of congress. We're not gonna delay our work that would merely. Allow these witnesses and the White House to succeed where their goal which is to delay deny obstruct. To pepper how soon will we actually see public hearings in and you know and then what ever happened to demand that there were woman that started all this the whistle blower will we hear from that person. Well from sources that I've spoken to I believe and they believe that the public hearings phase of this is likely going to start as early as next week. Out of percent to noticed those earlier so we could be learning about those this week. Didn't want her to the whistle blower and I think it's important to note that this whistle blower through their attorneys has said. That he or she is willing to answer questions from Republicans in written form of a probably when it come up and testify and before the committee Republicans of course. Are saying that that's not enough including the president. The thing that they want the whistle blower to testify AA had to come up and testify publicly or your money on the business group president from. Didn't didn't want is an analyst Robert Mueller but did have they did respond in writing he's not officially made it very ironic and I I think Republicans they are making this story more about the whistle blower are now there that you kind of seen a shift in strategy they want him to come up they. This person they say the person who started this from the beginning but the reality is that all of these witnesses and most of them. Behind closed doors have corroborated and serviceable of the count. And Republicans don't didn't necessarily now want to focus on the facts that are coming out is their positions but just about getting the whistle blower settlement and best buy. We're getting a clearer picture of all the evidence gathered so far in this program a public hearings counter folders thank you so much captain's report in Jordan's reporting as online. An you can also read the transcripts for yourselves. As these documents come out over the next few days.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Deposition transcripts in the impeachment probe were publicly released and may shed some light on Trump’s call with the Ukranian president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66749719","title":"Impeachment investigators release private deposition transcripts","url":"/Politics/video/impeachment-investigators-release-private-deposition-transcripts-66749719"}