Impeachment proceedings enter public phase next week

Impeachment hearings will be held in public as more private testimony transcripts are released.
9:18 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Impeachment proceedings enter public phase next week
Impeachment inquiry now here in Washington and some new reporting from our team. On Capitol Hill about how to house Democrats have now begun to draft. Is minute as many as three articles in impeachment. Against Donald Trump or investigative reporter a Catherine folders this year Catherine this is moving very quickly the public hearings just about to get started next week and already. You're learning that Democrats are preparing to get their documents ready. If for how they will charge the president in all of this policy. We're right exactly they're preparing. To draft these are still have a preliminary discussions about a Devin what we've been told our sources is that. They are considering as many as three articles of impeachment in here they aren't the first one there is discussing is charging that president. But abuse of power now as it relates to Ukraine and hand pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate. Joseph Biden in the 2016 election the other thing that they're considering is obstruction of congress for the in illustrations refusal to comply with these subpoenas you've seen a lot of these witnesses they subpoena though of the White House the administration has told them not to show up. In the comment and then the third one which is. Interest in DeVon is that they've also weighed in obstruction of justice charge there having discussions about this. Of obstruction of justice related to the Moeller investigation now we haven't heard. About all are in a long time. There are also weighing that's what's important and added these discussions are still preliminary. Know what will happen is these public hearings as public phase won't happen. Mostly in the House Intelligence Committee and then they will turn over their results their findings to the House Judiciary Committee. Which of course we'll then drown these articles of impeachment of the conversations. Are still ongoing but as of now this is what Democrats and senior sources that we've talked to have been flattened. Yeah and for folks not familiar the articles of impeachment will basically lay out the allegations of wrongdoing against president trump why. He's going to be voted to on for impeachment it will be laid out there into this is significant new reporting from Catherine haulers and team quite notable captured they might add. The Muller reporter Mueller obstruction to battle but hasn't been finalized a very interest in Catherine thank you so much. Of course all of this the swirl around impeachment the new allegations. Hot topic today on ABC's the view were the president's son Donald Trump junior was aghast. And there were fireworks tickle. In the memo of the call that was released from the White House between your father and the Ukraine president. Your father said I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot. And Ukraine knows a lot about it we have the entire. Part part of the memo here. The other thing there's a lot of talk about Biden's son the Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general. Would be great. This is the basis of the impeachment is inquiry why is that a sham. The hope is an adult hardly at all because. Nothing was withheld beat the other guy on the other side actually set I had no idea what your time and no one knew anything what would you can be anywhere else. The other the other guy in the U privy in terms of aid being withheld so no one knew about these. I'm not sure that's a live military aid was without the happy. No no when nobody did you create I didn't hear it right in there was no quid pro quo you see all the other states that a lot of luck with how. Enough prima fashion place whatsoever for impeachment the transcript is there at the witness is telling the court there was nobody around a lot of authority they don't last year Kimberly or military aid was all the time. But not because of that green and the other guys. I was online has made clear Dennis. That's a lie hey they're bids several ambassadors that have testified. All right that it ended the discussion on the view there a barometer for much of the country debating what is a quid pro quo is it really bad to do a quid pro quo. And what's the president's defense in all of this you saw the president's on their defend him. I've got a couple of experts here at ABC news with me now to talk. More about quid pro quo what this is really all about order take a step back here in the next couple of minutes and break this down for a Michael dean our senior investigative. Our reporters here and flared EU heads up our agencies unit is here as well you guys have been. Taking a dive into this and we're start with you because. You think this sort of zeroing in on what people have been Google lean about here and it actually. Is the very same question that they put to Don junior on the view what is a quid pro quo it does seem like. There's a dispute over whether there was one what he's one what is. Quit pro quo if flatten and it means literally something for something. And this is not uncommon in US policy protect loop when you're dealing with other countries treat a trade and and it's something that that. The button former vice president Joseph Biden did when he threatened to withhold one billion dollars in US aid. To the Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor that they didn't think was doing enough and so it happens all the time with another question people who are who in what's so bad. Break we'll what's so different about this case is that went trump was appearing to suggest to the Ukrainian president. Was you might not get the military money and you might not get a meeting with me at the White House. I'm and rush are willing to investigate my political rival and 20/20. Took self serving rumors and that national security threat that's the allegation in this case as well. And Mike what's the president's defense here. We've I have heard some of whatever is talking that this happens all the time there's nothing to see here. Other doubling down on this Don junior said there wasn't even. A quid pro quo there it wasn't even something for something. Bomb but what what are they arguing. But the present is arguing is that he what he was trying to do was look into corruption is trying to get the Ukrainian government to look into corruption. Corruption is a serious issue that should be looked at. But there are what he views as credible allegations. To 82016 election related to Joseph Biden. And it dilution be looked at and so we're gonna get into that in a second because if there we were allegations said there are proper channels that that should go through perhaps more than just a phone call to Ukrainian president. Classic a step back because as we head towards public hearings next week which will be very significant the first time this process is televise millions of people will tune in. And a lot of people wondering why were seen were seen this week the drip drip of depositions a lot of the same witnesses. What's going on right down what are we what are we learning might we need to see it again. What we know that the Democrats have been pulling these people behind closed doors but they've also gotten criticized for that for not bringing in into the public. I think what they're doing is they're building a narrative a lot of us are reading this back and forth and worked we're slowly beginning to understand. The tension that was building inside both the State Department and the Defense Department. A lot of these diplomats for really frustrated that they couldn't release that aid and they couldn't understand why. And and president from discussing talk to root Brady talked to Rudy Giuliani his personal lawyer so that was uninteresting twist. And I think what we're gonna do is hear these people and their own words it in. People we would see in public. Do you delivering their own words what they've delivered in private in here on the screen if you're following us here this is some of the just the bullet point takeaways we've learned this week so far. From B officials you'll hear from get a chance to see we've learned that the top Ukraine diplomat. I said there was a this for that there was a trade by the president he thought it was crazy. Right I mean that was having the Bill Taylor was adamant from the beginning he said he wasn't even interested in taking the job in Ukraine. Because the political lid is that I can't say it at least they sitting there they became so political that he said this is not what I believe in and he actually sent a secret cable. Two Pompeo to say that this has to be addressed and deeply concerned and. And might we saw. June the presence EU ambassador said he was involved in that as well we saw another top US official. In Ukraine and this was your reporting this morning that it that he thought all of this was self serving. So as we're talking about quid pro quo is happening perhaps all the time the key here. Is that US officials career officials knew that this was improper because of the purpose. Sloan all goes back to the original allegation against Joseph Biden that's really what I was looking at this morning that original allegation. With all this talk about quid pro quo. What about that allegation and when it turns out is that some of the witnesses and even trump and his allies are point two saying to everyone look at their testimony. Even their terrorist testimonies saying the allegations against Joseph Biden. We've been pushed for so many months are not credible and those allegations being that the Biden's were corrupt inside Ukraine on he was vice president. And you found that again these career official says you know there's really no there there the president can have all the theories he wants. There's really no evidence on the table worth chasing well not only that but these allegations. This witness this this convoy to Ukraine trumps our envoy to Ukraine. Testified at these allegations first came from Ukrainian prosecutor who's trying to save his job and that's what this was all about. Tennis and fascinating hour conversation here we're gonna have a lot to follow next week you'll be leading the charge for us and we'll have. Full coverage those impeachment hearings starting next Wednesday I'm here on ABC news live with Mike Levine and thirty thank you so much and much more of ants reporting. I Mike's reporting an thanks guys.

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