What Are the Implications of Trump's Immigration Crackdown?

Immigration reform has raised deportation concerns, particularly with children who were raised in the United States.
3:05 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for What Are the Implications of Trump's Immigration Crackdown?
So David Neal are went so though White House flood that first interview went the new president. Back a cool repeated his voter fraud claims and said he'd consider bring an act waterboarding and talked about how he deal with a document. Undocumented immigrants like in America right now a look. Other children who were brought here as you know by their parents. Should they be worried that they could be deported and is there anything you can say to assure them right now. That'll be allowed to stick to shouldn't be very word they are here illegally they shouldn't be very word I do have a big heart. We're going to take care of everybody we're going to have a very strong border would have a very solid quarter. So getting his big heart mixed up with his big head. Aggressive cracks and on Sanctuary Cities. That place safe haven for the undocumented really play out if there. I mean I I'd like a lot of buddies from being honest what he's saying about immigration I don't think he's gonna go after. People who aren't doing anything wrong I think he's said repeatedly he's gonna go after criminals he's gonna go after repeat offenders. He Sanctuary Cities are problem because they defy federal law and you wind up with people who had been in an out of jail multiple times in that case finally hits San Francisco was murdered. By an undocumented immigrant who had a rap sheet. That had been in and out of jail pet cat committed several felony symbol for several crimes have been in and out of jail have been deported five times that let back in. And you have immigration officials out from the federal government saying he's Sanctuary Cities are preventing us from doing our job because we see someone that has repeat offender we want them out and we want him to stay out if you have these safe havens. That defy federal block it's a problem for us to keep this country safe so I don't understand how a Sanctuary City can say. You know these people are breaking federal law and we're gonna create a zone for them where it doesn't matter I find it contrary a lot of the. Where cities aren't I mean and and gun you've got to it just but the bottom line is there's no legal definition. For Sanctuary City that is just catch phrase the people there are out there with the federal government is asking of these cities. In these states is to become an arm of the federal government they want. This didn't police officers to racially profile people stop them and then say you are brown you must be. He legal or on diamonds and now at part of the faggot at that they well that's how it originally started. That mistakes were CDs where there. And the profiling was a prominent English he stopped in profile like show me your papers the other problem is though if we want him immigration to work when the federal government flags people which last year there were 171000 flagged him the Sanctuary Cities that those state government would not help. If we want need an FB IC IA clearly national security in their flagged on something. Now again you have to be clear what that's lacking is the snack that lindh's and other problems have to be defined which trump has not done yes that's important but with that sad. You need grassroots help. To enforce what are you eat they are and is not being worked.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Immigration reform has raised deportation concerns, particularly with children who were raised in the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45068973","title":"What Are the Implications of Trump's Immigration Crackdown?","url":"/Politics/video/implications-trumps-immigration-crackdown-45068973"}