Inaugural Gifts Presented to Obamas and Bidens

The president and vice president are presented with framed photos of their first inauguration and Lenox vases.
3:41 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Inaugural Gifts Presented to Obamas and Bidens
I am now pleased to introduce my friend and colleague and partner. In this inaugural endeavor. Senator Lamar Alexander to the podium to present the official photographs. Thanks chuck Mr. President Michel mr. vice president and and Jill. As of this Clinton president mrs. Carter Chief Justice. One present one for president who's not here today. -- and I were sitting next to him George H. W. Bush and Barbara few years ago before he got up to speak he leaned over and said to Barbara Barbara. What should I speak about. And she says in very large loud whisper about five minutes George. I'll take about one minute. There will probably come a time. Mr. President and mrs. Obama into the Biden's when your children. For trying to explain to their grandchildren that this day actually happen. In of those great grandchildren. Don't believe it we have pictures. And these pictures are for you and we -- issues. The best is you work for that common good mister Cortez. Spoke about unification. And as you so eloquently talked about in your description of the American character today. OK I would now like to introduce the distinguished majority leader of the House of Representatives. Eric Cantor. To present the Lenox inaugural -- its. This may be it. Good afternoon. On behalf of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. It's my honor to present the president and mrs. Obama. Vice president and doctor Biden. With these beautiful. Crystal vases. The bases are the finest quality. Full let crystal. From Lenox China and crystal. The images of the United States capitol and the White House are hand cut and asked into the crystal. The crystal bases on which to base is set are inscribed with the name of the recipient and today's -- President Obama -- Obama will receive the basis depicting the White House. Vice president doctor -- oversee the base depicting the United States capitol. The bases were designed by Timothy Carter. And hand cut by master glass cutter Peter -- Rourke. At this time like Diana and I invite president mrs. Obama. And vice president doctor Baden to join us looking at pupil basis. -- -- -- here we have the first and sex couples. Getting their pictures taken with the gifts presented to them by. Congressional leaders. Pair -- very fine crystal vases. One -- is the capitol building as -- together with the way thousands --

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{"id":18275716,"title":"Inaugural Gifts Presented to Obamas and Bidens","duration":"3:41","description":"The president and vice president are presented with framed photos of their first inauguration and Lenox vases.","url":"/Politics/video/inaugural-gifts-presented-obamas-bidens-18275716","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}