AFTER: Inauguration 2013

President Obama lays out his goals for second term in his inaugural address, and Michelle Obama's dress goes viral.
11:34 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for AFTER: Inauguration 2013
This is an ABC news Yahoo! News special -- street after the 2013. Presidential inauguration. Now from Washington. Here's ABC. And good morning everyone I'm Dan -- in Washington DC where the city is getting back to work including the president himself. Starting his second term in office after yesterday's ceremonial swearing in on the steps of the capitol. About a million people were on the mall there to hear the president take the both make a historic address and be a part of history and we have two minutes for you the big moments from start to finish. Ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States Barack H Obama. It. Mr. vice president please raise your right hand and repeat after me. -- Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear -- Barack Hussein Obama solemnly swear. News. GE. -- -- -- -- -- What makes us America. -- our allegiance to an idea articulated. In the declaration. Made more than two centuries ago. We always true. To be felt better. Moment. Okay. But is partner. -- -- -- A day and an evening not to be forgotten as we said about a million people on the mall yesterday. Less than the one point eight -- in 2009 but still more than what the parks department had been anticipating about 600 to 800000 out there. Exceeding those numbers. The oath administered by Chief Justice John Roberts it was these ceremonial oath yesterday Sunday. It was in front of the family and a small gathering there that is where the official -- was recited add up better than deja Vu moment a slight stumble. Merrimack in 2009 John Roberts -- -- a slight stumble and the president had followed suit as well forcing him to recited a second time yesterday it was the president making -- a slight slip. Instead of saying United States it was United States. No -- necessary it's still official it's in the books but now the president has taken the -- four times. Following. Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was elected four times office for the president's making up -- bit of a stumble along the way. I want to bring in senior Washington editor Rick Klein and -- wanna talk a little bit about yesterday because obviously they were -- momentous. Occasions during the speech during the -- itself and then of course during the parades. But over all was this the kind of day that the president was expected to deliver. This was a moment to pause all of the partisan battles of the last few years it all came to a stop for the for the ceremonial day that they will we celebrate American democracy for once you didn't have people yelling at each other and -- the president took advantage of that. Because we saw a president who has been part of these battles so much over the last few years. He said looked. I'm willing to engage and this is what I wanted to do there was almost no reference to the fact the last couple of years have been pitched partisan warfare. This was about him sane and looking out -- his army across the mall in saying. These are the people -- brought here and this is what I wanted to do and I think it was remarkably upbeat optimistic given the times of war. And an -- your funny thing that you mention a point but looking across the army people that he had gotten there. He did at one point as he was leaving the steps of the capitol take a moment turned back around at that I want to look at this one last time I'll never get to do this of course he will get to do it again in four years when all the former president's come back through but. Certainly I think the moment of the day caught him and also caught the First Lady is what we've been hearing a lot that she was saying she was gonna slow download that she was really going to take it all at. But I wanted to talk specifically about the speech yesterday because. It seemed to be a combination not only of agenda points but also there were some sweeping statements there that might have been reticent of JFK possibly even -- Well this was a liberal halt arms is Faris is on concern watching the speech President Obama took a lot of heat in his first term for being a conciliator -- -- like he was negotiating with himself. He went out there is it look. These are things that I -- to do and I think I have the will of the people with me. He talked about climate change you talk about gay marriage he talked about protecting Medicare and Social Security the liberal welfare state you didn't hear this Obama out on the campaign trail. But he looked out on that crowd and the most important people in Washington it's almost trite to say it is that army of followers because -- -- the folks that if the president is successful one as he will change American politics. He's never going to be on the ballot again right -- those people will still be voting those people that went in and knocked on doors were precinct chairman and took their ipads out to get their friends and neighbors out the vote. Those folks are going to be out there while he can channel that energy. He can do big things on the order of an FDRJ -- I can tell you I was actually on -- mall yesterday rights -- pretty much like in the middle of the mall there. What I found very striking was that when he was making a specific points on policy whether it be on Medicare whether -- gay rights. And also when he was making those moments of -- the people in a reference to the constitution. In both of those -- rhetorical statements and in those very poignant political statements. There was a huge eruption of cheers I thought that was -- the fact that. Yes you can get the crowd rallied up by some very flowery language but they also seem to be right at the same hate next year for the next four years going forward this is what we -- -- see comp. Stay loved him right -- eight eat this up because they -- to be put into action if it went out there. And worked as hard as a different President Obama and then showing up on a cold day in Washington got on -- bus to get their thing to do something so they're waiting for that call to arms. -- -- actually president this time. If successful they never able to do it for years ago if he can do it it will be something the likes of which we've never seen before and those people on the -- will be the front lines hold. How powerful force indeed and obviously a powerful speech yesterday and I think a lot of them are going to be -- into -- and -- -- Tuesday starts to roll into the afternoon. People -- going to be getting back to work and then the president obviously going to be. Rolling up his sleeves and start in the second term as well Rick thank you so much action I want to bring in -- Phoebe Connolly are as social media editor with Yahoo!. Who -- looping in on everything that people we're talking about yesterday I mean there was huge headlines not only for the issues that were being discussed in the address and also during the ceremony but. They were some of those candid moments of people's had a had a tweet and talk about and everything shell is planning yet. Well that that big -- which is every wedding Jason Wu is now the the hotline are so what we're what was everyone talking about the biggest thing yesterday. The big thing was really think the fashion how great both of the Obama girls and looked. I early in the morning we saw a lot of photos being passed around then and now the girls back in 2009 the girls -- 2013. Just how much -- grown up and really can't come into the room. And we're taking a look now -- Jennifer Hudson serenading the president and the First Lady. At the commander in chief ball last night and that was a moment I think after the president had introduced what he always refers to as his better half. And that was that stunning moment. When the first they walked out and that red chiffon Jason Wu dress. Jason Wu himself. Yeah I'm surprised by -- he reacts. He reacted knowing that imperfect -- fashion he did it with the hash tag at a bunch of actually. What's crazy about that is that what was four years ago he was sit around some friends eating pizza. And this is totally surprised the fact that the First -- had selected history. Designers are not told in advance whether the First Lady will be wearing that fashion so it's just too much of a surprise that the designer hasn't let us we -- -- -- and it's amazing and announce that through a series -- -- traffic. It did it did we saw a huge spike last night people talking about her -- asking questions about it wanting to debate the color and style how it looked at her -- But overall people we're pretty positive about her job to -- and the banks still getting positive response to think positive review helpful getting a lot of -- it's people want to know about getting magic crew -- for themselves. Well J. Crew I think J. Crew now owns astonishment a couple of days here -- have a little -- a final time J. Crew has now taken over DC I think -- -- -- probably you know open -- And maybe an annex to the White House is seeking its J. Crew jockeys over the Mickey Drexler is going to be seeing what he can do for those marketing and he'll be -- -- they were so proud to be a part of history yeah well actually and that in the -- and and the big girls obviously and and the president at the parade as well. There's candid moments that he would share his wealth he was watching take a look at some of the video here watching the parade there chewing some gong in China and like -- -- Immediately -- timing -- -- such an incorrect donkey -- you know. Tobacco cigarette replacement -- and that. That was a big deal that was the speculation of whether or not that in fact was that it is -- when you oversee this kind of candid moments that -- fact OK he -- the commander in chief at the same time. He chews -- just like the rest of us and enjoys a good parade. Which got kicked up a little bit late yesterday mean that kind of the the whole day's events was pushed back about thirty to 45 minutes ago we you know everyone was kind of making those adjustments throughout -- day. At one point. I'm one of the daughters had gone a little bit during the ceremony which is great like one of those candid moments where we say as you pointed out before that these growth for literally growing up. In the past four years but they were so protected so shielded from social media. Over the past four years that -- -- kind of came out on the state on the capitol steps yesterday everyone kind of paused and looked is that while for the past four years he's. Are now young ladies that are entering into high school and really enter into -- phase of their lives. Yes and I know what everybody wants to see is what with a cellphone photos that they were snapping. That -- AG I don't know that was funny media and Malia was trying to photo bombed the first day. That the president is trying to steal a kiss from the First Lady and that was that. When those candid fun shots of that. I TV thank you so much obviously we know that that you'll continue to monitor the situation as it always is unfolding on social media because it was still talking about Jason -- the bangs that big hard hitting issues that everyone wants to know about my -- -- aren't. Our campus -- continue to follow the inauguration the day after as the president is rolling up his sleeves and getting to work here in DC later this morning. The president will attend a prayer service and of course we bringing that to you live but for now from Washington DC from all of us here at ABC news in Yahoo!. Have a very good Tuesday.

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