CEOs on Role of Entertainment in Social Issues

Creative Coalition's Tim Daly and Robin Bronk discuss ways art can enhance various social issues.
6:32 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for CEOs on Role of Entertainment in Social Issues
We've got some guests standing by in NRDC bureau and Brian and Tim Daly of the Creative Coalition hey guys -- hearing. Yes OK so tell me that -- Creative Coalition what do you guys do. The him. Ten. The pit -- is a nonprofit public advocacy the who has started 25 years ago by Christopher Reeve bright silver -- Walton Susan Sarandon. Specifically to -- the paramedics came -- behind she's -- social importance. As all of us -- entertainment. Can educate them as well entertaining he harness that power surge in day. Hi guys Olivier here at -- is that to see you again. I'm wondering. Your thoughts on and on in the aftermath of the new town tragedy the president has called for. Research into into possible linkages between. Violent entertainment and real world violence I'm wondering. Where the coalition comes down on this and and whether -- how you feel about organizations notably video game companies that cooperated essentially with -- the Biden. Task force. -- -- -- Credit coalition doesn't have a position on this. Personally. Believe that. You know -- that the the first order of business should be examining on the accessibility to guns. But I do think that. Entertainment and video game companies. Should be part of that discussion I also think that it's notable that. There -- many other countries in the world that have all the video games and all the entertainment that we have and that they don't seem to be extensions -- tragedy. Believe it sort of play against speaking myself it -- like as a deflection. And -- -- every time there's some sort of tragedy at the end of the day it seems like the -- is bad that day easy target if you is entertainment. And one of the things we do do work -- something called media literacy. And that is we really hope that the schools -- and educate children. In being literate in the media because this is the first generation -- children are exposed to. Hundreds of television channels thousands. Of video games and infinite number of Internet sites. How did they figure out what's real what's not and it's our job that except the parents caregivers. Education system to educate those students and in what is real and what is not. And that that's that's something that is -- because we are very strong on the First Amendment very strong and creative expression. It's incredibly -- is a -- question nation is at the beginning -- Huge fan you work in wings and private practice which by the way airs on ABC so -- the pleasure to have you there that you hear on both of those friends. Let me ask you about this celebrity presence. In DC for the inauguration I know that the Creative Coalition hosts a ball. How many -- how many how large -- Hollywood footprint is there in DC. For this event. Well it's for our for our -- is quite large and I know that. You know many other people. Here. Who -- involved -- other organizations. So I think it's pretty big I think that it's an exciting time and certainly. You know it's no secret that a lot of people -- things were present moment. -- how has the admit Obama administration done in terms of funding for the arts how do you do you greatest performance over the first four -- Years do you it's interesting question because the president in his and in many in his speeches is talked about the arts -- the efficacy of the arts and instant certainly Michelle Obama her sport -- cultural America. Look at since the eighties. When they no matter who's in office are spending has gone down. And what our job is as members of the artistic community as members of the business community is to see -- spending. Back to in the shape where it was. Twenty years ago and that's. That's why we're here yeah I'd also like to point out that and president Obama's beautiful speech that he gave today. He he referenced how our schools need to teach. Kids better math and science and how many more engineers. But I want to point out that the ceremony was filled with -- there was the beautiful forests from Brooklyn to -- there was. You know. I mean all the all the sand and Richard block -- the -- -- read that beautiful homes so. It it bears. Observation that. That was not pointed out as one of the things about our culture that is a high point and that's. Why we're here also to help you remember -- that American culture is. Filled vibrant talented artists -- into the. We're in that period of spending cuts obviously how hopeful are you that the second term we'll see an upswing in arts funding. You know I got any hopeful that is not there's so much -- out there now. And one of the things to Creative Coalition is doing as -- -- something called the -- score. And we are going literally state to state to bring back successful artists actors writers directors business leaders. Who had -- in their lives because of the curriculum in a state. We're bringing them back there to say it's sent to the state. We wanted to feed up to the federal level so it it's for for we see that the data is there at the statistics and -- the results are there. And as Tim says it's not a bad gamble. Yeah I mean if you're three times more likely to graduate from high school and have a full curriculum in the arts its a very easy cure for a lot of our problems we have. A crisis and in education in this country and we need to graduate kids from high school or we're not mad scientists and mathematicians. So parts helps them graduate and stay in school and many other subjects. Certainly there's. Investment. And we know they did -- on the economy. I think what's the statistics for every one dollar spent in the accident community seven dollars comes back. And -- when we caught that's good Vegas odds yeah yeah. And they -- to believe in the. Wall Street take it to Vegas -- warrants for their name Wall Street they thought are alive return on investment. Tim Daly and -- -- we appreciate your time. Get out there have good party night. If you're still recovering from your ball we hope to have a good time. Thank -- -- again.

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{"id":18277609,"title":"CEOs on Role of Entertainment in Social Issues","duration":"6:32","description":"Creative Coalition's Tim Daly and Robin Bronk discuss ways art can enhance various social issues.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-live-stream-ceos-role-entertainment-social-18277609","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}