Inauguration 2013: President Obama Official Oath of Office

President Barack Obama is sworn in to his second term as president by Chief Justice John Roberts.
7:37 | 01/20/13

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Transcript for Inauguration 2013: President Obama Official Oath of Office
-- morning and Dan Harris ABC's headquarters in New York this is live coverage of the swearing in of president Barack Obama for his second term in office. Do not be confused tomorrow is the official public inauguration ceremony this is alive. Shot of Capitol Hill that will be showing you just a few seconds here they're doing last there it is actually that's the White House theater in last minute frets over at the capitol for the big show tomorrow. And you can see there however the constitution says the president must be sworn in before noon. On January 20 and since this -- -- falls on the Sunday they will be doing to his swearing in ceremonies this year as the fourth time this is happen. A Chief Justice John Roberts will be administering the oath of office in a matter of moments in the blue room in the White House. Vice president Joseph Biden was sworn in earlier this morning at his official residence in the naval observatory Supreme Court justice -- -- as Sonia Sotomayor did the honors. Let's Nicholas and of that. Mr. -- president are you -- -- I am here please place your hand on the Bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me. I just sit. That I will bear show faith and allegiance to the same that I will bear true -- and allegiance to dissent that acts take this obligation freely. That I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of the nation without any mental reservation or purpose of -- -- And that I will well and faithfully discharge and well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office -- which I am about management duties of the office on which I'm about to enter so help me. So help me -- Congratulate and thank. I -- -- being sworn in for his second term. At his official residence this morning later in the morning vice president joined the president at Arlington national cemetery cemetery for the length. A wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. Alongside me here on the set is Olivier -- is the chief Washington correspondent for Yahoo! News Olivier I as I understand it. President Barack Obama will have the distinction of being the first president since. Franklin Delano Roosevelt who served four terms to be sworn in four times why is that. What you mentioned this year there's command of the constitution and a quirk of the calendar well in 2009 it was a Supreme Court slip up. Chief Justice John Roberts administering the oath of office on the capitol steps got the words in the -- wrong now technically. No one really objected. But just to be safe the Chief Justice then administer the oath in private the following day so technically president Barack Obama will have been sworn in four times. Does not mean however and he gets four bites of the apple you know he has not. So so -- Here we are on the cusp of his second term you've covered the first term you've covered both campaigns what can we look forward to in the second term he -- He's carving out a pretty big and ambitious agenda. That's right in some ways the second term started weeks ago. Notably with the push. To battle gun violence across the United States that's parties at the stage for a big fight with congress and in congress. And so we were reported seeing the beginnings of -- of a second term he's wants to make a big push on immigration. Just enter -- 412 there Olivier -- we're looking inside the -- has here this is the blue room and that's Chief Justice -- And there's president Barack Obama followed by his family his wife and two daughters and let's listen and as the third of -- -- hands to explain please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear -- Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute that I don't faithfully -- -- The office of president of the United States the office of president of the United States and will to the best of my ability and will to the best of my building. Preserve protect and defend. Preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States the constitution of the United States so help you god so help me god. Congratulations Mr. President thank you mr. justice thank you so much. Do. Great to hear -- interaction between the president and insiders as you heard me say things here that are Malia I did it. -- last lingering look at the blue room there the blue room so named because as you could see the curtains are -- that is normally used as a room for receptions and all -- also is the room where. President Grover Cleveland. Got married back in the eighteen hundreds Olivier so rudely cuts you off when you're talking about what to look forwarded to in the second term. President Barack Obama's presidency as you were saying he's looking at gun control which can be big and tough -- immigration -- big spending fights. That's right I'm this editing there the second term began essentially the day after he won the election so we the -- in tomorrow's ceremonial beginning -- in fact all the fights with congress have started over again. Here we talked about the blue room it's also the home to the White House Christmas tree. But whereas in his first inaugural the president was talking about moving into a post partisan world but we give give up the worn out -- -- Republican and Democrat I don't think this series looking for any gifts from from the Republicans -- com. -- this week we are going -- basically looking at governance by cliff at this point governance by showdown of brinkmanship and even though we will see today and tomorrow some bipartisanship. Some politeness. I wouldn't expect that the last of my right. That's actually right you know we have we of government -- scheduled crisis now. Where they the congress and the president essentially agreed to set the stage for more big big spending fights. We have fights over gun control -- -- -- -- is it good. -- but -- -- say -- -- taking up camps positions here politely saying oh we'll take a look at the proposals but behind the scenes. The setting the stage for a big fight I don't this is not -- and usher in a new era of a lot of come by gassing in Washington DC. It's so rare for us again and examine glimpse and that was not. Certainly not extending limbs but it's a reference to get a glimpse of the first family fifty cents a covering a White House that they relish four more years in this fishbowl. Throughout the campaign -- it very clear they want the job now I wouldn't want the job looking all the headaches that did that come with it. But they made it very clear this president was was going to fight for the job. Actually one -- this it was an after the first debate some of -- senior staff. Ask themselves Jesus after that performance does he really want the job. There was no doubt after the end of the campaign they fought really hard for this he has an ambitious vision and he's gonna lay out. More precisely his second term agenda in the state of the union speech come February 12. So his inaugural speech will be tomorrow than the state of the union coming up on February 12 for told. That the president has been working on his inaugural speech since December and that he was touching it up. As late as this weekend and asking include our coverage -- the president's swearing in his official swearing in. The public one will be tomorrow we'll be covering it live all day starting. At 930 running right through the inaugural parade late in the afternoon Olivier will be joining me along with -- cavalcade of stars from Yahoo! News and ABC news please join us war on all day as I said. For now I'm Dan Harris alongside Olivier -- Thank you for watching.

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{"id":18264675,"title":"Inauguration 2013: President Obama Official Oath of Office","duration":"7:37","description":"President Barack Obama is sworn in to his second term as president by Chief Justice John Roberts.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-president-obama-official-oath-office-18264675","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}