Biden Delivers Remarks at Heroes Ball

Vice President Joe Biden hails bravery and courage shared by military members and their families.
10:16 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Biden Delivers Remarks at Heroes Ball
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't be pulling. My whole -- -- John. Instead there and -- season. -- -- Seeded Monica. We love bad judgment and my mind. My son is over authority is doing using his -- is about as important as yeah. The -- I love my daughter. Acts invited her husband Howard. Birdies and -- didn't senator congressman Joseph Miller and and all the interior here. Thank. You'll truly truly great privilege to be here and I -- opening. Uses phrases like. Brave women who serve our confidence -- sure. Extraordinary. Powers which in previous story. Here through Saturdays. -- I'm okay. I didn't release. Aren't -- -- said the bravest. -- and those -- have a clear vision. Went before him. Won't endanger lives and yet. Go out and -- That's the definition. All of you in this room. You have met every challenge. This country is based in you've done in every generation. -- suggestion. -- three degrees -- Our veterans. -- reserve. You can -- world. And that kind of preceding generation. Has risen from the Kennedy. Won't work -- -- -- and golf. Iraq Afghanistan lots of places and weakness. Each fare increases and huge numbers comes along sounds. And -- and war. You may endanger. The mission and you all hours old. Made our country proud. She wanted to be here. I'm told twenty. And -- you should it. Matter of fact honors literally and home. You are so much. Soldiers sailors and Marines. -- Okay. Are you. And service maybe -- distinction here is different it was human through Afghanistan in the -- and always. Q what's the courage. -- Decades apart. There's want -- -- connections like. Us from generation. To generation. Devotion to your country. He didn't execute solution. To commitment to -- everyone who's who knew the men and women in uniform deserves. I know you know -- commander prejudices. Over 3000003000300. Within a minute and Jon -- who -- the -- certain. -- knowledge. And -- human being called to serve. In the mountains with the -- who. One point seven million. Remove him and walked across the cardinals and -- Iraq it's not -- mom's pleas. In Afghanistan. Tougher trade. Noted. None of human we're. Master and match. Exceed. This generation. Has -- every single challenges -- reform program. I think he'll probably regrets you -- -- us and I think it's fact. Through the finest warriors. The world has ever seen the finest warriors. -- -- -- -- -- This almost close -- well against -- -- vote count. At least -- times. You can do I get to go it is it is theater we're days engines -- -- -- -- in here and getting your humvees and when I get. The Michael Johnson must like -- -- said. You go. Naturally ask them. When my great honor hope and -- to cease humidity. In the last twenty years. -- -- -- -- -- And the opportunity news it is ignorant of the 22 time much if not counting. An equal number of times involved room. Watch. It's passionately. Last time -- -- into the -- I asked charisma this season continues and -- And I listen to realize. How -- huge effort to. Included among the youth. Notre -- I didn't want. Prices surged -- question fourth two 22. I -- fifth 23. We never -- a generation workers and history. The United States of America. Purity and whose novels circumstances. Time and time. -- our understanding before -- tonight. City -- -- hope the entire country ocean. Agilysys. This joining -- only one person. That's what these worshippers. But it's longer. -- And new home acknowledge. What you've done. We're -- services. As citizens of our own Michigan. So familiar restatement from last twenty years. We've allegations -- We only have won two weeks ago. This -- and I never will only get one truly -- An obligation to the beyond we have an obligation to educate and protect and only one truly sacred obligation. National -- -- recent war. And -- through friends -- think. Commander. Is -- you know -- There are tens of thousands. Whoever it is over 50000. Engine. Seventeenth album critically injured. And indeed it -- advanced medical care the rest of their lives. Said he was wounded and there -- seeing is that they thought would be dead. The good news is there are a lot more but. New record Matthews is our obligation which can be expensive. And -- and you. All things happen the nation are all free throws all trees tree. Almost. Breezy. Remember home -- -- existence. How can. The news. We'll do everything in our power to meet its obligations and in every -- and. -- we will forget we won't forget your friends. And I like this individual points all time. Apologies. -- They also serve. Who -- Steve and we. They also serve. Who only stated and -- -- abuse. You've noticed -- And seeking feeling here recently. When you know when your husband what. -- -- And you of that fear you'll -- -- injury here. Is please please. You served. -- -- -- -- And you are the heart and soul this country it -- ordinance on you -- Americans. His listeners promise. The president. Where -- you. -- god bless you for what you and god protect them 60000. Warriors. As -- time. Soon.

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{"id":18280411,"title":"Biden Delivers Remarks at Heroes Ball","duration":"10:16","description":"Vice President Joe Biden hails bravery and courage shared by military members and their families.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-vice-president-biden-delivers-remarks-heroes-18280411","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}