Rev. Luis Leon Delivers the Benediction

Rev. Leon was born in Guantanamo and came to America as a refugee.
3:54 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Rev. Luis Leon Delivers the Benediction
Let us -- Gracious -- eternal god. Last week and includes a second inauguration of President Obama. We ask for your blessings as we seek to become. In the words of Martin Luther King. Citizens of a beloved community. Loving you and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We pray that you will process with your continued Preston's. Because without. Hatred and arrogance will in fact our hearts. But with your -- and we know that we can break down the walls that separate us. We pray for your blessing today because without it. Mistrust. Prejudice and -- -- will rule our hearts. But with the blessing of your precedents. We know that we can renewed ties have mutual -- which can best form our civic life. We pray for your blessing because without suspicion. Despair. And fear of those different from us will be our rule of life. But with your blessing. We can see each other created in your image. A unit of God's grace. Unprecedented. Era Peter hall and irreplaceable. We pray for your blessing. Because without it. We will see only what the eye can see. But with the blessing -- your blessing we will see that we aren't created in your image. Whether ground black or white. Male or female. First generation immigrant American. Or daughter of the American revolution. Gay or straight. Rich or poor. We pray for your blessing because without it. We will only -- scarcity in the midst of abundance. But with your blessing. We will recognize the abundance of the gifts of this good land with which you -- -- doubt this nation. We pray for your blessing. Bless all of us. Privilege to be -- and residents of this nation. With a spirit of gratitude and humility. That we may become a blessing among the nations of this world. We pray that you will shower with your life giving spirit. -- elected leaders of this land. Especially Barack our president and -- are vice president. Feel the -- the love of truth and righteousness. That they may serve this nation neighborly and be glad to do your will. And -- their hearts who have wished the -- forbearance. So that peace may -- -- with righteousness. Justice -- order so that men and women throughout this nation can find with one another. The fulfillment of our humanity. We pray that the president vice president and all -- political authority will remember the words of the prophet Micah. What -- a lord require you. But to do justice. To love kindness. And always walk humbly with god. So -- our president -- -- he didn't think. -- the auction also been -- -- to the us. Mr. President mr. vice president may god bless you all your days. All this we pray in your most holy name. -- --

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Rev. Leon was born in Guantanamo and came to America as a refugee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18274552","title":"Rev. Luis Leon Delivers the Benediction","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-day-2013-rev-luis-leon-delivers-benediction-18274552"}