Inside the Facebook Lounge at the RNC

ABC News' Charli James gives us a tour of the Facebook lounge near the Republican National Convention.
9:18 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Inside the Facebook Lounge at the RNC
Ever unfairly came back and the RNC and Cleveland I didn't read don't want their writedowns and one of the things that's been sent up here for an elegant and immediate. It's like it's done in the face looks lounge and regularly and take a little more account statement had more and aren't. Been involved with these political events mean. At. They often I'm setting up until won't help journalists connect with people and these accident. Think you're now money in our math. Anything but content and I don't. Runs elections recently that we work candidates and elected. In the world I'm glad he's statements that he hand it really had. Not just definitely not of that. Bit helping connect people. Media. And I want to take a look at what you guys yeah. Little more. At least. Our stage. Philip CB. Meantime I'll receive a lot of controversies that means consent. Trustees that we've been building its primary debates. Here thinking. Conventions we wanted to help plus he's faced them and understand what people are talking about and it's out of touch screen right I. That you can see Blair meet him breakdown we hit 89 and let him take a look at. Attend the camera around and like Katie they believe. So we had 89 million people. With Kate hearing for September 2 point nine million interaction want FaceBook than candidate in the east is everything we. I hear on its street fight gender yeah. Fever mr. trump in the last. Thirty. Right happening right now around sticking events. Yeah 31 million people talking about in the last decade. It's 7% of those who have email. It's great seeing you all. 2223%. Girls ages 2530. Weren't in Queens outlet on we'll talk. And it's not just can't sit we don't look at positive or negative since it believes you know at this summit in. Most talked about issues or things like crying moments here any. Recently since they're really Miree. What's happening lately and things like Alice in that race and I'm Minneapolis since we've been tracking that conversation. And resuming its people here on the touch screen. I think every half hour space and chest a grant it's part of the needs and family. We've been here and a friend rose eat in your seat that we wanted to have a fun little instantly see and Hayley yeah. He's not in any Oval Office. Online have been helpful I'm I'm and Aaron accident in the killings. A millionaire. Definitely and grammar. Very incident where they meet at where we had things aren't in there earlier today meet that Tucker Carlson. We've had a lot of the color in delegates were coming here and wanting to unite. But it's thing as. Things look I had. And even CB yeah I see him I'm serious here in Mississippi containers that brought him. Bill isn't tired to me. Instead we got on I see Hillary Clinton immediately live everywhere I can't stand rather than me he greets them. All sorts of people in the plane lying here and a lot of politicians. And in this a lot of places for people to meet and mingle in the delegates can't. I've been fortunate that he can't. You talk a little bit more about how they look I can't stand me. Long enough it's in the last few months saying it's been making. Yeah. I simply applies that it really interesting I think it's what I really love them. And it's getting people. Viewpoint since he has to be an election and convinced that they never had them play. Good Jerry Simmons to meet certain commercial breaks. We had the moderator is going live on their kids that aged her I really commentary wet ink. Happening I am hearing here for the yeah doubt it's going live in the they're easily seen. One might actually be hearing defense spending your delegation Harry journalists or you're an elected. No I don't Eleanor. Yeah. Helping out when. Let you know if questions hot and a light it pounds you might have questions about their faith and account. Simply animal let me hold it here some awesome folks we're here to answer the delicate question journalist's question. And to help them how do you think the better yeah. Really contact frank and Angela and the company. Can only. And Elvis. He does it take to quit and I'm gap that would not being here. There's nothing nearly eight weeks I AM. We got a ton concrete that we are guilty Buchanan with. Assuming he's steam in Austin semen vendors. The company didn't Sarandon played honestly I didn't planning that's where you're sitting president is different I hear you. We have risen for the suites welcome exhibited in the months much smaller. Honestly it personally glory years we've been working with the commencement aren't seen last year and a half to think about what it will be detect. Until but it equipment's. For the following up really really. Yeah on the night. In telling them. Yeah. That's the live I have got it goes yeah. I insist they have plenty of green and even apple screens that pursuing it convincing congress that all lock him. And I'm hearing I. Yeah. That's an area that I yeah. Knowing line Abby pockets immediately critical even vaguely right now we're here I'm here. The lions simply wanted to you know it's and it needs news. Stanley cup series you can see. This is able and it backtrack and it's my pride and we had a lot of people. Just walking in and let you heard about is that live I don't need to sneak things that confidence that they can stocks there and the answer questions and tell him what it's like to be hearing maintenance and an apparent heart and politicians out there every speaker Gingrich here a few times. Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn has been here. Images in Dan rather there's been a whole bunch of them in a lot of media CNN I'm sitting here going I'm. Running doesn't think march. The political process that's going I'm an. Lauren aren't implementing and it's very well get this team and how did you can't put together and decide to become more involved in government and politics. Families sees the amount of conversation happening at face can't you can't really hit this town. Instant my team has been growing around the world working with politicians in seeing these exit. Build Athens beat them all over the place. So it gets a lot of that's Dayton's it would not a lot of really awesome. Vendors in the week isn't really suspects are clinicians and make funeral are opening and it is we want you to be partly what more people to be part of them or. And accident in teaching English. Look thank you so much for giving it right at the end and I think yours is in the end insecure and got pregnant. Acting and made them yeah. Yeah popular. Yeah. It's not dropped over here yeah. Financing need. Oh yeah. Time unused. I'm actually gonna climate might not why not let a little light streaming. The video content immediately tank. At the end yeah. Thanks for watching thanks very little or intently game six yeah last aren't we got dozens of reporters. All over crawling all over Cleveland breaking news lines strain. 0% united in her home they uneasiness born.

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{"duration":"9:18","description":"ABC News' Charli James gives us a tour of the Facebook lounge near the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40753833","title":"Inside the Facebook Lounge at the RNC ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-facebook-lounge-rnc-40753833"}