Inside Georgia's tight Senate race

Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is headed for a runoff election, speaks on the need for Americans to come together. “We are all we have," he said.
9:19 | 11/06/20

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Transcript for Inside Georgia's tight Senate race
As on Georgia tonight as president chump is trying to hold onto a narrow lead in that state. Well tonight president trumps lead in votes was more than 350000. Tonight it is now less than 101000. Georgia also has two senate seats on the ballot senator a jaded Purdue needs more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff against John Haas of he is now less than 50%. And rough till worn hockey is headed for runoff against senator Kelly Loeffler reverend Raphael is kind enough to join us tonight thanks so much free time. Thank you great to be what you. Are still true self and Joseph Biden is far outperforming. Stacey Abrams Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Georgia a white thing that voters have come out for Biden in such long and large numbers. Well that narrowing the barge lead and what you're seeing in door do you went Joseph Biden is the collection. Will remain that you mention. Where Hillary plug them. And where it the EP Abrams. We we have been witnessing this all worked. As the result of magic or happenstance does the hard work. We've been doing on the ground for years. The Abrams started the new board. Yeah and there were hurt early days says spoke virtual and then later cheer the board we've registered to 400000. To vote them that they. State euphoria and the governor 48 dean she came with their 2000 votes with what. While running against a man who bull or at 110 fire. All involved and with the literally on the field you clear it's we look in the 2000 vote from Britain or 800. Live new boat that that they than dead. Nor did the battlegrounds they chargers did. And in your race you had more than nineteen opponents last time we talked to cut compared yourself to that to David and David in July so fast sorted January when he'll face off against Kelly Loeffler one on one. What are you see is the single biggest challenge that we're trying to repeat this unprecedented democratic turnout again two months from now. Well I'm delighted to see it a little bit we're seeing it migrate. I'm a first candidate. You don't get a like her I don't have an enormous amount of wealth debt ridden Tucci will be used number. Congress. But we have been able to get our message out across the state. And people are risk and I think that who understand how much that they think is named on the ballot this is not about. Kelly left. Murder not about you know Florida it's about help here. Well you're big help here please human rights as you do you think you get rid of note here the opinion that you think that the the it. The terrible he it's about the dignity of work. All of these issues and how we get the virus under full. And so what you that the probable that the belt but for the government that would be written that people are no better they. I think it's really out there chased we will permit. Now Joseph. I didn't does go on to win George. I think we are building right now which the multiracial coalition that we need only to win this seat. But also to govern effectively we RC review wrecked me around pretty in this country it wait. These tragic last points and Robert Palmer. I think that has to be far below what it they can to a hero. Taking into account as we deal with the whole range of issues go here dobbs. Access the capital the ability to start small group that all of these waves and waves people of color and Whitman. The struggle bit bigger opportunity and a big bet that will be brought in seven. As we move ornament they either. It but I'm curious here because I've made up point of this on election night that in our country's 244 year history we've only had ten black senators two of them which were during reconstruction retired now more than a 150 years ago. You had seven black senators. On the ballot. The other night in and of course Cory Booker did get to see but he was already one of the ten black senators why do you think that it's been so difficult. For for black. People men and Wendell like to to really move the needle in that category. Wallace this country's ongoing struggle. Tom with the subtle breaks it and this has worked that we are still engaged. I do think that rougher than they should matter. I think bet. It reflected in public policy every the argument. That you make it even as campaign. Is boosting the meat to watch Kelly Loeffler of all things foreign hormone in the country. The does two the black women. Who work or are all basketball team as they've been trying to talk about the problem of police brutality. That deal with the fact that go their -- of us who come from communities. Where we believe they have a conversation with our children about what to do. When you're pulled lower by the police to make sure sure sure that you're about betting. And aware of him shooting the integrity of all league offices but the truth telling. Based audit spirit she's decided that she'd been. Or little. Bears serious issue that is permitting. In my community amana a matter of life and death. I think you UT. And you. Look at all work out or bring to policy. And you see the ways in which. It does matter that that when people sitting around with people that you have diversity of experiences and that I become what would vote you think it helps. To build a more perfect new did. Inclusive of all of the American. And what do you see as far as these next two months come they've come a shakeout basically is especially if it's not just your race but also John also in a runoff as well that you came out with a joke at today's saying to get ready for negative attacks from Kelly left -- if she does blanket the Airways with negative ads. How do you plan to respond. I've play live to that date Cairo. Plan the third third third third and earned the ordinary people. They're not to be the wrecked it. By eight. You bet that people not thinking about when that city or Al bitter at the table. And lastly Joseph Biden now has most votes of any presidential candidate in history bar none in when all's said and done Donald Trump will likely have the second most. It appears that America may be more divided than ever. What million due to help seal. Our country in your state if you do get and your state of Georgia if you do get the senate seat. Your of course preacher Martin Luther King spiritual home sell tickets to church or what kind of lessons would you bring from the pulpit to Washington. Lol you know we've had tough times before that the country is divided but we did file a civil war in so. Confidentiality. Do or forwards through. The civil rights movement I think that's there the weary and rips. Our democracy expand prevent it from threat. Hands you do bring going through tough kind of sex. Well I would think all of our citizens did that at the end of the space we are all we are. Frost freeze alarms are false barter that line. We need one another and some of us who traveled around the world we know like the country. We're here are few people have all of that they're and then some and then the masters suffering struggling. AM the question is do we want a recovery more people. Your pool and did I did they Asian. Or do we want to deal without the king called the beloved community. I think that that is the moral and mandate that. This before foot also I think it's enlightened self and to recognize that I need my neighbor to have health here at meet their children have access to good quality. Education that I need workers to be able to murder livable wage Ricard dignity. And so would all of the issues confronting a confronting a we've got to. Toward one another rather them all on one another. Break for one another rather live free or on these other they add doubt get a real all of those will be. Overall I vote for the beloved community and Rafael worn out we thank you so much for him time. Thank you.

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is headed for a runoff election, speaks on the need for Americans to come together. “We are all we have,\" he said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74052866","title":"Inside Georgia's tight Senate race","url":"/Politics/video/inside-georgias-tight-senate-race-74052866"}